Chailey Common Night Event

Saturday 19th December

Registration online in advance only. Start Times: 5:15pm to 6pm; Check Event Details on Southdowns website for further details.

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Entries close 13/12/2020 23:59

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Entry Fees
Senior: £4.00
Junior: £2.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

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Start List
Brown Course Start time Club
Sean Cronin Brown 17:45:00 SAX
Yordan Kolev Brown 17:19:00 SLOW
Troy Southall Brown 17:27:00 SO
Fiona Tam Brown 17:17:00 SLOW
Alan Yule Brown 17:45:00 SO
James Yule Brown 17:59:00 SO
Blue Course Start time Club
Jane Lambert Blue 17:15:00 SO
Roger Maher Blue 17:31:00 SO
Andrew Parkinson Blue 17:30:00 SO
Green Course Start time Club
Clive Hawkes Green 17:25:00 SO
Richard Hocking Green 17:20:00 SO
Gethyn Lewis Green 17:18:00 Not listed
Karen Ransley Green 17:25:00 SAX
Mike Turner Green 17:15:00 SO
Alan Williamson Green 17:30:00 SO