Summer Evening Series - Beddington Park

Tuesday 15th June

This is the second of a series of four Summer Evening Orienteering events
The Summer Evening Series will run between May and August at local venues within the Mole Valley area.

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A: Score - 45 minute odds and evens with a switch control
Entered: 29
Aimed at regular orienteers and runners.
B: Score - 45 minutes
Entered: 8
Aimed at those requiring a shorter run, families and newcomers.

Score Event: 'Score' just means that there is no set course. Your map will show a number of controls, but you don't have to visit them all. You get points for each control you do visit, and lose points if you take more than the allocated time.

Entry Fees
    Senior: £3.00/£5.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior: £1.00/£2.00
    Junior Chip hire: £1.00
Mole Valley Member
    Senior: £1.50
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior: £0.50
    Junior Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

The park is traffic free. However, both courses cross lightly used access roads to the internal car parks. So everyone, especially young children, should be aware of the occasional car when crossing these roads.

Printed on waterproof paper. Scale is 1:4,000 with 2.5 metre contours.

SI controls will be used throughout and will be SIAC enabled.

Flat parkland with small areas of woodland within the park and around it’s perimeter. There are also ornamental gardens, a lake connected by a river that divides the area north/south and some recreational features, enclosures and buildings.

5.00 - 7.15pm. Courses close at 8.15pm sharp.

Start Location
The start location will be in the park at TQ 295652 (what3words: park.actors.tunnel) on the west side soon after entering the park entrance road (Church Rd).
Parking is quite restricted. There is some parking available in Church Road; small car parks within the park near the café building in the centre of the park at TQ293656 and also at TQ296654. Otherwise in local streets. Note: Park car park gates are locked at 'dusk'.

Public transport
It is recommended not to use public transport to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

Trains: Hackbridge 1.2km; Wallington 1.8km; Waddon 1.8km.

Buses: 151 from Worcester Park to Wallington stop at Beddington Park.

Will be available on the club web site as soon as possible after this event.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct (revised February 2021).

You are responsible for your own safety and you take part in this event at your own risk.

Orienteering is a physically challenging sport. Competitors take part at their own risk.

Start List
A Age Category Club Start window
Jack Beale M21 IND 18:15 - 18:29
Mike Bolton M70 MV 18:30 - 18:44
Mark Bowden M21 IND 18:45 - 18:59
Nigel Bush M65 MV 17:45 - 17:59
Steven Carle M50 MV 18:45 - 18:59
Edward Catmur M35 SLOW 19:00 - 19:14
Stephen Chandler M55 MV 18:30 - 18:44
Anna Collier W35 DFOK 17:45 - 17:59
David Collier M70 DFOK 17:45 - 17:59
Gareth Corbett M40 IND 18:15 - 18:29
Ian Ditchfield M65 MV 18:00 - 18:14
Natsa Djurkovic-Liu M50 IND 18:15 - 18:29
Justin Farhall M45 MV 18:45 - 18:59
Edward Forman M70 SO 17:00 - 17:14
Rachel Gardner W35 IND 19:00 - 19:14
Chris Glew W65 SLOW 18:00 - 18:14
Damien Hersey M35 MV 17:00 - 17:14
Alan Leakey M65 SLOW 17:30 - 17:44
Diane Leakey W65 SLOW 17:30 - 17:44
Philip Morgan M50 MV 18:45 - 18:59
Keith Morrissey M50 MV 18:45 - 18:59
Stephen Pallister M50 MV 18:30 - 18:44
Bob Reed M70 MV 17:15 - 17:29
James Sawdy M21 IND 18:15 - 18:29
Tim Scarbrough M35 MV 18:45 - 18:59
Neeraj Shah M21 MV 18:15 - 18:29
Thomas Slattery M21 IND 18:15 - 18:29
David Thompson M21 SLOW 17:45 - 17:59
Ben Toogood M21 SLOW 18:45 - 18:59
B Age Category Club Start window
Judith Armitt W65 SAX 18:00 - 18:14
Martin Parker M55 IND 18:45 - 18:59
Jennifer Sibley M21 MV 18:00 - 18:14
Rob Sibley M65 SAX 18:00 - 18:14
Amelia Todd W10 LOK 17:45 - 17:59
Jessica Todd W10 LOK 17:45 - 17:59
Hannah Toogood M21 IND 19:00 - 19:14
Douglas Willetts M21 IND 18:45 - 18:59