Sywell Invitation Duathlon and 5K Run

Sunday 11th April

By invitation only. A Duathlon and a 5K Run within Sywell Country Park.

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Entry limit: 50
Entered: 37

5K Run
Entry limit: 50
Entered: 38

Entry Fees
    Entry Fee: £10.00
    Booking Fee: £1.00
5K Run
    Entry Fee: £5.00
    Booking Fee: £1.00
Race Information

Sywell Country Park, Washbrook Lane, Ecton NN6 0QX

Routes (click to open)
Duathlon Run 1 and 5k Race

Duathlon Bike 2 laps

Duathlon Run 2

08:00 Duathlon start
08:10 5K Run start

Car Parking
Please note, the booking does not include car parking this must be paid for separately on the day or season ticket options are available.

Daily parking costs - The daily cost to park at each of the country parks is £3.20 in coins for up to 4 hours or £5.20 for up to 8 hours or £7.20 for up to 12 hours.

Annual parking passes - Covering all five parks. £51.50

Annual parking passes - Parking in one named park. £38.00

Apply for Country Parks Parking Pass - You can apply for an annual car park pass online or renew your current pass.

First Aid
A mobile medical crew will be on standby throughout the event.

There are toilet facilities in the park, plus additional portable facilities close to transition.

Drinks & Refreshments
Due to the Covid-19 situation there are no aid stations. There are available food and beverage with a mobile coffee stall and the park's café.

Clothing and Equipment
Don't forget: Bike, bike helmet, bike shoes, and running shoes. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bike is mechanically sound and race ready. Bike helmets are mandatory.

Due to the prevailing COVID conditions we will be operating a zero refund policy. We may allow part or all of the fee to roll over to another event but if not all retained funds will be invested into the venue. All volunteer time is given freely and all the clubs involved are not for profit so that there is no commercial advantage to any group or individual.
Start List
Duathlon Tri Club
Steven Adams Northants Tri Club
Katharine Baxter-Smith Wellingborough & District AC
Chris Bell Northants Tri Club
Michael Berry Wellingborough & District AC
Val Bridges Northants Tri Club
Daniel Clarke Rugby Triathlon Club
Peter Cowler Wellingborough & District AC
Martine Crofts Wellingborough & District AC
Pete DeBoo Northants Tri Club
Katy Downing Northants Tri Club
Matthew Downing Not listed
Stuart Drummond Northants Tri Club
Mike Farrow Wellingborough & District AC
Andy Green Northants Tri Club
Stuart Hale Not listed
Ricky Haynes Not listed
Steve Holloway Northants Tri Club
Adrian Jelley Northants Tri Club
Anne-Marie Langford Northants Tri Club
Laura McCrystal Rugby Triathlon Club
Neil McDonald Wellingborough & District AC
Richard Mercer Rugby Triathlon Club
Duncan Mitchell Northants Tri Club
Mark Moriarty Wellingborough & District AC
Thomas Osborne Northants Tri Club
Harry Peart Northants Tri Club
Andrew Peel Northants Tri Club
James Pentelow Not listed
Craig Richards Northants Tri Club
Ferne Sanders Northants Tri Club
Steven Scott Rugby Triathlon Club
Katharine Temple Northants Tri Club
Sally Tilt Rugby Triathlon Club
Matthew Tyrrell Northants Tri Club
Kim Wakefield Rugby Triathlon Club
Rebecca Wheaver Rugby Triathlon Club
Jessica Wynn-werninck Wellingborough & District AC
5K Run Tri Club
Amanda Allen Not listed
Rachael Barber Not listed
Alice Belcher Wellingborough & District AC
Andrew Bignell Wellingborough & District AC
Margaret Bond Wellingborough & District AC
Nicola Butter Not listed
Julia Churcher-Upton Not listed
Rob Churcher-Upton Not listed
Gary Colby Wellingborough & District AC
Johnathon Driscoll Wellingborough & District AC
Julie Gallagher Not listed
Alan Griffiths Wellingborough & District AC
Daniela Harrison Not listed
Jamie Horsman Not listed
Fiona Jolley Not listed
Chris Macarthur Not listed
Warren Marsh Wellingborough & District AC
Jana Miller Northants Tri Club
Lee Mooney Wellingborough & District AC
Ed Norris Wellingborough & District AC
Sarah Partridge-underwood Not listed
Katy Pengilley Wellingborough & District AC
Ashley Pidcock Not listed
Theresa Pidcock Not listed
Alison Reeves Not listed
Anthony Reeves Not listed
Emma Robinson Wellingborough & District AC
Mark Rose Not listed
Birgit Scott Not listed
Jill Shinnick Wellingborough & District AC
Victoria Shirley Wellingborough & District AC
Ben Thorpe Northants Tri Club
Amy Tibbitts Northants Tri Club
John Wayland Wellingborough & District AC
Katie Wayland Not listed
Zoe White Wellingborough & District AC
Amanda Wilson Not listed
Melanie Wood Not listed