Sunday 18th April

Entries close Thursday 15th April

Mixed woodland with plenty of contour detail and a stream valley
Online advance registration only.
15 min start windows allocated in advance between 11am and 1pm.
SIAC will be enabled for the event. Finish control must be punched.

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Entries close 23:59 on 15th Apr

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Yellow 2.3km 75m climb
Entered: 4

Light Green 3.7km 125m climb
Entered: 22

Blue 6.5km 210m climb
Entry limit: 80
Entered: 20

Entered: 5

Entry Fees
Group (2-5 people e.g. family running Score course together)
    Entry Fee: £10.00
Group (1 senior + 1 junior e.g. a parent & child running together)
    Entry Fee: £8.00
Individual (member/non-member)
    Senior: £5.00/£8.00
    Junior: £3.00/£5.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Prices include the loan of electronic timing equipment (aka dibber) if required. Loan dibbers will not be SIAC enabled.
Race Information

For full details please see Saxons Event Details page
You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine having been on holiday.

The start/finish is a 15-20 minute walk from the parking area. You should make every reasonable effort to arrive at the event in time for your allocated start time or start window, including allowing extra time to travel to the venue where necessary.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Please arrive at the event in your orienteering kit, and where possible travel home to change. If you arrive early at the start or are accompanying juniors to the start, please observe the rule of 6 and apply appropriate social distancing. Do not approach the enquiries and download tent unless absolutely necessary.

During your run
At the start and during your run please remember to social distance. Please move away from the map box after collecting your map. At control sites do not touch the control, and move through quickly. Do not congregate at the Finish. At Download ensure you are drip and spittle free before downloading.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the Event Details on the Saxons website and hand to the Organiser in a sealed envelope. This can be collected once you have downloaded, or will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Results will not be on display at the event but live results (updated every 5-10 mins) will be available on throughout the event (dependant on mobile phone signal). Final results can be accessed on Saxons website after the event.

Finally, if you are available to help on the day, please contact the organiser.

Event Details
Start List
Yellow Age Category Club Start window
Thomas Bates M12 SAX 12:00 - 12:14
Lindsey Baxter W45 Not listed 11:30 - 11:44
Ruby Gisby W10 DFOK 11:15 - 11:29
Holly Howe W10 SAX 12:00 - 12:14
Light Green Age Category Club Start window
Judith Armitt W65 SAX 12:15 - 12:29
Anthony Barrable M75 RAFO 11:45 - 11:59
Heather Brown W70 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Simon Chapman M60 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Anthony Connellan M80 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Philip Craven M65 DFOK 11:30 - 11:44
Jean Fitzgerald W65 SAX 12:00 - 12:14
Simon Greenwood M65 SAX 12:15 - 12:29
Renate Henry W55 SAX 12:30 - 12:44
Tiffany Maxted W45 Not listed 11:00 - 11:14
Jeremy Oldershaw M80 SAX 11:30 - 11:44
Allison Page W50 DFOK 11:00 - 11:14
Keith Parkes M75 DFOK 11:30 - 11:44
Maddy Pitcher W16 DFOK 11:15 - 11:29
Beryl Pring W75 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Roger Pring M75 SAX 11:30 - 11:44
Karen Ransley W40 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Gabriela Roch W50 SAX 12:00 - 12:14
Jennifer Sibley M21 MV 12:15 - 12:29
Rob Sibley M65 SAX 12:15 - 12:29
Mike Solomon M75 SAX 12:15 - 12:29
Fiona Wilson W60 SAX 12:45 - 12:59
Blue Age Category Club Start window
Nicholas Betts M55 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Lisa Blair W45 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Ffion Bricknell W18 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Neil Bricknell M50 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Sean Cronin M55 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
David Dawson M60 DFOK 11:15 - 11:29
Andrew Derrick M50 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Naomi Drewitt W45 DFOK 11:00 - 11:14
Andrew Evans M65 DFOK 11:30 - 11:44
Geoff Goodwin M70 DFOK 11:15 - 11:29
Brian Henry M55 SAX 12:45 - 12:59
Chris Hooker M60 SO 11:30 - 11:44
Alison Howe W45 SAX 12:00 - 12:14
Austin Howe M16 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Brendon Howe M50 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Peter Martin M70 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Clive Maxted M50 Not listed 11:00 - 11:14
Dave Pickup M50 SAX 11:15 - 11:29
Andrew Pitcher M55 DFOK 12:30 - 12:44
Graham Thomas M55 SAX 11:45 - 11:59
Score Age Category Club Start window
Ben Cronin M16 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Adam Fulcher M60 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Lisa Fulcher W50 SAX 11:00 - 11:14
Amy Ransley W35 NOC 11:00 - 11:14
Sarah Reith W55 SAX 11:00 - 11:14