CLOK Schools Orienteering

Wednesday 8th June

Entries close Tuesday 7th June

Preston Park, Eaglescliffe.
One of two inter-school orienteering events for the summer term of 2022
This event is brought to you by the expereinced team from the Cleveland Orienteering Klub (CLOK).
There are courses for children from year 4 to year 11. Years 4 to 6 must compete in pairs.
The courses are progressive in distance and the technical skills needed to successfully complete a course.
There will be no disqualification, those missing a control point will receive a time penalty.
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Entries close 12:00 on 7th Jun

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   Entry limit: 208
This is the simplist course. A control will be placed at each decision point which is placed to lead towards the next one. This course is only for pairs
   Entry limit: 208
The Yellow course is for experienced years 4 to 6 pairs or years 7 to 8 pairs or individuals, who need a simpler course than Orange. A control will be placed at every other decision point and mainly placed to lead towards the next one.
   Entry limit: 120
The Orange course is for years 8 to 10. This course will require the ability to cut corners and cross open/wooded areas with no paths or linear features to follow. This will require some map reading skills of symbols and conventions but not terrain shape interpretation
Light Green
   Entry limit: 120
The Light Green course is for years 9 to 11. This course will require the ability to navigate through open/wooded areas using the features of the terrain. This will require moderate map reading skills of symbols and conventions, including simple terrain shapes
Entry Fees
The cost for the entry is £4 for a pair and £3 for an individual. Each child will get a map of their course, on waterproof paper, to keep and take home.
Event Information

Please make every reasonable effort to arrive at the event in time to report to reception, collect your electronic timing chips, allocate them to the correct child and get them to the start location in time for their start window.

Reception: 11.30 - 16.00 hrs for Dibber collection.
Starts: 12.30 - 16.30 hrs
Courses Close: 17.15 hrs. Controls will be taken in progressively from 17.15 hrs.

Travel Directions
Preston Park is just south of the A66/A1027 Junction and accessed from Yarm Rd at TS18 3RJ or What3Words: quitter.thus.unfounded.
Parking is free and there are spaces for coaches.

Start Times
When you enter your pupils you will select a start window of 15 minutes. It is really important that you get your pupils to the start location for the begining of this start window. This will ensure that you and other schools can be on the transport back to school as booked.

Entry Changes
The entries made prior to the deadline can be altered on the day of the event, but these are limited to changing names. No additional entries can be made on the day.

Completing the Course
Each child will get a map of their course on waterproof paper. On this map will be marked the start location, indicated by a purple triangle, each control location, indiacted by a purple circle with a sequence number adjacent to it and the finish location, indicated by two concenric purple circles.
At each control location there will be a an electronic box with a three digit code on it. This is mounted on a 1m high post with and orange and white fabric kite to make it more visible. The three digit code corresponds with the table of information on the map. This table gives the control sequence number, its 3 digit code and a description of the location.
The children should check that the control they have just arrived at has the same 3 digit code on it as shown in the table of information on their map.

Safe Place, Safe Competition
While your pupils are out on their course you should enter the competition area to validate that the safety precautions that are in place are sufficient.
There will be CLOK marshalls in the competition area all wearing Hi-Vis vests and logo'd clothing to identify them to the children in case they need assistance.
One map of each course that your pupils are entered on, will be available for the staff team to use to navigate around the competition area.
There will be at least one First aider from CLOK in attendance. One will be located at reception.

The park is bounded on the East side by the river Tees. The central area of the park has a skate park, play equipment, cafe etc. There are wooded sections to both the north and south and a sunken area to the South with a small fenced off pond.

Scale 1:4,000, 2.5m interval, printed on waterproof paper. First use of an updated map.
The blank map with the start and finish location will be emailed to the school two weeks before the event so pupils can be introduced to the features and the map key.

Timing System
Sportident Dibber timing system. No hire charge but lost Dibbers charged at £70.

Those children who make a mistake and visit an incorrect control or miss one, will not be diqualified (as is normal in orienteering), but they will be given a time equal to the slowest correct time in their class plus 10 minutes for each error made.
The results will be displayed on the web at CLOK Results WebPage after the event closes.
The results will include a ranking of all schools in each of the five Classes.

Refund Policy
You may withdraw pupils from the event up until 12:00hrs the day before. Your entry fee will be held as a credit to be redeemed when you next enter a CLOK Schools event.
A refund can be made upon request but will incurr the card processing fee.

Use of personal data
The personal data you give at Registration will be used by the event organisers and their agents for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover. Your information will be managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

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