Summer Athletics Meeting

Wednesday 28th July

A fantastic evening of endurance track racing, with distances for U15, U17, U20, U23, Seniors and Masters. Graded races with no pacemakers - racing at its best. Both manual and chip timing.
Update: 3000m for Seniors and Masters now added!
It's going to be fun and it's your chance to run fast! Bring your spectators to cheer you on!

3000m events for U15, U17, U20, Seniors and Masters: £6.50
5000m events for U20, U23, Seniors and Masters: £10.00
10000m events for U23, Seniors and Masters: £12:00


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Entered: 58 of 186
3000m,Race1,Sub15:3 of 16
3000m,Race2,Sub12:15 of 16
3000m,Race3,Sub10:10 of 16
3000m,Race4,Senior:5 of 16
5000m,Race5,Sub19:6 of 18
5000m,Race6,Sub17:13 of 18
5000m,Race7,Sub16:5 of 18

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3000m - U15, U17, U20
5000m - U20 and above
   Entered: 6
10000m - U23 and above

Entry Fees
3000m - U15, U17, U20
    Entry Fee: £6.50
5000m - U20 and above
    Entry Fee: £10.00
10000m - U23 and above
    Entry Fee: £12.00
Meeting Information

Bring your supporters! .... They will be with you, in Lane 4 shouting encouragement, singing and dancing to the specially selected 180 bpm music, carrying you lap by lap to the finish and hopefully a fantastic PB!

Split times for each full lap completed will be provided as part of the race results so you can analyse your race performance lap by lap after the event.

Finalised Timetable
17:15 - 3000m, U15, U17, U20 - Sub 15
17:40 - 3000m, U15, U17, U20 - Sub 12
18:00 - 3000m, U15, U17, U20 - Sub 10
18:20 - 3000m, U23, Senior and Masters
18:45 - 5000m, U20 and above - Sub 19
19:10 - 5000m, U20 and above - Sub 17
19:35 - 5000m, U20 and above - Sub 16

Key Points
The event is held under UKA Rules for Competition 2020 - 2022

Participating athletes are expected to comply with the Approved Competition Shoes List published by World Athletics

The competition will be employing procedures to comply with Covid-19 guidance. By entering you are agreeing to co-operate with officials and adhere to procedures that are in place at the time of the event.

Results will be posted live to

All results will be sent to the Power of 10.

This year's events are mixed gender. If you would like future events to be separate women's and men's events please drop us an email at

Start List
James Gamble Woking AC SM
3000m Club Age Category Event
Matilda Bengtsson Poole Runners U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Olly Buck Kent AC U15B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Mike Chambers Southampton AC MM 3000m,Race4,Senior
Olivia Cole Southampton AC U15G 3000m,Race1,Sub15
Adam Corbin Bournemouth AC SM 3000m,Race4,Senior
Immi Edwards Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Nicole Frith Southampton AC SW 3000m,Race4,Senior
Oliver Garside U17B 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Ethan Harvey Southampton AC U17B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Alex Heath Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC U17B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Laila Hellyer Worthing & District Harriers U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Lillie Hellyer Worthing & District Harriers U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Thomas Hicks Southampton AC U15B 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Isabelle Hinkley Southampton AC U20W 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Erin Ingram New Forest Junior AC U15G 3000m,Race1,Sub15
Thomas Jacobs Southampton AC U15B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Isabelle Knight Southampton AC U13G 3000m,Race1,Sub15
George Lambert Southampton AC U17B 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Annie Mann Southampton AC U17G 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Rob Mctaggart Bournemouth AC MM 3000m,Race4,Senior
Conrad Meagher Chichester Runners & AC SM 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Peter Merritt Southampton AC MM 3000m,Race4,Senior
Niclas Olley Southampton AC U15B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Harry Roebuck Southampton AC U17B 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Oliver Shears Reading AC U11B 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Natalya Smith Southampton AC U20W 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Oli Smith Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC U20M 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Damian Spreckley City of Portsmouth AC MM 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Jodie Tanner Southampton AC U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Erin Wells Bournemouth AC U15G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Daisy Wilkinson City of Portsmouth AC U17G 3000m,Race2,Sub12
Holly Wilkinson City of Portsmouth AC U20W 3000m,Race3,Sub10
Katie Youp Southampton AC U17G 3000m,Race3,Sub10
5000m Club Age Category Event
Rob Agar Lordshill Road Runners MM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
James Baker Chichester Runners & AC MM 5000m,Race7,Sub16
Peter Boustred Lordshill Road Runners MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Ben Brewster Southampton AC SM 5000m,Race7,Sub16
Neil Catchlove Lordshill Road Runners MM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
Sebastian Cirillo Windsor, Slough, Eton & Hounslow AC SM 5000m,Race7,Sub16
Richard Crawford Southampton AC MM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
Iain Cross Southampton AC MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Tom Cully Southampton AC SM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Tom Drayton Hercules Wimbledon AC SM 5000m,Race7,Sub16
Aidan Dure-Smith New Forest Junior AC U20M 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Kate Estlea Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC SW 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Matt Hibberd Southampton AC MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Emlyn Hughes MM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
Paul Hughes Abingdon AC MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Daniel Hunt Southampton AC MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Nicholas Jarvis SO SM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
George King Winchester & District AC SM 5000m,Race7,Sub16
Jack Miller Abingdon AC SM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
George Morris Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC SM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Simon Pilcher Ryde Harriers MM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Tom Stevens Southampton AC SM 5000m,Race6,Sub17
Alexander Whiting Winchester & District AC SM 5000m,Race5,Sub19
Eoghan Wiles SM 5000m,Race6,Sub17