Brutal - Temple Valley

Saturday 12th June

This event takes place at a beautiful historic estate in the heart of the hilly South Downs National park.
The course will crisscross the steep hills of the estate through woods and open park. It also features hills and jumps from an international motocross track! 10km or 5km of awesome, tough cross country running across hills, gravel and sand.

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10K - Min Age: 13 yrs
5K - Min Age: 10 yrs when accompanied on course / 13 yrs unaccompanied

Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £28.50
    Entry Fee: £26.50
Race Information

Course Information
This event takes place at a beautiful historic estate in the heart of the hilly South Downs National park. The course will crisscross the steep hills of the estate through woods and open park. It also features hills and jumps from an international motocross track! 10km or 5km of awesome, tough cross country running across hills, gravel and sand.

Registration will begin from 0800 where you will collect your race number. The event will start from 1000. We will start the 10K runners from 1000-1010 on a rolling start basis and then from 1010 we will release the 5K runners also on a rolling start. All timings will be done from chip time so you don't need to be at the front of the pack to win the race!

We will communicate final details on the Friday morning prior to the race. Timings and details are subject to change so please make sure you read the email that comes out then.

Social Distancing Measures
Due to social distancing still being required at the event we will be taking various measures to ensure this. You will not need to book a start slot for this event but we will be operating a rolling start to ensure no crowding on the start line. We will communicate our full plans via email as we get closer to the event in case we have to adapt to any rule changes. In summary, if you are planning on attending please take note of anything we put in place and help us to make the event as safe as possible.

Should the event have to be cancelled/postponed due to any restrictions put in place we will allow you to transfer your entry to another event in 2021/2022. You will be able to remove yourself from the event at any point up until 1400 on the Thursday prior to the event and receive an automatic credit to your Racesignup account to use at a future Brutal event. We will not process refunds but will do everything to help you use any race credit at a future event.

If you have any questions about this event or anything Brutal then please get in touch via our website or send us a DM on Facebook.

Brutal Event
Start List
10K Age Category Club
Marcus Aherne Veteran Secret Brutaleers
David Barnes Senior Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Peter Barratt Veteran
Charlie Baxter Senior
Alex Bett Senior
Samuel Bird Veteran
Georgina Bishop Veteran
Craig Blackford Veteran
Katie Blackford Senior
Henry Blandford Senior
Steve Blight Veteran Hardley Runners
Steve Bond Veteran Team Nuts
Chloe Boon Senior
Greg Boon Senior
Daniel Bradley Senior Itchen Spitfires Running Club
Gary Brench Veteran
Katie Brench Veteran
Sarah Brockwell Senior Rookery fit farm
Catherine Brown Veteran Farnborough Flyers
Graham Brown Veteran Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Miranda Bruton Veteran
Ganeshbahadur Burathoki Veteran
Jessica Busby Veteran
Matthew Butler Senior
Matt Casey Senior Hardley Runners
Kerry Chipperfield Senior
Jonathan Clark Veteran Elmbridge RR
Maria Colarusso Senior
Paul Cole Senior
Christian Coles Veteran
Thomas Cook Veteran
Will Cumper Senior
Nigel Davison Veteran
Matt Dolan Senior
Martin Drysdale Veteran Hampshire Police
Peter Duerden Veteran Blackwater Valley Runners
Emily Dupree Senior
Jasper Ellis Veteran
Kevin Farren Veteran Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Miles Fleming Senior
Louisa Gardiner Veteran
Sam Gilson Veteran
Michelle Gold Veteran
Estela Gonzalez Fernandez Senior BCUK Woking
Peter Hague Veteran
Jacob Hallsworth Senior
Craig Hammond Lonely goat
Mark Handford Veteran Mud Chuggers
Russell Harker Veteran
Liam Harrison Senior
Rob Harrison Veteran
Sarah Haynes Senior
Jonathan Hill Veteran
Paul Hopkins Veteran
Ashley Hucksted Senior
Wayne Hussain Veteran Good gym
Sally Hutchings Veteran
Gregg Hutchison Veteran
Johanna Jacks Senior
Andrew Jeffs Senior
Louis Johnson Senior
Mark Johnson TriFitsU
Sharon Jones Veteran
Jamie Kelly Veteran
Belinda Kennedy Veteran
Andrew Kingston Veteran
Kieran Kinsella Senior
Sean Kinsella Veteran Rookery fit farm
Laura Larner Senior EPIC FITNESS OCR
Michelle Lewis Veteran
Nick Lewis Veteran
Eleanor Lock Veteran
James Lock Senior
Georgina Lofthouse Senior
Carole Lowe Veteran
Lee Ludlow Senior
Patricia Ludlow Veteran Any1CanRun
Faye Lynam Veteran Fulham Running Club
Gary Macfarlane Senior
Natalie Macpherson Veteran Team Nuts
James McCloud Veteran GoodGym Woking
David Mccue Veteran
Dave Mcdonald Senior
Lloyd Mcfetridge Veteran
Fraser McLeod Veteran Itchen Spitfires Running Club
Scott Mitchell Veteran
Andreas Moller Veteran
Carolyne Moller Veteran
Michael Mordecai Senior Bootcamp UK Winchester
Adam Mullins Veteran
Tristam Murdoch Senior Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Sam Oldham Senior
Jo Oliver Veteran
David Parker Veteran
Janet Parker Veteran
Danielle Parkhurst Senior
Ryan Pavey Senior
Kevin Pearson Veteran Rookery fit farm
Mj Pierre Senior
Mark Pottle Veteran Hedge End
Charley Price Senior
Robert Richards Veteran
Joe Roach Senior
Sarah Rollins Veteran
Thomas Rollins Senior
Katie Rose Senior
Jason Russell Veteran
Barry Samler Veteran EPIC FITNESS OCR
Jennifer Shackleton Senior
Nick Silvey Veteran Team Nuts
Lindsay Swain Veteran Any1CanRun
Nev Swift Veteran Lonely goat
Andrew Taylor Senior Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Test Test Senior TEST
Julie Thomas Veteran
Alfie Thorne Senior
Neil Tidcombe Veteran
Dathan Trent Senior
Chris Trott Veteran Team Brutal
Catherine Valentine Senior
Kim van der Westhuizen Veteran
Nicky Ward Veteran
Rebecca Ward Veteran
Rob Ward Veteran
Gareth Warne Veteran
Chris Webb Senior
Tracy West Veteran
Paul Westron Veteran
Freya Whitford Senior
Stephanie Widdowson Senior
Sam Winkworth Veteran
Duncan Wright Senior
Tim Wright Senior
Claire Young Veteran
5K Age Category Club
Joey Bee Senior Farnborough Flyers
Jane Blackford Veteran
Laura Blagden Senior
Rob Boland Veteran
Alan Brooks Veteran
Elizabeth Brooks Senior
Amelia Cartwright Senior
Vaughan Cartwright Veteran
Ellis Charles Veteran
Katie Coyle Veteran
Lewis Coyle Senior
Nick Cressey Veteran
Rebecca Cripps Senior
Tim Culver Senior Team Atlas
Declan Cushen Senior
Robert Faulkner Veteran
Charlotte Featherstone Senior
Darren Fletcher Veteran BCUKWOKING
Judith Fowler Veteran
Claire Genazzini Veteran Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
David Gold Veteran
Zoe Green Veteran
Hollie Hallibone Senior Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Jonathan Harrison Veteran
Alice Heaton Veteran
Alys Hernandez Senior
Ellie Hernandez Senior
Claire Hurford Veteran
Jacqueline Kear Veteran
Dave Kelly Veteran Team Epic Fitness OCR
Michael Kwoka Senior Chichester Runners A&C
Bruce Lambourne Veteran
Danielle Macgregor Senior
Andrea Newcomer-Jones Senior
Jan Ouvry Veteran
Miss Mary Park Veteran BKUK WOKING
Razvan Podoleanu Senior
James Ray Veteran
Paola Santoro Senior Team Atlas
Emma Shaw Senior Portsmouth Outdoor Fitness
Adrian Sillence Veteran
Amelia Sillence Senior
Julie Simmons
Nicky Smith Veteran
Diana Svitkova Veteran Team Atlas
Martina Tiziani Veteran
Adam Van-den-Heuvel Veteran
Aleksandra Vargin Veteran Team Epic Fitness OCR
Claire Watts Williams Veteran EYNSFORD RUNNING CLUB