Unlocked Up Puttenham

Sunday 6th December

Middle Distance, Level C Regional Event
Online advance entry only. Self-select entry times between 10am and 12:30pm. SIAC will be enabled for the event.
There are occasional entries being withdrawn so if your course is full keep an eye on this page and try again. Dogs are permitted but please not at the Start or on your course.

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Brown 4.9km 150m climb
Entry limit: 116
Entered: 116
Blue 4.3km 145m climb
Entry limit: 100
Entered: 99
Short Blue 3.8km 130m climb
Entry limit: 45
Entered: 43
Green 3.5km 120m climb
Entry limit: 61
Entered: 61
Short Green 2.8km 80m climb
Entry limit: 37
Entered: 36
Orange 1.6km 65m climb
Entry limit: 27
Entered: 27
White 1.0km 30m climb
Entry limit: 14
Entered: 14

Entry Fees
Senior: £11.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £5.00
Junior Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

SIAC hire available for £2.
Entry fee for non-BOF-affiliated Seniors attracts a £2 supplement.
Senior full-time students may have a 40% discount - please email Enquiries (see below) before you pay.
Race Information

You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine having been on holiday.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct (revised October 2020).

Car Parking
What 3 words for parking: ///spouse.fingernails.obvious. The parking area will be tight so please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your start, and please depart as soon as you reasonably can after downloading, to make space for later starters. (There will be no results on display at the event - only on our website.) If you can share a car within the Covid-19 rules please do!

The start is a short walk (200m) from the parking area. You should stay in your car until 10 minutes before your start time other than to use the toilets or collect a hired dibber. The way to the Start from the parking area will be controlled to prevent you setting off too early, to avoid congestion at the Start - you will be allowed to proceed no earlier than 7 minutes before your start time.

Please arrive at the event in your orienteering kit, and where possible travel home to change. If you arrive early at the start or are accompanying juniors to the start, please observe the rule of 6 and apply appropriate social distancing. Do not approach the enquiries and download tent unless absolutely necessary.

During your run
At the start and during your run please remember to maintain 'social' distancing. Please move promptly away from the start and each control. At control sites try to avoid touching the control, move through quickly. Above all be extremely considerate to the non-orienteering public.

After your run
Do not congregate at the Finish. Download promptly and leave as soon as you reasonably can. Move your car out of the car park if you are staying for other activities on the Common.

Results will not be on display at the event. Final results can be accessed on Guildford Orienteers website after the event.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the British Orienteering website and hand in at Enquiries in a sealed envelope marked with your name and "Confidential Medical Form for UUP event only". This will be opened only if you require medical treatment and are not conscious. It will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Start List
Brown Age Category Club Start time
Mark Adams M55 HH 11:36:00
Woo Allen W55 BAOC 11:56:00
Martin Bagness M60 WAROC 12:04:00
Ben Bardsley M45 HH 10:20:00
Richard Barrett M50 BAOC 11:55:00
Ruth Beale W21 SN 11:49:00
Tim Beale M35 SN 11:54:00
Keith Belsey M50 SN 10:16:00
Mike Bennett M65 HH 10:54:00
Katherine Bett W21 SN 10:56:00
Julian Birkinshaw M55 TVOC 10:17:00
Duncan Birtwistle M21 OD 12:18:00
Robin Bishop M50 TVOC 10:32:00
Steve Blount M60 SO 11:05:00
Jon Bones M45 TVOC 10:57:00
Damian Brennan M35 BOK 10:36:00
Mike Brett M55 BAOC 10:27:00
Charles Bromley Gardner M60 BAOC 10:21:00
Neil Brooks M60 LOK 10:44:00
Nigel Bunn M55 TVOC 11:09:00
Tony Burton M55 MV 10:48:00
Lucy Butt W21 SARUM 11:31:00
Adrian Butter M45 SN 11:02:00
Sue Carter W50 SLOW 10:26:00
Jon Chandler M50 LOK 10:00:00
Scott Collier M21 KERNO 11:12:00
Richard Collyer M45 GO 12:05:00
Adam Conway M18 GO 11:43:00
Paul Couldridge M45 SLOW 11:42:00
Rebecca Dal Bon W21 SLOW 11:26:00
Peter Daplyn M40 SN 11:25:00
Tom Davies M40 SLOW 11:57:00
Simon Deeks M50 SAX 10:50:00
Frank Edge M60 SN 12:09:00
Anne Edwards W21 TVOC 11:06:00
James Errington M21 HH 10:42:00
Simon Errington M55 HH 10:37:00
Chris Evans M50 SLOW 10:33:00
Jason Falconer M45 WSX 11:10:00
Justin Farhall M45 MV 10:02:00
Lydia Farzin-nia W21 SLOW 12:14:00
Gary Flynn M21 HH 11:41:00
Frida Forshallen W21 SN 11:03:00
Mike Frizzell M60 BADO 10:49:00
Angel Georgiev M21 SLOW 10:53:00
Lyudmila Gotseva W45 SLOW 10:52:00
Garry Greenstreet M45 SO 10:47:00
Joel Hallberg M21 IND 11:16:00
Clive Hallett M55 BOK 12:00:00
Andrew Hannaford M65 SO 10:29:00
Kevin Harding M60 HH 10:07:00
David Harper M60 DEVON 12:13:00
Scarlet Heap W18 SO 11:24:00
Stanley Heap M20 SO 11:40:00
Tommy Heap M16 SO 11:22:00
Will Heap M45 SO 11:29:00
Jeremy Hill M65 TVOC 10:15:00
Janusz Holender M60 TVOC 10:08:00
Chris Hooker M55 SO 11:28:00
Brian Johnson M65 WIM 12:17:00
Alun Jones M65 TVOC 11:58:00
Barry Jones M50 SO 11:33:00
Patrick Jones M21 SBOC 11:48:00
Peter Jones M60 SN 12:01:00
Stephen Keyes M55 SN 11:45:00
Simon Kippin M50 TVOC 11:39:00
Nikolay Kolev M55 SLOW 10:46:00
Yordan Kolev M21 SLOW 10:41:00
Alan Leakey M65 SLOW 11:00:00
Diane Leakey W60 SLOW 11:04:00
Clare Leveridge W21 SOC 12:08:00
Guy Lidbury M50 HAVOC 11:46:00
Mark Light M50 SOC 10:38:00
Alexander Lines M21 SO 11:21:00
Edward Lines M21 SO 11:18:00
Robert Lines M55 SO 11:13:00
James Lyne M21 SLOW 12:02:00
Matthias Mahr M40 SLOW 10:10:00
Jon Marsden M45 FVO 10:01:00
Phil Marsland M50 SLOW 10:11:00
Paul Martin M50 SN 10:12:00
Peter Martin M55 MV 10:22:00
Jolyon Medlock M45 WSX 10:30:00
John Methven M50 BKO 11:53:00
Ian Moran M60 SOC 11:34:00
Simon Moss M55 SLOW 10:06:00
Samuel New M21 IND 10:25:00
Oliver Nokes M35 RNRMOC 10:09:00
Bo Oqvist M45 BKO 10:31:00
Colin Palmer M35 TVOC 11:47:00
Gordon Parker M55 SLOW 12:10:00
Cameron Pattenden M18 SO 10:58:00
Zlatko Peev M50 SLOW 10:18:00
Antoine Pesenti M50 DFOK 11:30:00
Becky Raftery W35 HH 10:04:00
Tom Raftery M40 HH 11:38:00
Peter Riches M70 TVOC 10:40:00
Martin Ricketts M70 TVOC 11:50:00
Ian Roberts M50 MV 11:52:00
Sarah Rollins W40 SN 11:14:00
Kerria Rowan W21 SO 11:17:00
Ian Sayer M65 WSX 11:01:00
Tim Scarbrough M35 MV 10:05:00
Nat Skidmore M35 TVOC 10:24:00
Melanie Slade W50 SN 11:20:00
Fiona Tam W21 SLOW 11:15:00
Roger Thetford M55 TVOC 11:37:00
Mark Thompson M65 TVOC 10:34:00
Paul Todd M45 LOK 11:08:00
Jan Travnicek M45 TVOC 10:45:00
Charlotte Turner W21 SLOW 12:12:00
Alan Velecky M50 SO 12:15:00
Abi Weeds W40 SLOW 10:14:00
Alex Wise M35 SO 10:03:00
Alan Yule M45 SO 12:06:00
James Yule M18 SO 12:21:00
Blue Age Category Club Start time
Nicola Adams W40 SLOW 10:40:00
Christopher Ashenden M55 SN 11:21:00
Steve Bailey M60 SN 10:33:00
Axel Blomquist M65 BAOC 11:56:00
Jill Blount W60 SO 11:05:00
Jenny Bray W65 SN 12:12:00
Mike Bray M65 SN 12:11:00
Kate Brett W55 BAOC 10:17:00
Nigel Bush M65 MV 11:59:00
Ian Buxton M55 TVOC 11:12:00
Sue Buxton W55 TVOC 11:15:00
Mike Capper M65 WAOC 10:23:00
Dave Chapman M65 SN 10:25:00
Helen Chiswell W40 DVO 11:13:00
Vesela Chokoeva W45 SLOW 10:57:00
Ronan Cleary M60 LOK 11:51:00
Roger Cliffe M45 TVOC 10:35:00
Phil Conway M55 GO 11:43:00
Nick Cooper M45 SN 10:04:00
Peter Couldery M60 GO 11:39:00
David Dawson M60 DFOK 10:29:00
Colin Dickson M65 BAOC 11:23:00
Alastair Doyle M65 GO 12:04:00
Peter Dudman M65 SO 10:15:00
Simon Dunkley M55 SN 10:10:00
Thomas Elgood M55 CHIG 11:29:00
Helen Errington W55 HH 10:39:00
David Frampton M50 HH 10:01:00
Hannah Freeman W18 HH 11:32:00
Richard Freeman M55 HH 11:37:00
Andrew French M55 WIM 11:01:00
Karen French W50 WIM 10:31:00
Mike Garvin M50 SLOW 12:16:00
Pete Gladstone M45 TVOC 10:44:00
Dimitar Gospodinov M21 BKO 10:14:00
Georgi Gospodinov M55 BKO 10:06:00
Nick Green M55 GO 10:11:00
Mikhail Gryaznevich M65 TVOC 12:09:00
Jackie Hallett W60 BOK 12:00:00
Dorte Hansen W50 SLOW 11:42:00
Alison Harding W60 HH 10:07:00
John Harrison M70 BADO 11:25:00
Tim Houlder M60 WSX 11:03:00
Owen Hughes M40 IND 10:12:00
Ian Hylton M50 BKO 10:03:00
Colin Jackson M60 HAVOC 11:17:00
Julia Jarvis W50 SO 11:49:00
Steve Jarvis M55 SO 11:40:00
Andy Jones M60 SLOW 10:53:00
Rob Keel M35 GO 10:38:00
Tim Keogh M55 MV 10:55:00
Jane Lambert W60 SO 10:28:00
Helen Le Page W40 SN 11:00:00
Adam Leaf M55 HH 10:45:00
Heidi Lloyd W40 TVOC 10:43:00
Alistair Lovegrove M45 SN 10:21:00
Carol Lovegrove W45 SN 10:16:00
Serena Ludford W55 BADO 10:51:00
Roger Maher M80 SO 10:59:00
Raffaella Marin W50 SLOW 11:52:00
Don McKerrow M65 SLOW 11:36:00
Ross Mclagan M45 SN 10:47:00
Adam Methven M16 BKO 12:08:00
Trish Monks W45 BKO 12:20:00
Carys Morgan W40 SLOW 11:44:00
Steph Moss W45 SLOW 10:08:00
Andy Nuttall M50 IND 10:09:00
Elaine O'Hara-Styles W40 BAOC 10:49:00
Linda Pakuls W60 WIM 11:35:00
Andrew Parkinson M65 SO 11:11:00
Boryana Peeva W50 SLOW 10:19:00
Maxime Pesenti M16 DFOK 11:33:00
Stefan Peykov M55 SLOW 11:09:00
John Pickup M50 MV 10:05:00
Christopher Pritchett M60 WIGHTO 12:03:00
Carol Prosser W55 BAOC 10:27:00
Ian Prosser M60 BAOC 10:24:00
Richard Rae M70 BKO 11:19:00
Andrea Rebora M50 SLOW 11:48:00
Ruth Rhodes W75 SO 11:45:00
Ben Rivers M75 GO 12:15:00
David Saunders M60 HH 11:57:00
Sarah Scarbrough W35 MV 12:05:00
Chris Shaw M70 HAVOC 10:20:00
Clare Skidmore W35 TVOC 12:07:00
Alison Smith W55 TVOC 11:08:00
Robin Smith M65 SO 11:07:00
Alexander Soulsby M40 HH 10:48:00
Charles Spence M60 LOK 11:24:00
Jon Steed M55 BADO 10:00:00
Colin Swallow M60 SN 11:16:00
Rob Taylor M50 NGOC 11:31:00
Ashley Tilling M60 MV 10:32:00
Charlie Turner M65 SLOW 10:41:00
Kate Turner W45 SO 11:20:00
Anne Tynegate W55 BADO 11:28:00
Jon Vaughan M45 BKO 12:24:00
Adam Walker M21 SARUM 11:27:00
Glyn Williams M65 WIGHTO 11:53:00
Short Blue Age Category Club Start time
Helen Ashenden W55 SN 11:23:00
Nigel Benham M55 SARUM 10:08:00
Sue Bett W50 SN 11:00:00
Mike Bolton M70 MV 10:04:00
Katie Clarke W45 SN 11:18:00
Rachel Collins W21 DFOK 11:12:00
Philip Cooper M70 WIM 11:26:00
James Crawford M65 GO 10:06:00
Isaac Davis M35 Not listed 11:36:00
Kieran Devine M65 BAOC 10:55:00
Ian Ditchfield M60 MV 11:44:00
Naomi Drewitt W45 DFOK 10:40:00
John Duffield M70 HH 11:24:00
Mike Elliot M65 MV 11:30:00
George Engelhardt M65 MV 10:00:00
Richard Fowler M50 SO 10:46:00
Catherine Galvin W55 LOK 11:32:00
Simon Greenwood M65 SAX 12:07:00
Gillian Hanson W50 SMOC 10:02:00
Jemima Hayward-Bhikha W20 SLOW 11:08:00
Lina Heuer M18 HH 10:42:00
Joe House M65 SO 12:03:00
Amanda Hudson W35 TVOC 11:47:00
Rosalind Jennings W40 IND 12:24:00
Christine Jepson W60 SO 10:28:00
Mike Jones M65 SMOC 10:24:00
Martin Lock M70 GO 12:00:00
Tony Ludford M75 BADO 10:51:00
Penny Marsh W55 SO 10:34:00
Chris McDonald M75 MV 10:30:00
Lisa Methven W50 BKO 11:56:00
Lucy Paton W55 SN 11:15:00
Andrew Pitcher M55 DFOK 10:20:00
Jim Prowting M70 TVOC 12:15:00
Debra Robinson W50 SN 11:59:00
Alan Rosen M65 HH 11:16:00
Frederick Smith M60 GO 12:02:00
Mick Smith M70 HH 12:10:00
Carol Taverner W60 WIGHTO 12:20:00
Judith Taylor W55 NGOC 11:31:00
Mike Turner M70 SO 11:28:00
David Watkins M60 BADO 10:43:00
Nicola Yule W45 SO 11:55:00
Green Age Category Club Start time
Julie Astin W65 WSX 11:03:00
Chris Barrington Brown M60 BAOC 10:01:00
Greg Birdseye M75 TVOC 10:59:00
Paul Byers M60 MV 10:13:00
Julie Cleary W55 LOK 11:51:00
Keiko Conway W55 GO 11:38:00
Sarah Cray W55 RSOC 12:01:00
Douglas Deeks M80 SAX 11:07:00
Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOC 11:22:00
Colin Duckworth M60 TVOC 11:06:00
Tom Edelsten M75 GO 10:30:00
Grace French W14 WIM 11:05:00
David Funnell M55 SO 11:34:00
Jim Graham M65 WIM 10:05:00
Barbara Griessner W45 SLOW 10:42:00
Philip Gristwood M70 MV 10:39:00
Sue Hands W70 WIM 12:03:00
Eliza Hermann W55 HH 11:35:00
Jocie Hilton W14 SN 11:17:00
Sarah Houlder W60 WSX 11:01:00
Kate Hughes W35 IND 11:41:00
Martin Jackson M55 SN 11:18:00
Karen Jones W55 SLOW 10:53:00
Alan Kersley M60 BADO 10:55:00
Paul Kilpin M70 TVOC 11:15:00
Michael Le Marie M70 SN 11:02:00
Clare Lines W55 SO 11:11:00
Simon Ling M75 MV 12:21:00
Barbara Lugton W60 GO 10:15:00
Andy Macgregor M80 BADO 10:46:00
Kathy Marsden W35 FVO 11:53:00
Keith Marsden M75 HH 11:30:00
Lyra Medlock W14 WSX 10:34:00
Rebecca Medlock W45 WSX 10:29:00
Ellie Mills-Hicks W16 GO 10:11:00
Tina Mills-Hicks W16 GO 10:07:00
James Morris M75 GO 10:21:00
Karen O'Hara-Styles W45 BAOC 10:50:00
Dora Parra W21 GO 11:40:00
Marion Payne-Bird W60 GO 12:05:00
Stephen Peacock M65 SN 11:58:00
Barrie Pearson M70 SO 10:31:00
Helen Rivers W65 GO 12:15:00
Thomas Rollins M14 SN 11:14:00
Janet Rosen W65 HH 11:19:00
Nigel Saker M70 SLOW 11:04:00
Alison Saunders W60 HH 11:57:00
Becky Shelford W21 HH 11:47:00
Charlotte Slade W12 SN 11:23:00
Richard Steptoe M70 TVOC 11:21:00
Rose Taylor W14 NGOC 11:31:00
Nicola Trotman W50 HH 10:52:00
Leianne Upton W55 MV 11:39:00
Rosie Walklin W60 TVOC 10:35:00
Neil Watts M60 SO 10:26:00
Jon Wheatcroft M65 TVOC 10:37:00
Michael White M80 MV 10:09:00
Sue Williams W65 WIGHTO 11:59:00
Alan Williamson M70 SO 11:42:00
Nik Windle M55 TVOC 11:45:00
Amelia Wing W14 BKO 10:45:00
Short Green Age Category Club Start time
Amanda Bailey W55 SN 10:33:00
Laura Barrett W16 SN 11:54:00
Jasmine Bennett W65 SO 10:36:00
Lauren Bishop W21 WSX 11:04:00
Sarah Blundell W55 DFOK 11:11:00
Sophie Blundell W21 SOC 11:10:00
Emily Butter W16 SN 10:57:00
Max Byers M14 MV 11:38:00
Ethan Daplyn M14 SN 11:25:00
Martin Double M40 IND 10:27:00
Brian Farhall M75 SO 10:12:00
John Farren M80 TVOC 11:35:00
Michele Funnell W65 SO 11:33:00
Sue Gallagher W65 SO 10:23:00
Chris Glew W65 SLOW 10:17:00
Cecilia Hayward-Bhikha W14 SLOW 11:09:00
Katharine Hill W60 TVOC 10:10:00
Aidan Hilton M12 SN 11:13:00
Carol House W60 SO 12:04:00
Duncan Jennings M45 IND 12:26:00
Rebecca Lovegrove W14 SN 10:14:00
Patrick Maher M85 SO 10:49:00
Susan Marsden W75 HH 11:27:00
Luke Mills-Hicks M14 GO 10:03:00
John Morris M75 SO 11:46:00
Mike Murray M75 SLOW 11:19:00
Sue Pearson W65 SO 10:35:00
Madeleine Pitcher W14 DFOK 11:43:00
Tim Pugh M75 GO 12:11:00
Marion Shipman W55 LOK 11:22:00
Christine Smith W75 BADO 10:32:00
Jenny Thompson W80 TVOC 11:48:00
John Thompson M85 TVOC 11:42:00
Teresa Turner W70 SLOW 10:41:00
Alain Wilkes M70 BKO 11:06:00
Susan Wilkes W65 BKO 11:07:00
Orange Age Category Club Start time
Richard Broadbridge M75 SO 11:50:00
Max Byers M14 MV 10:12:00
William Chandler M18 LOK 10:19:00
Jane Coutanche W70 TVOC 11:47:00
Livia Daplyn W12 SN 11:26:00
Peter Errington M21 HH 11:44:00
Rufus Graham-Maw M14 MV 10:13:00
Diane Hayward W50 SLOW 11:10:00
Jake Hilton M10 SN 11:16:00
Sam Hughes M12 IND 11:41:00
Angus Jennings M10 IND 12:26:00
William Jennings M12 IND 12:27:00
Paula Keyes W55 SN 11:46:00
Finn Le Page M14 SN 10:58:00
Owen Le Page M12 SN 10:57:00
Louise Light W50 SOC 10:36:00
Charlotte Lovegrove W12 SN 10:23:00
Charlie Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOC 11:43:00
Eskarina Medlock W12 WSX 10:28:00
Jake Mills-Hicks M10 GO 10:02:00
Sophia Oqvist W14 BKO 10:25:00
Marina Pesenti W45 DFOK 11:34:00
Vadim Pesenti M12 DFOK 11:32:00
Matteo Rebora M14 SLOW 11:49:00
Alice Soulsby W12 HH 10:54:00
Elliot Vaughan M10 BKO 12:25:00
Zac Vaughan M12 BKO 12:29:00
White Age Category Club Start time
Menna Double W10 IND 10:36:00
Ruby Gisby W10 DFOK 10:18:00
Alwyn Lloyd M10 TVOC 10:58:00
Louisa Lloyd W10 TVOC 10:47:00
Amelie Maule-Lidbury W10 HAVOC 10:38:00
Hugo Maule-Lidbury M10 HAVOC 10:43:00
Isabelle Raftery W10 HH 12:28:00
Hugh Scarbrough M10 MV 11:14:00
Ralph Scarbrough M10 MV 12:14:00
Emilia Skidmore W10 TVOC 12:11:00
Amelia Todd W10 LOK 10:16:00
Jessica Todd W10 LOK 10:22:00
Krum Yanev M10 SLOW 10:54:00
Anna Maria Yaneva W10 SLOW 10:56:00