Brutal - Eelmoor

Saturday 22nd January

A large flat car park, beside the arena with the start/finish and we have a fantastic Brutal course which is designed with 2 x 5km laps, this allows all runners to get the maximum wet, mud and climb available. The climb on the course is short sharp hills, the wet will be in abundance with many large and long water areas and the mud will make your eyes water, and your feet slip and slide.

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5km 5.0km
A single lap of the course
10km 10.0km
Two laps of the course
Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £26.50
    Entry Fee: £28.50

5K Min Age = 10
10K Min Age = 13
Race Information

Registration will begin from 0800 where you will collect your race number. The event will start from 1000.

We will communicate final details on the day prior to the race. Timings and details are subject to change so please make sure you read the email that comes out then.

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If you have any questions about this event or anything Brutal then please get in touch via our website or send us a DM on Facebook.

Brutal Event
Start List
5km Club
Andrea Alestrand BCUK_WOKING
Magnus Alestrand BCUK_WOKING
Nicolas Alestrand BCUK_WOKING
Diane Arnold Medway fit
David Bacon
Jade Barker
Paul Barker
Oliver Bateup
William Bazeley BLACK ICE
Eliott Bingham
Kendra Bingham Bingers 50th Birthday Bash
Leorna Bingham
John Birdsey Medway fit
Linda Birdsey Medway fit
Lisa Bone
Jade Bower Tallywhackers
Cristina Brookes
Karen Burles Reading AC
Jayden Burles-nash Reading AC
Laura Bushell Medway fit
Nigel Bushell Medway fit
Graham Cable
Samantha Capon Chichester Watergate tri club
Callum Carter
Sarah Carter
Ajit Chambers Rookery fit farm
Ellis Charles
Catherine Cook Bingers 50th Birthday Bash
Becky Curley
Tracey Daniel Medway fit
Jodie Dineen Sandhurst Joggers
Joseph Fernandes
Michelle Finnighan
Rachael Fisher
Thomas Fisher BLACK ICE
Vicki Fisher
Darren Fletcher BCUKWOKING
Laura Fry
Martin Fry
Dawn Gardiner Medway fit
Nik Gilbert
David Gold
Michelle Gold
Dominic Goldsmith
Sarah Green
Heath Harden
Oliver Harden
Matthew Harman Rookery fit farm
James Harris
Joanne Harris
Rebecca Harrison
Bev Henry Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Gemma Hewison
Michelle Hills
Julie Homewood
Andy Huffer
Derek Humphries
Wayne Hussain Good gym
David Johns Bootcamp Uk Southampton
Grace Johnsen
Laura Johnsen
Isabelle Lucas
Simon Mcdowell Medway fit
Abby Niblett
Mandy Oakley Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Philip Owens
Richard Palmer
Miss Mary Park BKUK WOKING
Cassandra Picknell Medway fit
Claire Prior
Tony Reilly
Harry Shearer
Andrew Sivyer BCUK Woking
Charlotte Slade Southern Navigators
Melanie Slade Southern Navigators
Howard Smith
Nicky Smith
Anneka Staszkiewicz
Lloyd Staszkiewicz
Sally Teasdale SGTBRUTALS
Kate Townsend
Joanne Walker Medway fit
Daniel Walsh
Kate Warren
Robert Wells Team Rocket
Stuart Wells
Katie Williams
Rhys Young
10km Club
Marcus Aherne Secret Brutaleers
Jonathan Amos
Joseph Anderson
Liz Arnold
Matthew Ashcroft
Nick Baldwin Lonely Goat RC
Giles Ball
Hannah Barrow
Sean Barwick Medway & Maidstone AC
Toni Bates Medway fit
Caroline Baynham 27 Regt
Peter Bennett
Greig Benson
Alex Bett
Elizabeth Bettsworth
Stuart Black
Craig Blackford
Katie Blackford
Lara Blake
Henry Blandford
Steve Blight Hardley Runners
Jack Bonner
Nic Brancaccio
Catherine Brown
Ben Brunt
Alexander Buck RN
Vicky Bush
Matt Butler
Steafan Campbell
Stefan Carter
David Chronnell Medway fit
Samuel Chronnell Medway fit
Neil Clarke
Jane Cockayne
Christian Coles
Sarina Collis Baffins fit club
Martin Coulstock
Louise Crozier
Brian Culver Medway fit
Will Cumper
Declan Cushen
David Dee
Phil Dempsey
Matt Dolan
Eoin Donnelly
James Dowsett Harlow Running & Tri Club
Jack Dudley Ridgeway explorer's
David Fiddler
Anthony Forbes
Sarah Francis SN
Andrew Gardiner Medway fit
Steve Gear St James Runners
Paul Gerring Redway Runners
Charles Gibbs
Sam Gilson
Helen Godbold
Nick Goulding
Alex Grumley
Peter Hague
Charlotte Haines Reading Joggers
Jan Haines Me
Lisa Haines
Neil Harding Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Robert Hardy
Christopher Harney St.James Runners
Kim Harrison Medway fit
Sarah Haynes
Laura Heywood Obstacle Mud Runner Magazine Race Team
Adam Higgins
Phil High 27 Regt
Carl Himsworth TriFitsU
Joanne Hopkins
Paul Hopkins
Josiah Jackson
Matt Jones
Michelle Jupp Sandhurst Tug of War Club
Daniel Kellett Reading Joggers
Emma Kirkwood
Suraj Kumar BCUK Woking
Laura Laming
Paula Lees Reading Joggers
Sarah Lewis
Kevin Liddle Bootcamp Woking
Matt Lister
Tom Littlewood
Carole Lowe Hungerford
Lee Ludlow
Gary Macfarlane
Dominika Machalinska
Kane Magee Beacon AR
Adam Maidwell
Adam Mangan
Ben Manning
Andy Martin Tallywhackers
Jaydon Martin-Jones Medway fit
Sophie Mason
James McCloud
Alys Mccormack
Daniel Meaden
Stevyn Mills Fleet & Church Crookham AC
Michael Mordecai Bootcamp UK Winchester
Finbarr Morley Reading Joggers
Ray Mullligan
Kaiyah Murby
Jessica Nicholas
Andrew Norris
Michael O Dwyer
Andy Parry
Karen Pearce Reading Joggers
Laura Pearson Rookery fit farm
Richard Pemberton
Zoe Pemberton Medway fit
Ann-Marie Petford
Ben Petrie
Lisa Phipps Portsmouth triathletes
Neil Phipps Portsmouth triathletes
Emma Pitman Fleet & Crookham AC
Jon Reed
Alex Restell Medway fit
Anna Rigby
Thomas Rollins
Ayshen Rouse MedwayFit
Graeme Rouse MedwayFit
Ashley Rudd Medway fit
Charlotte Sackett
James Sackley
Amrit Satsavia
Joe Schiavon
Daniel Sevilla Brave Bulls
David Stone
Gary Stone
Rafe Stone
Karena Sunley-Jones Medway fit
Lindsay Swain
Nev Swift
David Thomas
Nick Thompson
Martin Thorne
Stuart Thorne
Chris Trott Team Brutal
Andy Turner 27RLC
Cat Underwood
Kim van der Westhuizen
Tracey Wales 545
Nicky Ward
Rebecca Ward
Graham Wells
Tracy West
Peter Westmorland
Colin Whan Medway fit
Lea Whitehead Medway fit
Lee Whitehead Medway fit
Joe Williams No Homers club
Victotia Wilson 545 gosport
Sam Winkworth
Robert Woodman