Local Orienteering at Queen Elizabeth Country Park

Saturday 3rd April

Head for the hills as orienteering re-starts in England
Contact: julian@hartwell.org.uk

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Blue 7.5km 220m climb
   Entered: 35
Green 4.4km 150m climb
   Entry limit: 46
   Entered: 46
Orange 3.4km 80m climb
   Entered: 17

Course distances and climb subject to final controlling.
Entry Fees
Senior: £9.00
Junior: £4.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Race Information

Parking in a field just past the Visitor Centre on the left before you go up the hill. Grid Ref: SU718183. What3Words: ///centuries.dean.means. Lat/Long: 50.960311,-0.978203. Parking is Pay & Display at £5.00 for up to two hours (pay before exit).

Please note that there is no key drop!

Control Descriptions
Control descriptions will be printed on the map. No loose descriptions at the event but you can download them for printing.

Start times: 11:15 - 12:30 and 13:15 - 14:30.

Courses close: 16:00

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct (revised October 2020).

Act as an ambassador of the sport of orienteering at all times and consider how your actions may appear in the eyes of landowners or members of the public;

Observe social distancing at all times;

Use your own hand sanitizer on arrival and departure.

Limit your time at the event to a minimum to avoid unnecessary contact with others.

Online entry only. Entries close on 31st March. No entry on the day.

Timing System
EMIT Touch-free. eTags will be issued on the day. Hire is included in the entry fee. Lost tags will be charged at replacement cost.

Scale 1:10,000. Contour interval 10m. Minor update March 2021 by KD. A4 overprinted on waterproof paper.

Terrain and area
Mostly open runnable beech or pine forest with some lovely STEEP sided valleys, and a comprehensive track and path network. There are some large areas of cleared forest with dry brashings left after removal of Ash DieBack infected Ash trees. Mapped as open with undergrowth.

The park is crisscrossed in the Northern half with well marked and very popular Mountain bike trails. These have been mapped with a purple dashed path symbol. Competitors MUST STAY OFF THESE ROUTES. Not ALL mountain bikers stick to the official tracks so juniors, in particular, should be alert.

There is a lot of history in the southern part of QECP. Medieval field boundaries, remains of a Roman Villa, even prehistoric hut circle bases. Plus extensive views to the coast and the Isle of Wight.

Toilets are available in the Visitor Centre.

Clothing and equipment
Full leg cover and footwear suitable for the terrain must be worn. Whistles must be carried. In adverse weather we may ask you to wear a cagoule or similar waterproof top. Please bring your own water or other drinks.

Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a lead and under control at all times.

There is a 300m uphill walk from the car park to the start. The route will be marked with red / white streamers. Please allow yourself good time to be at the start for your chosen start window.

EmiTags and maps issued at the start.

The finish is in a field adjacent to the car park 100 m away.

On the Course
It's a touch free event - please do not touch the controls, not even with your eTag. Just hover your wrist above the control and check that the eTag flashes. Be aware of other competitors and other users. Keep your distance at all times. Give way at controls, be patient.

At download, sanitize your hands. Your eTag will be scanned and you will be given your splits printout. Remove your tag from your wrist, remove it from the strap drop your tag in one crate and the strap in the other. Please give SPACE to the download marshall and other competitors. Make your way back to your car. Have a safe journey home.

Tags will be downloaded and results created after the event. Results, splits and Routegadget will be available on the club website. No results on site.

Please come to the event with clean and dry shoes and clothing. After your run please follow the guidance that helps us protect our precious environment: Check - Clean - Dry.

The area is popular with walkers, dog walkers and mountain bikers so please be respectful of the general public and their animals.
All mountain bike trails are out of bounds.
Check for ticks after the event.
Take care crossing park roads - there may be vehicles using them.

Orienteering is a physically challenging sport. Competitors take part at their own risk.

The British Orienteering insurance policy provides public liability cover. Please note that if you have competed in three orienteering events and have not joined an orienteering club that is a member of British Orienteering, then you are not covered by this insurance.

Medical Conditions
If you have a high risk medical condition you want the organisers to be aware of please download and complete this form and place it in a sealed envelope with your name on it. This can be left at registration. Envelopes will only be opened if required for a medical emergency. Unopened envelopes should be collected after the event. Any unclaimed envelopes will be destroyed after the event.

Photography is not allowed in the toilets or any "changing area" including the car park. Any concerns with photography or the behaviour of anyone toward any child or young adult must be reported to the event organiser or other official. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, play your part, report any concerns and follow good practice.

Event Officials
Planner: Kieran Devine BAOC
Controller: Colin Holcombe BAOC
Organiser: Julian Hartwell SOC

Personal information
The personal data you provide will be used by the event organisers and their agents only for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers to validate our cover.

Start List
Blue Club Start window Age Category
Christopher Ashenden SN 11:45 - 11:59 M55
David Bell 14:15 - 14:29 M50
Alex Bett SN 14:00 - 14:14 M21
Craig Blackford BADO 14:00 - 14:14 M50
Katie Blackford BADO 14:00 - 14:14 W21
Axel Blomquist SN 13:15 - 13:29 M65
Tom Bray SOC 13:15 - 13:29 M35
David Cross SOC 12:15 - 12:29 M60
Christine Currie SOC 11:30 - 11:44 W40
David Currie SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M45
Peter Davis SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M65
Terence Desmond Dickinson BAOC 14:15 - 14:29 M35
Mark Feltham MV 14:00 - 14:14 M55
Robert Finch SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M21
Mike Frizzell BADO 13:15 - 13:29 M60
Charles Gook BADO 14:15 - 14:29 M50
Nick Green GO 13:45 - 13:59 M55
Doug Greenwood BKO 13:15 - 13:29 M45
Julian Hartwell SOC 12:15 - 12:29 M65
Barry Jones SO 13:15 - 13:29 M50
Michael Krajewski BAOC 12:15 - 12:29 M35
Clare Leveridge SOC 13:45 - 13:59 W21
Guy Lidbury HAVOC 13:30 - 13:44 M50
Mark Light SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M50
Alastair Moir SOC 11:45 - 11:59 M65
Trish Monks BKO 12:15 - 12:29 W45
Ian Moran SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M60
Bernie Newitt SOC 11:45 - 11:59 W55
Paul Oldfield BAOC 12:15 - 12:29 M65
Gordon Parker SLOW 14:15 - 14:29 M55
Christopher Pritchett WIGHTO 12:00 - 12:14 M60
Hugh Risebrow SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M55
Peter Smith SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M55
Jon Vaughan BKO 12:00 - 12:14 M45
Istvan Veres 13:30 - 13:44 M21
Green Club Start window Age Category
Helen Ashenden SN 11:45 - 11:59 W55
Tony Ayres BADO 13:45 - 13:59 M75
Chris Barrington Brown BAOC 14:00 - 14:14 M60
Helen Blackbourn OROX 13:15 - 13:29 W21
Jane Blackbourn 13:15 - 13:29 W21
Jane Blackford BADO 14:00 - 14:14 W50
Sarah Blundell DFOK 12:00 - 12:14 W55
Sophie Blundell SOC 12:00 - 12:14 W21
Paul Channing SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M60
Elaine Chapelhow SOC 11:15 - 11:29 W50
Roger Cliffe TVOC 13:30 - 13:44 M50
Eleanor Davey BADO 13:30 - 13:44 W21
Bill Davidson SOC 11:45 - 11:59 M70
April Devine BAOC 12:00 - 12:14 W21
David Funnell SO 13:15 - 13:29 M55
Tim Gray SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M40
Jonny Green 14:00 - 14:14 M21
Annika Greenwood BKO 13:15 - 13:29 W50
Sue Hands WIM 13:15 - 13:29 W70
Sharon Hayward SOC 13:45 - 13:59 W45
James Henley IND 13:45 - 13:59 M21
Joff Henley IND 13:45 - 13:59 M65
Les Hunt SN 12:15 - 12:29 M65
Annie King SOC 11:15 - 11:29 W21
Julia Loring SOC 11:30 - 11:44 W60
Serena Ludford BADO 13:30 - 13:44 W55
Tony Ludford BADO 13:30 - 13:44 M75
Tamsin Moran SOC 11:45 - 11:59 W21
Natalie Morant SOC 14:15 - 14:29 W50
Sam Morton 13:30 - 13:44 M40
Andrew Nash SOC 12:00 - 12:14 M45
Janet Nash LOC 12:00 - 12:14 W70
John Nash LOC 12:00 - 12:14 M70
Gail Parker SLOW 14:15 - 14:29 W60
Marion Payne-Bird GO 12:15 - 12:29 W60
Steve Pullen SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M65
Peter Riches TVOC 12:00 - 12:14 M70
Ben Rivers GO 13:45 - 13:59 M75
Helen Rivers GO 13:45 - 13:59 W65
Rachel Robertson SOC 14:00 - 14:14 W55
Heather Rumble SOC 14:15 - 14:29 W21
Barry Sowerbutts SOC 13:45 - 13:59 M65
David Watkins BADO 13:30 - 13:44 M60
Helen Wheelwright SOC 13:45 - 13:59 W60
Sam White SOC 11:45 - 11:59 M20
Norman Wilson SOC 11:45 - 11:59 M70
Orange Club Start window Age Category
Timothy Angel SOC 12:15 - 12:29 M80
Vicki Barkaway SOC 14:00 - 14:14 W65
Duncan Currie SOC 11:30 - 11:44 M12
Emma Currie SOC 11:30 - 11:44 W14
Barbara Davidson SOC 11:45 - 11:59 W70
Michele Funnell SO 13:30 - 13:44 W65
Louise Light SOC 11:15 - 11:29 W50
Claudia Marks SOC 11:45 - 11:59 W18
Roessa Marks SOC 12:00 - 12:14 W50
Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC 13:30 - 13:44 M12
David Nixon SOC 11:15 - 11:29 M75
Mary Nixon SOC 11:30 - 11:44 W70
Louise Parry 14:15 - 14:29 W40
Jacky Pett SOC 11:15 - 11:29 W65
Tim Pugh GO 14:00 - 14:14 M75
Elliot Vaughan BKO 12:15 - 12:29 M12
Zac Vaughan BKO 12:15 - 12:29 M14