Knowlands Wood SOG

Saturday 25th September

Welcome to Southdowns Orienteers first event of the Autumn.

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Entry Fees
Senior: £5.00
Non-member senior supplement: £2.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.00
Junior: £2.50
Junior Chip hire: £0.50
Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

SO Juniors Free
SO juniors enter for free using the special discount code. Email the event organiser for further information.

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Start List
Blue Age Category Transport Club
Joe Barrett M55 Car SO
Amelia Bartlett W18 Passenger SO
Maddie Bartlett W16 Passenger SO
Jill Blount W60 Car SO
Simon Bowes M50 Car SO
Anna Chapman W45 Car SO
Peter Chapman M55 Passenger SO
Andy Clark M55 Car SO
Gabriel Cradden M21 Passenger SLOW
Neil Crickmore M55 Car SO
Graham Denney M50 Car SAX
Ian Ditchfield M65 Passenger MV
Mark Feltham M55 Car MV
Simon Fitzpatrick M50 Bike/foot SO
Tom Glandfield M45 Bike/foot
Garry Greenstreet M45 Car SO
Andrew Hannaford M65 Car SO
Ingebjorg Holmedal W21 Passenger OROX
Chris Hooker M60 Car SO
Tim Hulley M60 Passenger SO
Hal Jacob M35 Bike/foot
Julia Jarvis W50 Car SO
Steve Jarvis M55 Passenger SO
Jane Lambert W60 Car SO
Rob Leathley M45 Car SO
Gethyn Lewis M55 Car SO
Euan Marsh M21 Passenger SO
Liam Marsh M21 Car SO
Michael Merritt M60 Car SO
Peter Stubberfield M40 Car SO
Mike Turner M70 Car SO
Alan Velecky M55 Car SO
Darren Warner-Swann M50 Car SO
Neil Watts M60 Car SO
Marion West W55 Car SO
Paul Wilson M55 Car SO
Alan Yule M50 Car SO
Green Age Category Transport Club
Karen Ashworth W50 Car SO
Jasmine Bennett W65 Car SO
Sarah Blundell W55 Car DFOK
Mike Bolton M70 Car MV
Ben Chapman M12 Passenger SO
Nadine Clark W55 Passenger SO
Karen Cooper W40 Car
Susan Crickmore W55 Passenger SO
Dave Cumins M50 Car SO
Ian Curtis M50 Car SO
Julie Drake W50 Passenger SO
Peter Dudman M70 Car SO
Thomas Duncan M14 Passenger SO
Edward Forman M70 Car SO
Sue Gallagher W65 Car SO
Mike Gammon M85 Car SO
Di Goodwin W60 Passenger SWOC
Danya Gromski W40 Car
Robin Gronbech M21 Car
Christopher Hannaford M21 Passenger IND
Barry Hatton M60 Car SO
Clive Hawkes M60 Car SO
Nick Hockey M70 Car SO
Sarah Howes W60 Car SAX
Linda Hulley W65 Car SO
Christine Jepson W60 Car SO
Ken Lawton M75 Car SO
Sarah Lowe W50 Passenger SO
Roger Maher M80 Car SO
Penny Marsh W55 Car SO
John Morris M75 Car SO
James Parker M75 Car SO
Penny Parker W55 Car SO
Andrew Parkinson M65 Car SO
Barrie Pearson M70 Car SO
Sue Pearson W70 Passenger SO
John Pittam M70 Car SO
Mike Ralph M60 Car SO
Karen Ransley W40 Car SAX
Ruth Rhodes W75 Car SO
Brian Rodgers M70 Car SO
Mark Salthouse M55 Car SO
Richard Sansom M45 Car SO
Mirjana Skrba W40 Car
Einar Solgaard M75 Car SO
Di Turner W70 Passenger SO
Kate Turner W45 Car SO
Andy Ward M60 Car SO
Johanna Warner-Swann W50 Passenger SO
Alan Williamson M70 Car SO
Dan Youster M21 Car IND
Zuzana Youster W21 Passenger IND
Nicola Yule W50 Passenger SO
Orange Age Category Transport Club
Paul Blagbrough M75 Car MV
Claudia Botondi W21 Passenger
Ayla Bowes W16 Passenger SO
Sophia Bowes W12 Passenger SO
Emma Chapman W10 Passenger SO
Cosmo Culley M10 Passenger SO
Daniel Duncan M10 Passenger SO
Ian Goodwin M65 Car SO
J.Fraser Kerr M55 Passenger
Rachel Kerr W45 Car
Kit Lambrou M12 Passenger SO
Loren Leathley W10 Passenger SO
Agnese Marsili W21 Passenger
Iwona Mika W21 Passenger
Susan Parker W80 Passenger SO
Bill Robinson M40 Passenger
Selwyn Robinson M10 Passenger
Gaius Sampson M16 Passenger SO
Gillian Smith W85 Passenger SO
Beatrice Waters W45 Car SO
Yellow Age Category Transport Club
Lois Lambrou W10 Passenger SO
Ralph Phillips M75 Passenger SO
Claire Salthouse W50 Passenger SO
Vikki Sampson W40 Car SO
Brian Smith M85 Passenger SO
Christopher Warner M10 Passenger SO
Emily Waters W10 Passenger SO
Lucas Waters M10 Passenger SO