Sywell Multi Sport Festival Weekend

26th - 27th September

A fantastic collaboration between 3 of Northamptonshire's premier clubs together with Northants Sport bring you a weekend of sport to remember at the very pretty Sywell Country Park.

There is something for everyone, 2 swimming races, 1 Aquathlon and a Sprint Triathlon split over two days taking full account of our C-19 responsibilities.

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Saturday Triathlon - Male under 50
Entry limit: 72
Entered: 55
Starts at 08:00
Saturday Aquathlon
Entry limit: 72
Entered: 19
Starts at 11:00
Sunday Triathlon - Male 50 and above plus all Females
Entry limit: 72
Entered: 61
Starts at 08:00
Sunday 750m Swim
Entered: 7
Starts at 10:30
Sunday 1500m Swim
Entered: 18
Starts at 11:00

Entry Fees
Saturday Triathlon
    Entry fee: £30.00
    Day licence for non-members: £4.00
    Entry and Payment Processing Fee: £1.50
Saturday Aquathlon
    Entry fee: £20.00
    Day licence for non-members: £4.00
    Entry and Payment Processing Fee: £1.50
Sunday Triathlon
    Entry fee: £30.00
    Day licence for non-members: £4.00
    Entry and Payment Processing Fee: £1.50
Sunday 750m Swim
    Entry fee: £12.50
    Day licence for non-members: £2.00
    Entry and Payment Processing Fee: £1.00
Sunday 1500m Swim
    Entry fee: £15.00
    Day licence for non-members: £2.00
    Entry and Payment Processing Fee: £1.00
Race Information

Full Race Day Details will be emailed seven days before the event

Sywell Country Park, Washbrook Lane, Ecton NN6 0QX
Routes (click to open)
Swim (single lap)
Bike (two laps)
Run (single lap)
Friday 25th September
16:00 - 17:30 - please try and use this time to collect your race packs to avoid congestion on race day(s)
Saturday 26th September
06:30 - 07:45
10:00 - 10:30 Aquathlon pack collection, transition open from 10.30 - 10.45
Sunday 27th September
06:30 - 07:45
09:45 - 10:15 Swim pack collection
First swimmer: start 08:00 transition closes at 07:45 on both race days.
First Aid
A mobile medical crew will be on standby throughout the event.
There are toilet facilities in the park, plus additional portable facilities close to transition.
Drinks & Refreshments
Due to the Covid-19 situation there are no aid stations. There are available food and beverage with a mobile coffee stall and the park's café.
Clothing and Equipment
Don't forget: Wetsuit, Bike, bike helmet, bike shoes, and running shoes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is mechanically sound and race ready. Bike helmets are mandatory in compliance with BTF race rules.
Due to the prevailing COVID conditions we will be operating a zero refund policy. We may allow part or all of the fee to roll over to another event but if not all retained funds will be invested into the venue. All volunteer time is given freely and all the clubs involved are not for profit so that there is no commercial advantage to any group or individual.
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Start List
Saturday Triathlon - Male under 50 Tri Club Other Club
Tom Bailey Northants Tri Club
Liam Barford
Marcin Basiński
Andrew Batkin
Alex Beale Not listed
Daniel Betts Wellingborough & District AC
Neil Binnie
Terry Brawn
Gary Burton Northants Tri Club
James Campbell Northants Tri Club
Adam Clark Pactrac (Peterborough Area Combined)
Daniel Clarke Rugby Triathlon Club
Jonathon Clarke
Daniel Clarkson Kings Lynn Triathlon Club
Richard Cressey
Pete DeBoo Northants Tri Club
Stuart Drummond Northants Tri Club
Jonathan Dudley
Matt Eckett Northants Tri Club
Stuart Edmead Northants Tri Club
Tom Frampton Not listed
Jack Goodwin
Stirling Green
Timothy Griffiths
Sebastian Harrison London Fields Triathlon Club
Kristopher Hawkins Northants Tri Club
David Hicks Kings Lynn Triathlon Club
Thom Jenkinson Not listed
Matt Lee
Kemlo Longstaff
Steven Martin
Chris Middleton Wellingborough & District AC
Anand Mistry Not listed
Peter Moor
Alex Nau
Paul O'Brien Welland Valley Triathlon Club (WVTRI)
James O'Meeghan
Thomas Osborne Northants Tri Club
Richard Owen
Oliver Pearson Northants Tri Club
Harry Peart Not listed
Andrew Peel Northants Tri Club
Ben Redman Cambridge Triathlon Club
Christian Richards Pactrac (Peterborough Area Combined)
Daniel Richardson Pactrac (Peterborough Area Combined)
Jack Rose Team Milton Keynes
Matt Rose Not listed
Mattia Salvadori Northants Tri Club
Mark Samples
Tom Seaber
Chris Sewell Not listed
Neil Sutton Not listed
Ben Thorpe Northants Tri Club
Matthew Tyrrell Northants Tri Club
Ian Wild Wootton Tri
Saturday Aquathlon Tri Club Other Club
Louisa Bellamy Not listed Wellingborough Swimming Club
Nicholas Bellamy
Rachel Burton Welland Valley Triathlon Club (WVTRI)
Janey Foster Not listed
Matthew Garside
Sally Liggins Not listed
Julie Long Not listed
Charlotte Lund Ketton Panthers Tri Club
Caroline Mackenzie Not listed
Laura Mayfield Not listed
Phil Newton York Triathlon Club
Rob Newton
Fay Tennet Not listed
Andrew Tompson Northants Tri Club
Sophie Warren Tri Woodmancote
Dan Weston
Jackie Wilborn Not listed
Derek Wood Ely Tri Club
Jessica Wynn-werninck Wellingborough & District AC
Sunday Triathlon - Male 50 and above plus all Females Tri Club Other Club
Roy Adams
Steven Adams Northants Tri Club
Helen Andrews Northants Tri Club
Sarah Ashcroft Northants Tri Club
Guy Bailey Northants Tri Club
Freya Batkin 4Life Tri
Katharine Baxter-Smith Wellingborough & District AC
Chris Bell Northants Tri Club
Victoria Broomfield
Heather Brown
Mark Bryant Not listed
Stephen Bussey
Colin Calderwood
Kate Chadwick Not listed
Wendy Chau Not listed
Stuart Chisnall Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club
Nicole Clarke GreenlightPT
Jon Cowell Not listed
Bethany Cressey
Martine Crofts Wellingborough & District AC
Katy Downing Northants Tri Club
Helen Etherington Wellingborough & District AC
Susan Foster
Tim Fowler Prison Service Triathlon Club
David Gibson
Elisabeth Gravestock
Andy Green Northants Tri Club
Simon Hull Not listed
Robert Hunt Not listed
Jerry Inniss Wootton Tri
Amy Kelly Wellingborough & District AC
Michael Kendall Wootton Tri
Rosemary Kennedy Northants Tri Club
Philip Kidd Northants Tri Club
Anne-Marie Langford
Kate Lee Welland Valley Triathlon Club (WVTRI)
Nicola Line
Jason Love Northants Tri Club
Andrew Macavoy Wellingborough & District AC
David Mann
Melissa McColl GreenlightPT
Neil McDonald Wellingborough & District AC
Duncan Mitchell Northants Tri Club
Mark Moriarty Wellingborough & District AC
Jeremy Philpott Not listed TCG
Philip Prior
Jodie Redden Wellingborough & District AC
Martin Reeves Not listed
Jason Ruck Not listed N/a
Ferne Sanders Not listed
Charlotte Schofield Welland Valley Triathlon Club (WVTRI)
Lindsay Scott Northants Tri Club
Paul Scotting TFN Tri Club
Adam Shaw Wellingborough & District AC
Terry Slade Northants Tri Club
Harvey Smith Not listed
Paul Smith
Amy Tibbitts Northants Tri Club
Emily Varley
Stuart Wheeldon Northants Tri Club
Katie Wright Not listed
Sunday 750m Swim Tri Club Other Club
Kym Allonby
Sharon Howells
Monica Lawton Not listed Kettering amateur swimming club
Diana MacCarthy
Michelle Mason-Walker
Catherine Searcy Not listed Harborough AC
Rebecca Wheaver Rugby Triathlon Club
Sunday 1500m Swim Tri Club Other Club
Ti Aigoro Rugby Triathlon Club
Avrel Bateman Not listed
Samantha Broadway Not listed
Daniel Clarke Rugby Triathlon Club
David Clarkstone
Rebecca Dudley
Warren Eyres Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club
Nicholas Fowkes
Meghan Giffin Not listed Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club
Helen Graham Not listed
Alex Hocking
Mariah Hocking
Jamie Lam
Trinity McCleary Not listed
Ash Norman 1485 Tri Club
Jon Norton
Paula Thomas Wellingborough Amateur Swimming Club
Gillian Williams