The Devil's Lite 2021

29th May 2021

Final Results








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Senior Women - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stJade Elphick04:28:53
2ndSarah Holland06:07:2001:38:27
3rdJenny Katsoni06:08:4901:39:56
4thLaura Seaman06:08:5801:40:05
Women 40-49 - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stAlly Whitlock05:41:50
2ndCathy Collings05:55:3300:13:43
3rdEmma Walters06:03:4700:21:57
4thLucy Hodgetts06:11:1400:29:24
Women 50-59 - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stSarah Swinhoe04:43:25
2ndCatherine Bevan06:51:1402:07:49
3rdElina Marila06:52:2802:09:03
4thJan Dupree06:54:2202:10:57
Women 60+ - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stJulia Revill08:26:00
2ndVivien Toms12:48:0704:22:07
3rdKenwyn Barker12:57:4704:31:47
Men 40-49 - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stMarcus Kimmins04:34:31
2ndTeo van Well04:42:2400:07:53
3rdPhil Howard04:47:1300:12:42
4thPeter Chapman04:57:0600:22:35
Senior Men - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stMatt Sealby04:50:28
2ndJoe Leddra04:51:5900:01:31
3rdCraig Johnson05:05:2900:15:01
4thSimon Rowland05:17:2700:26:59
Men 50-59 - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stAlastair Bloore04:36:19
2ndDavid Stevenson04:59:1700:22:58
3rdDamien Lane05:00:0500:23:46
4thIain Martin05:05:0000:28:41
Men 60+ - 0 km
Class Pos'nNameTimeBehind
1stGavin Evans05:07:18
2ndFrancis Graham-Dixon06:13:1001:05:52
3rdIan Moore06:18:2801:11:10
4thStephen McAvoy07:51:1002:43:52


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