Stubbington 10K

Sunday 16th January

The Stubbington 10K is known for its picturesque landscape, fast course and being one of the biggest and best races of its kind that the south coast has to offer.
The run begins in the heart of Stubbington village, taking you through a loop of country lanes, wide open fields and scenic coastal roads.

The course is flat with a sprinkling of gentle inclines. You can look forward to eight kilometers of closed smooth-surfaced roads and plenty of support along the way. We are proud of being a friendly club and our volunteers look forward to welcoming you to the warmest winter 10K!

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The event is full. Amendments can be made to existing entries as allowed by the event organiser.

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Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £14.00/£16.00
Booking Fee: £1.00
UKA Affiliated Entry £14
Non Affiliated Entry £16
Race Information

Event Centre
Crofton Community Centre
Stubbington Lane
PO14 2PP

Start Time
The race will start at 10am.

Transferring your place to someone else
Transfers will be accepted up until Sunday 9th January 2022. To transfer your entry to someone else, log in to the race entry page, tap Amend Entry and change your details to theirs, including their email address and ICE details. Tap Update. Please note you may still get emails about the event.

Limited Parking available for runners at Crofton Secondary School; Crofton Anne Dale Junior School and Baycroft School.

Refreshments, information, bag storage, showers, children's fun run all located at race HQ

The Route
View the route on FriendFit

  • Race begins on Titchfield Road.
  • Head towards Titchfield Village and bear left at traffic lights into Bridge Street.
  • At mini-roundabout bear left into Coach Hill.
  • Take the 3rd left into Posbrook Lane. The drinks station will be sited near Thatchers Copse in Posbrook Lane.
  • At the end of Posbrook Lane turn left into Triangle Lane which is now open to 2-way traffic (please take care). Follow the coast road which merges into Cliff Road.
  • At the T-junction, turn left into Crofton Lane which merges into Bells Lane and at T-junction turn left into Stubbington Lane. This section of Stubbington Lane will be closed to traffic.
  • Finally turn left at the roundabout into Stubbington Village to the finish line.

Race Memento
We recognise that our long sleeved T shirts have been a popular memento of our race over the last few years. However, whilst we want to ensure that our participants are rewarded, we are also aware that we have a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact. We will therefore be replacing our T shirts this year with a locally sourced product (at the time of writing yet to be finalised), as a thank you for your entry.

Age Requirement
In accordance with UKA Rules you must be aged 15 or more on the day of the race.

Terms and Conditions
Please do not take part if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate under the current government guidance or have been contacted by the NHS and asked to quarantine even if you are not displaying any symptoms.

If the event is cancelled Stubbington Green Runners reserve the right to retain fees to cover committed costs - any balance remaining will be donated to charity.

Full Terms and Conditions

Start List
UKA Club
Annette Ablitt Portsmouth Joggers Club
Peter Abrahams Fareham Running Club
David Abrams Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sandra Abrams Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Emily Acton
David Adams Hart Road Runners
Debbie Adams Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Colin Addison Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Lee Addison
Rob Agar Lordshill Road Runners
Robert Ainslie Hedge End RC
Tina Al-Romaithi Fareham Running Club
Lisa Alexander
Paul William Alland
Katy Allaway Hatch Warren Runners
Sally Allen
Joe Amber Hedge End RC
Lesley Ambrose
Neil Ambrose Farnham Runners
Christopher Amess
Kate Amies
Chris Anderson
Edward Anderson
Georgina Anderson Farnham Runners
Tamsin Anderson Winchester & District AC
Graham Andrews Itchen Spitfires RC
Lydia Andrews Alton Runners
Timothy Anetts Hardley Runners
Jan Anglim Hardley Runners
Mick Anglim Hardley Runners
Amber Ankinson Victory AC
Amanda Ansell City of Salisbury A & RC
Rachel Anthes Hedge End RC
Will Anthes Hedge End RC
Scott Appleby Itchen Spitfires RC
Sreven Apsey
John Arbury Alton Runners
Emily Arbuthnot Overton Harriers & AC
Rob Arkell Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jim Armitage Alton Runners
Gary Armstrong Denmead Striders
George Armstrong
Anne Arnold
Clare Arnold
Martyn Arnold Fareham Running Club
Pete Arnold
Kerry Arnott Gosport Road Runners
Chris Ashdown Hedge End RC
Lindsey Ashdown Hedge End RC
Gary Ashley OS Runners
Brooke Ashman
Dominic Ashton Lordshill Road Runners
George Aspinall Fareham Running Club
Jan Atkins
Adam Atkinson Southampton AC
Jamie Atkinson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paul Atkinson
Richard Audsley
Steve Auton City of Salisbury A & RC
Charlotte Avendano
Jane Avery Netley Abbey Runners
Natasha Avery Itchen Spitfires RC
Bruce Ayling Winchester & District AC
Kerryn Aylward Poole Runners
Cheryl Ayres
Victoria Ayriss Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Simon Bacon Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Melanie Bagwell Gosport Road Runners
Clair Bailey Farnham Runners
Lewis Bailey Lordshill Road Runners
Mirinda Bailey Baffins Fitclub
Miss Lucy Bailey Lordshill Road Runners
Nathan Bailey
Nick Bailey Denmead Striders
Cham Bain - Smith Bayside Tri
Andy Baker
Brian Baker
Christine Baker
Emma Baker Vegan Runners
Jack Baker
Caroline Baker-Duly
Edward Baker-Duly
Miles Baker-Duly
Paula Balch Hedge End RC
Osama Baldo Hart Road Runners
Kevin Balfour Eastleigh RC
Christina Ball Denmead Striders
Reg Ball City of Portsmouth AC
Kali Banda Itchen Spitfires RC
Joanne Barbary
Sarah Barbary City of Portsmouth AC
Vickie Barber Fareham Running Club
Gemma Barbour Isle Of Wight RR AC
Katherine Barbour Solent Running Sisters
Richard Barbour
Stewart Barbour Isle Of Wight RR AC
Melissa Barham Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Barker
Lisa Barker Hart Road Runners
Michael Barker Gosport Road Runners
Susan Barker Gosport Road Runners
Rob Barlow Totton RC
Robbie Barlow Totton RC
Christopher Barnes Totton RC
Jack Barnes Fareham Running Club
Jack Barnes
Mike Barnes Fareham Running Club
Pete Barnett
Anthony Baron Gosport Road Runners
Henry Barrasford
Brooke Barron
Laura Barrow
Ruth Bartlett Lordshill Road Runners
Julie Barton
Peter Bascombe
Della Bassett
Karen Bateman
Dean Baxter
Richard Bayley
Ken Beak Ryde Harriers
Clare Beale Netley Abbey Runners
Hugh Beard
Jenny Beard
Thomas Beasley City of Portsmouth AC
Tim Beasley
Alex Beaton Lordshill Road Runners
Paul Beatson Netley Abbey Runners
Ian Beattie Fareham Running Club
Louise Beaven Liss RC
Graham Bell Portsmouth Joggers Club
Melanie Bell Vegan Runners
Samuel Bell
Rob Benham Lordshill Road Runners
Chris Bennett
Fran Bennett Fareham Running Club
Jason Bennett City of Salisbury A & RC
Steve Bennett
Jo Bennion Fareham Running Club
Mark Bennion Fareham Running Club
Nicola Benson
Cathryn Beresford Victory AC
Ray Bernice Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Peter Berrow
Sue Berrow
David Berry
Lynsey Berwick
Hugh Bethell Alton Runners
Hayley Bevis Itchen Spitfires RC
Louise Billington
Peter Birch Portsmouth Joggers Club
Graham Bishop Eastleigh RC
Jon Bishop
Sara Bishop
Susie Blackburn Solent Running Sisters
James Blackman
Ellie Blaiklock Gosport Road Runners
Darren Blair
Darren Blake
Heather Blake
Jennie Blake
Neil Blanchard Victory AC
Steven Blank Gosport Road Runners
Kevin Blann Hedge End RC
Jane Blatch-Gainey
Hannah Bliss Overton Harriers & AC
Douglas Blyth Farnham Runners
Charlotte Boardman City of Salisbury A & RC
Jane Bodman Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Charles Boffin Hart Road Runners
Janet Bollard
Karen Bolton Solent Running Sisters
Helen Bonaer Totton RC
Jack Bond
Kevin Bond
Peter Bond Victory AC
Peter Bone Victory AC
John Bonnar
Susan Bonnar Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gareth Booker
Gavin Booker Gosport Road Runners
Leann Booker
Nicolas Boorn Gosport Road Runners
Melanie Booth Netley Abbey Runners
Stuart Booth
Karla Borland Winchester & District AC
Kate Borthwick
Sarah Borthwick
Suzette Bosman Vegan Runners
Matt Bosworth City of Salisbury A & RC
Sally Bovill Wimbledon Windmilers
Andrew Bowditch
Dawn Bowen Hedge End RC
Edward Bowen-Thomas
Oliver Bowen-Thomas
Ian Bower Lordshill Road Runners
Marie Bowers Gosport Road Runners
Michael Bowers Gosport Road Runners
Rebecca Bowers Netley Abbey Runners
Kat Bowmaker
Samantha Bowyer Totton RC
Amanda Boyd Victory AC
Dan Boyd
Paul Boyd-Leslie Winchester & District AC
Sally Boyden Winchester Fit Club RC
Simon Boyden Winchester Fit Club RC
Cathy Boyes Alton Runners
Alan Bradley
Ian Bradley Hedge End RC
Matt Bradley
Sarah Bradley
Brenda Bradshaw Baffins Fitclub
James Bradshaw Winchester Fit Club RC
Liam Bradshaw Baffins Fitclub
Jackie Brady Gosport Road Runners
Jonathan Brand Fareham Running Club
Guy Brayn Winchester & District AC
John Brennan
Wendy Brent Lordshill Road Runners
Michael Brewster City of Salisbury A & RC
Sarah Brewster City of Salisbury A & RC
Mike Bridgeman Hedge End RC
Louise Bridges Fareham Running Club
Harry Brind
Paul Bristow
Susie Bristow
Jonathon Brock Itchen Spitfires RC
Catherine Brook
Helen Brooker Hatch Warren Runners
Caroline Brooks
Chris Brooks Hedge End RC
Joseph Brooks
Mark Brooks Fareham Running Club
Paul Brooks
Samuel Brooks Fareham Running Club
Andrew Brown Farnham Runners
Colette Brown
Colin Brown Eastleigh RC
Kerry Brown Fareham Running Club
Matilda Brown
Peter Brown
Terrie Brown Baffins Fitclub
Antony Browne Netley Abbey Runners
Jacquie Browne Farnham Runners
James Browne Lordshill Road Runners
Miles Browne Lordshill Road Runners
Rachel Browne Lordshill Road Runners
Richard Brownrigg Ryde Harriers
Michael Bruce Victory AC
Vicki Brunink Netley Abbey Runners
Alan Bryant
Christine Buck Baffins Fitclub
Sarah Buckley
Ian Buckman Itchen Spitfires RC
Kevin Budd Baffins Fitclub
Mark Budden
Michelle Buffery
Richard Bulmer Ryde Harriers
Eddie Bulpitt OS Runners
Neil Bundey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Chris Bundy Netley Abbey Runners
Pam Bungay Totton RC
Alice Burch Totton RC
Elizabeth Burchett
Alan Burgess Vegan Runners
Jane Burgess
Len Burgin Winchester Fit Club RC
Sue Burley
Karen Burns
Laura Burns Baffins Fitclub
Robert Burns
Mike Burrows
Kevin Busch Gosport Road Runners
Jane Butler Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paddy Butler Hardley Runners
Sarah Butler Hedge End RC
Kate Buttimer City of Salisbury A & RC
Amie Buttle
Daniel Byrne
Matthew Cafferky New Forest Runners
Steve Calder Gosport Road Runners
Andrew Caldwell
Peter Callanan City of Salisbury A & RC
Rob Callen Lordshill Road Runners
David Cameron Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Neil Cameron Totton RC
Brian Canning Isle Of Wight RR AC
Claire Cannon Hedge End RC
Steve Cannon Hedge End RC
Jayne Carey Eastleigh RC
Deborah Carlisle
Helen Carlton City of Salisbury A & RC
Natalie Carmon
Daryl Carr
Emma Carraher
Kim Carter Gosport Road Runners
Laura Carter Fareham Running Club
Nick Carter
Ryan Carter Fareham Running Club
Tom Carter Ryde Harriers
Ross Cartwright Hatch Warren Runners
Matt Casey Hardley Runners
Peter Casey Lordshill Road Runners
Karen Cassie
Jonathan Cathie Lordshill Road Runners
Aimee Catt Lordshill Road Runners
Emma Catt Lordshill Road Runners
Oliver Caudwell
Tommy Cave
Sarah Cessford Fareham Running Club
Seb Challen Hatch Warren Runners
Roland Chalmers
Alice Chamberlain
Andrew Chamberlain Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Catherine Chamberlain Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Phil Chamberlain Fareham Running Club
Donna Chambers Solent Running Sisters
Mike Chambers Southampton AC
Rebecca Chambers Totton RC
Samantha Chambers Eastleigh RC
Del Chandler Victory AC
Martin Chandler
Brandon Chaplin Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kieran Chaplin Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kate Chapman Fareham Running Club
Natasha Charles Itchen Spitfires RC
Steven Charnock
Frank Checchia Chippenham Harriers '83
Kate Checchia Chippenham Harriers '83
Christopher Chester Hedge End RC
Lucie Chick
Alun Chorlton Netley Abbey Runners
Rubiyatur Choudhury Fareham Running Club
Andrew Christopher
Ivan Chunnett Farnham Runners
Angie Claridge
Robert Clark Fareham Running Club
James Clarke Farnham Runners
James Clarke
John Clarke
Justin Clarke Farnham Runners
Richard Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Robert Clarke Eastleigh RC
Sue Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Clarke-Lens
Cheryl Claxton Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Dawn Clee Hedge End RC
Katie Clements City of Salisbury A & RC
Mary Clements City of Salisbury A & RC
Bradley Clifford
Richard Clifford Overton Harriers & AC
Steve Clifford
Tanya Clifford Isle Of Wight RR AC
Anna Clodfelter Gosport Road Runners
Jim Clow Victory AC
Stephen Clow Alton Runners
Hedge End Club Hedge End RC
Steve Cluett Winchester & District AC
Sharon Clutton Gosport Road Runners
Denis Coady Totton RC
Sophie Coady Totton RC
Scott Cobb Baffins Fitclub
Alasdair Cochrane
Colin Cochrane
Mackenzie Cockram
Alexandra Coe
David Coleman
Russ Coleman Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Christopher Colley Alton Runners
Frankie Colling Eastleigh RC
Chris Collins
Leighanne Collins Fareham Running Club
Virginia Collins Totton RC
John Collis Liss RC
Sarina Collis Baffins Fitclub
Gareth Colwell
Greg Colyer
Jo Conner
Patrick Connors Lordshill Road Runners
Chris Cook Lordshill Road Runners
Jonathan Cook Alton Runners
Wayne Cook
Nicky Cooke Eastleigh RC
Rob Cooke Baffins Fitclub
David Cookson
James Cookson Tadworth AC
Alex Cooper Totton RC
Benjamin Cooper
Elizabeth Cooper
Neil Cooper
Anjella Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Peter Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Richard Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Mark Cooter Victory AC
Charles Cope Gosport Road Runners
Kirsty Cope
Sally Cope Gosport Road Runners
Kay Copeland Farnham Runners
Kayleigh Copeland Farnham Runners
Terry Copeland Farnham Runners
Toby Corbin Netley Abbey Runners
Claire Corbridge Lordshill Road Runners
James Corfield
Vicky Cornall Stubbington Green Runners & AC
A Corrie Lordshill Road Runners
Justin Corrie Winchester & District AC
City of Salisbury Athletics and Running Club CoSARC City of Lancaster Tri
Jhon Cosgrove Vegan Runners
Andrew Costello Winchester & District AC
Katharine Cotter City of Salisbury A & RC
Charlotte Cottrell
Grace Cousins City of Salisbury A & RC
Hayley Cousins
Victoria Couzens Totton RC
Ros Cowdry
Dave Cox City of Salisbury A & RC
Sam Cox Itchen Spitfires RC
Stephen Cox
Ashley Coxden Overton Harriers & AC
Anita Crawley Denmead Striders
Claire Crick Hart Road Runners
Cordelia Cripps Fareham Running Club
Mark Crisp
Alison Critchley Ryde Harriers
Amanda Crofts Bayside Tri
Adam Crook Gosport Road Runners
Nigel Crook Netley Abbey Runners
Emma Crooks
Karen Crooks
Martin Crooks
Jon Cross Hart Road Runners
Stewart Crosswell Hedge End RC
Greg Crowe
Ian Crowe
Joshua Cullen Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Neil Cullen
Hilary Cullum
Jo Culpin Solent Running Sisters
Steve Cumes Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Mark Cunningham Netley Abbey Runners
Matt Curd
Caroline Curliss Isle Of Wight RR AC
Elizabeth Curtis
Hannah Curtis Denmead Striders
Hazel Curtis Netley Abbey Runners
Joanna Curtis Winchester & District AC
Mara Curtis
Pete Curtis Winchester & District AC
Kelly Daish
Karen Dale Baffins Fitclub
Nik Darlington Farnham Runners
Keith Das Itchen Spitfires RC
Shaun Davey Netley Abbey Runners
Liz Davidson
Richard Davidson
Ben Davies Fareham Running Club
Roger Davies Portsmouth Joggers Club
Harry Davis
Sarah Davis Lordshill Road Runners
Simon Davis
Tanya Davis Totton RC
Donna Davy
Bracken Dawson Winchester & District AC
Emma Dawson
Gordon Day Isle Of Wight RR AC
Eric de Greef Baffins Fitclub
Luis de Sousa Fareham Running Club
Martin De Wied
Sian de Wied
Claire Deacon Eastleigh RC
David Delicate Fareham Running Club
Lisa Delicate Fareham Running Club
Michael Deller Fareham Running Club
Sarah Deller Fareham Running Club
Derek Dempsey
Richard Denby Farnham Runners
Wendy Denney
Matthew Dennis Itchen Spitfires RC
Lara Dent Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Alistair Denyer
Caroline Denyer Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Freya Derrick
Chris Dewey Andover & District AC
Victoria Dewey Eastleigh RC
Kate Dickens
Jayne Dickinson Bayside Tri
Carrie Dickson
Lloyd Dickson Winchester & District AC
Rebecca Diggle Itchen Spitfires RC
Anthony Dimambro Victory AC
Rebecca Dimblebee Fareham Running Club
Helena Dimon
Damian Dingwall
Chris Dixon Netley Abbey Runners
Gemma Dixon
Caroline Dobbin Hart Road Runners
Matt Doggett Lordshill Road Runners
Catherine Doherty
Sue Doherty
Dean Dolman Fareham Running Club
Lewis Dolman Fareham Running Club
Rachel Dolman Fareham Running Club
Sam Donaldson
Claire Doncom
Brooke Donn
Graham Donnachie Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Frank Donnarumma
Hannah Donnarumma
Fiona Donovan Solent Running Sisters
Deborah Doogan
Lee Dorey
Henry Dorling Hedge End RC
David Doughty Eastleigh RC
Stephen Doust
Zena Dove-Dixon Solent Running Sisters
Adam Dovey
Becky Dovey
Lorraine Down Gosport Road Runners
Phil Downham
Deliah Downie
Mike Downs
Chris Dowsett Riverside Runners
Rebecca Dowsett Riverside Runners
Rob Drag City of Salisbury A & RC
Carl Drainey Totton RC
Claire Drainey Totton RC
Becky Drake
Philippa Drew Winchester Fit Club RC
Gareth Driscoll Isle Of Wight RR AC
Neil Driscoll Fareham Running Club
Steve Drysdale Alton Runners
Saul Duck Winchester & District AC
Miss w Duff
Lisa Duke Baffins Fitclub
Hayley Dunford Hedge End RC
Michael Dunkley Farnham Runners
James Dunlop Hedge End RC
Becky Dunning
Claire Dunning
Paul Dunstan
Rachael Durant
Tim Durant Gosport Road Runners
Claire Durrant-Francis
Amy Duxbury
Ian Dyer
Mark Dyer
Roy Dyer Hardley Runners
Shirley Dyson-Laurie Winchester & District AC
Matthew Eade Alton Runners
Paul Eade Eastleigh RC
Elizabeth East
Kiernan Easton
Mark Eaton Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Liam Ebbs
Karen Eckworth Alton Runners
Ian Edwards Fareham Running Club
Jo Edwards
Kirsty Edwards Fareham Running Club
Mark Edwards
Robert Egerton Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Eggar Fareham Running Club
Amy Eland
Marc Eland
Gilly Eldridge Lordshill Road Runners
Tiare Elgie
Khalid Elkhereiji Lordshill Road Runners
Sally Ellicott Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Laura Ellis Fareham Running Club
Lisa Ellis Solent Running Sisters
John Elsworth
Arielle Elton-Walters
Lizzi Elton-Walters Itchen Spitfires RC
Matt Emery Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jason Erlandson
Stephanie Erskine Alton Runners
Rosie Essery Lordshill Road Runners
Gary Etienne
Emma Evans
Gareth Evans Itchen Spitfires RC
Graham Evans Lordshill Road Runners
Rachael Evans OS Runners
Sheelagh Evans Winchester Fit Club RC
Shirley Evans
Susan Evans
Vicki Evans
Lisa Evens Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Tom Evison Andover & District AC
Hayley Fagelman Abbey Runners Leeds
Tim Fagg Alton Runners
Charlotte Fairall Stubbington Green Runners & AC
James Fanning Lordshill Road Runners
Rachel Fargher Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Alison Farmer Solent Running Sisters
Tim Farrant Farnham Runners
Antony Farrington Victory AC
Joanna Farrington Victory AC
Andy Farrow-Thomas
Amanda Fawcett
Mackenzie Fawcett
Anita Feast
Stuart Feest
Susan Feltham
Hayley Fenemore Fareham Running Club
Alice Fenlon Hedge End RC
Steve Fidler
Stuart Field
Scott Finnigan Eastleigh RC
Brian Fisher Gosport Road Runners
Emma Fisher
Matthew Fishwick
Sarah Fitton Hardley Runners
Marie Fitzgerald
Zoe Fitzgerald
Rufus Flack Alton Runners
Stacey Flanagan Ryde Harriers
Rachel Flanders Hedge End RC
Joanne Flavin Netley Abbey Runners
Matthew Fleet Fareham Running Club
Christopher Fletcher Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Claire Fletcher Hart Road Runners
Andrew Flynn Victory AC
Luke Foley-Greaves Gosport Road Runners
Casey Foot
Jenni Forbes Alton Runners
Rebecca Forbes Fareham Running Club
William Forbes
Lewis Ford
Nicola Ford Hedge End RC
Richard Ford Hedge End RC
Penny Forse Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Daniel Foster Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Harriet Foster Itchen Spitfires RC
Jamie Foster Itchen Spitfires RC
Keith Foster
Lucy Foster Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Stuart Foster Itchen Spitfires RC
Sue Foster
David Fowler Netley Abbey Runners
Katie Fowler
Charles Fox New Forest Runners
Rachel Fox Lordshill Road Runners
Jodie Francis Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lynne Franklin Gosport Road Runners
Keith Fraser Poole Runners
Lucy Fraser Lordshill Road Runners
Caroline Freeman
Jenny French Alton Runners
Jo Fricker Fareham Running Club
Danielle Friedman-Brown Solent Running Sisters
Jane Frisby
Lou Frost New Forest Runners
Mark Frost
Ben Fry Ryde Harriers
Steven Fulcher Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Charlie Fuller Fareham Running Club
Christine Fuller Solent Running Sisters
David Fuller Fareham Running Club
Emily Fuller City of Portsmouth AC
Tracey Fuller
Carl Furgusson
Wendy Furgusson
Michael Furlong Hedge End RC
Jane Gaillie
Kevin Gale Denmead Striders
Paul Gale Totton RC
Steve Gale
Caroline Gallagher
Dan Gallagher Lordshill Road Runners
Aaron Gallimore Lordshill Road Runners
Jennifer Gallop
Philippa Gammie Winchester Fit Club RC
Alex Garbas Fareham Running Club
Sarah Gardiner Lonely Goat RC
Colin Gardner Gosport Road Runners
Graham Gardner Ryde Harriers
Isabel Gardner Portsmouth Joggers Club
Julie Garrett Gosport Road Runners
David Gaskell Winchester & District AC
Claire Gasson
Colin Gedney
Rachel Gee Gosport Road Runners
Jane Georghiou Farnham Runners
David Gervais City of Salisbury A & RC
Joanne Gevaux-Ross Gosport Road Runners
Nigel Gibbens
Rachel Gibbens
Sari Giering Lordshill Road Runners
Emily Giles
Jo Gilholm Victory AC
Andy Gill
Chris Gill
Zoe Gill Victory AC
Si Gillett Winchester & District AC
Mike Gilmour Fareham Running Club
Elaine Glasgow
Neil Glasspool Itchen Spitfires RC
Steven Glautier Fareham Running Club
Tim Glover-Poultney Wessex Road Runners
Katie Goddard
Joe Godden Poole Runners
Leigh Godfrey City of Salisbury A & RC
Sam Goff
Angela Goldstein
Jo Gooch
Angela Goodall Solent Running Sisters
Vicky Goodluck Farnham Runners
Stefan Goodson Fareham Running Club
Tim Goodson Southampton AC
James Goodwin Farnham Runners
Steve Goodwin Winchester & District AC
Mike Gordon Totton RC
Sarah Gordon Totton RC
Alessandro Gori
Melissa Gori
Jamie Goss Lordshill Road Runners
Jon Gott
Claire Grace Ryde Harriers
Alan Graham Lordshill Road Runners
Brian Graham Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Yvonne Grandon
Louise Granell Farnham Runners
Jen Granger Southampton AC
Suzanne Gray Portsmouth Triathletes
Andy Green
Connie Green Lordshill Road Runners
Gwen Green
Mel Green Totton RC
Nick Green Itchen Spitfires RC
Sarah Green Itchen Spitfires RC
Stephanie Green
Sue Green Ryde Harriers
Vicki Green
Terry Greening
Glenna Greenslade Winchester Fit Club RC
Will Greenway Totton RC
Rob Greenwood Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jo Gregory
Louise Griffin Vegan Runners
Nick Griffin
Paul Griffin Baffins Fitclub
Terri Griffin
Jonathan Griffiths Winchester Fit Club RC
Sarah Grimshaw
Matt Grote Winchester & District AC
Alan Grout New Forest Runners
Phil Guest Portsmouth Joggers Club
Emma Guillan Netley Abbey Runners
Raymond Gunner Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Charlotte Gunton Baffins Fitclub
Edward Gurney Winchester & District AC
Sarah Gurney Winchester & District AC
Malcolm Hagan Victory AC
Louise Hague Solent Running Sisters
Sue Haig Itchen Spitfires RC
Sara Haigh-Strong Winchester Fit Club RC
Alex Hall Alton Runners
Carl Hall Hardley Runners
Liz Hall Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sarah Hall Hardley Runners
Robin Hallett
Theresa Hamer Itchen Spitfires RC
Iain Hamilton
Susan Hamilton
Rob Hamlin Hatch Warren Runners
Thea Hamlin Hatch Warren Runners
Lee Hammond Baffins Fitclub
Brad Hammonds Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Pauline Hampson
Jason Hands
Sarah Hands Overton Harriers & AC
Lionel Handy New Forest Runners
Marc Hankins City of Salisbury A & RC
Jon Hannan Southampton AC
Claire Hanrahan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Simon Hanson Fareham Running Club
Cain Harbut
Ian Hardcastle
David Harding Victory AC
Karen Harding Gosport Road Runners
Karen Harding
Laura Harding Liss RC
Angela Hardwick
James Hardy Itchen Spitfires RC
Edward Hare Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Hargreaves
Mark Hargreaves City of Portsmouth AC
Karl Harley
Cathy Harman Gosport Road Runners
Christina Harman
Caroline Harms Gosport Road Runners
Mike Harper Vegan Runners
Brian Harris Denmead Striders
Chris Harris Hardley Runners
Claire Harris Hedge End RC
Ffion Harris Andover & District AC
Loraine Harris
Mark Harris Weston AC
Sam Harris
John Harrison Overton Harriers & AC
Lucy Harrison Southampton AC
Craig Harrower
Helen Hart Hart Road Runners
Sarah Hart Alton Runners
Louise Hartgill Hatch Warren Runners
Andy Hartley Fareham Running Club
Leanne Harvey
Paul Harvey Itchen Spitfires RC
Caroline Harwood Fareham Running Club
Dan Haskell
Kylie Haskell
Jackie Hassan City of Salisbury A & RC
James Hassan City of Salisbury A & RC
Anna Hastie Winchester Fit Club RC
Mike Hastie Winchester Fit Club RC
Lyn Hatchett Totton RC
Sam Hatherley Fareham Running Club
Tony Hatherley
Janet Haughton Winchester & District AC
Matthew Haughton Wimbledon Windmilers
Timothy Haughton
Jo Havard Bayside Tri
Grace Hawker Hardley Runners
Mark Hay Victory AC
Fiona Haynes
Dawn Haynes-Sewell Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jo Head
Karen Head
Michael Head
Paul Head
Jacqueline Healy RbR Club
Letitia Heames Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sara Heath Victory AC
Gary Heather Victory AC
Patricia Heaton Winchester Fit Club RC
Imogene Hedges Solent Running Sisters
Gemma Heggs Denmead Striders
Martin Heighway
Emma Helyer Fareham Running Club
Stuart Henderson
Daragh Hendley Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Louise Henning Totton RC
Michael Heppenstall
Becky Hepworth
Gethin Hepworth
John Hepworth
Pauline Hester Baffins Fitclub
Chris Hevey New Forest Runners
Corrine Hewitt Gosport Road Runners
Darren Hewson
Tara Hewson
Farah Hibberd Totton RC
Samantha Hibdige City of Salisbury A & RC
Oliver Hill
Louise Hillier-Wheal Solent Running Sisters
Andrea Hind Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Christopher Hind Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Joanne Hindle Winchester Fit Club RC
Heather Hitchins City of Salisbury A & RC
Stuart Hoare Denmead Striders
Darren Hobbins
Jessica Hobbs Alton Runners
Lynsey Hobbs Alton Runners
Jane Hodge Hardley Runners
Kathryn Hodge
Allie Hodgson Fareham Running Club
Annabel Hodgson Solent Running Sisters
Sebastian Hoenig Lordshill Road Runners
Lucy Holloway
Simon Holman Winchester Fit Club RC
Wendy Holman Winchester Fit Club RC
Andrew Holme City of Salisbury A & RC
Andy Holmes
Katherine Holmes Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Louise Holmes Eastleigh RC
Marc Holmes Southampton AC
Matt Holmes Eastleigh RC
Sean Holmes Overton Harriers & AC
Anthony Holt
Andrew Hook Alton Runners
James Hooper
Julia Hopes Victory AC
Steve Hopes Baffins Fitclub
Joanne Hopkins
Juliette Hopkins Netley Abbey Runners
David Hopkinson
James Hopson
Anne Horn
Gillian Horn
Lisa Horstead Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Ellen Horton
Sarah Horton Winchester Fit Club RC
Fiona Hoskins Eastleigh RC
Graham Hoskins Eastleigh RC
Tony Hoskinson Victory AC
Sian Hosmer
Daniel Hotchin
Anne Hoult
Carol House
Sarah Houselander
Katie Hovenden Clanfield Joggers
Fiona Howard Stubbington Green Runners & AC
George Howarth Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Ben Howett Winchester Fit Club RC
Bart Huby
Lucy Hudson Gosport Road Runners
David Hughes Fareham Running Club
Emlyn Hughes Fareham Running Club
Emma Hughes Gosport Road Runners
Hannah Hughes Fareham Running Club
Rachael Hughes Fareham Running Club
Sarah Hughes Netley Abbey Runners
Sarah Hughes
Steven Hull New Forest Runners
Alex Humber
Noelle Humphrey Netley Abbey Runners
Debbie Humphreys
Paul Humphreys
Alison Hunt
Dave Hunt Ryde Harriers
Karen Hunt Hart Road Runners
Simon Hunt Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Emily Hunter Alton Runners
Peter Huntington
Sophie Hurlo Gosport Road Runners
Gemma Hurst
Ian Hurst
Susanne Hurst Overton Harriers & AC
Frank Huse
Lisa Huse
Hannah Hyde
Rebecca Hylands Gosport Road Runners
Robert Hylands Gosport Road Runners
Simon Ibbotson Hardley Runners
Gillian Iffland Farnham Runners
Linsi Imber
Paul Ince
Paul Ingleby Baffins Fitclub
Jo Inglis-Smith Totton RC
Charlotte Ingram City of Salisbury A & RC
Ali Irwin
Caroline Irwin Totton RC
Roger Irwin
William Isaacs Hedge End RC
Jodie Isherwood Fareham Running Club
Jonathan Isherwood Fareham Running Club
Richard Jacks Stubbington Green Runners & AC
D Jackson
Paul Jackson Fareham Running Club
Matthew Jacobs Ryde Harriers
Michele Jacobs Hedge End RC
Lisa Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Mark Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Alex James Winchester Fit Club RC
Chris James Victory AC
Sophie James Totton RC
Steve James
Paul Jamieson Lordshill Road Runners
Ben Jarvis Fareham Running Club
Nick Jarvis
Rachel Jarvis Victory AC
Claire Jasper Isle Of Wight RR AC
Vinnie Jathoul Winchester Fit Club RC
Madeleine Jenkins
Hazel Jenkinson Victory AC
David Jennings Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Georgia Jeps Winchester Fit Club RC
Zachary Jeps Southampton AC
Paul Jeram Bayside Tri
Clare Jesson Itchen Spitfires RC
Sarah Jessup
Callum Johnson Hardley Runners
Elaine Johnson
Joanne Johnson Hedge End RC
Ruth Johnson Netley Abbey Runners
Darren Johnstone
Peter Jolliffe Ryde Harriers
Annie Jones Southampton AC
Brian Jones Eastleigh RC
Bryan Jones Ryde Harriers
Dean Jones Vegan Runners
Derek Jones Denmead Striders
Ellie Jones Winchester Fit Club RC
Jacquie Jones Baffins Fitclub
Jake Jones
Jamie Jones Fareham Running Club
Laura Jones
Lionel Jones Winchester Fit Club RC
Michelle Jones Victory AC
Robert Jones Hedge End RC
Steven Jones
Lee Jordan Bayside Tri
Leyon Joseph Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Dave Judson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gareth Juliff Overton Harriers & AC
Theresa Jurdic Eastleigh RC
Alison Kaines Totton RC
Hampton Kate
Jenny Katsoni Vegan Runners
Cheryl Keal Netley Abbey Runners
Michael Kearney Gosport Road Runners
Lynda Keech City of Salisbury A & RC
Duane Kelly
Nick Kelly
Claire Kelson
Janine Kemm City of Salisbury A & RC
Lisa Kempley
Kelly Kendall
Richard Kendall
Rob Kendall Totton RC
Anthony Kendrick Totton RC
Dorothea Kennard Totton RC
Louise Kennedy Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Kent
Sally Kerr Farnham Runners
Sherry Kerr
Tobie Kerridge Portsmouth Joggers Club
Trevor Kettle Fareham Running Club
Bridget Keyte Isle Of Wight RR AC
Tim Keyte Isle Of Wight RR AC
John Kidby
Lois Kidby
Jamie Kilner-Smith Alton Runners
Jerome Kilty
Lynda Kilty
George King Winchester & District AC
Sally King
Aaron Kingston
Sarah Kingston
Gavin Kinley Hedge End RC
David Kinloch Hedge End RC
Cathy Kinnear Winchester & District AC
David Kitching
Richard Kneller Hardley Runners
Louisa Knight Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Knowles Baffins Fitclub
Matt Kurton
Roman Lacko
Debbie Laing Hedge End RC
Tamara Lake Liss RC
Chris Lamb Lordshill Road Runners
Zoe Lambard City of Salisbury A & RC
Graeme Lambert
Adrian Lambeth Alton Runners
Matt Lambourne
Laura Laming
Steve Laming
Alice Lancaster Fareham Running Club
Kathryn Land
Heidi Langley
Mark Langley
Richard Larcombe City of Salisbury A & RC
Katherine Larmer Hart Road Runners
Dan Latham Hardley Runners
James Lathwell Liss RC
James Lavery
David Lavington Eastleigh RC
Emma Lavington Eastleigh RC
Amy Law
Gordon Law Alton Runners
Jane Law Alton Runners
Laura Law Fareham Running Club
Matt Law Fareham Running Club
Richard Law Gosport Road Runners
William Lawless Itchen Spitfires RC
Natalie Lawrence
Nicola Lawrence Hatch Warren Runners
Daniel Lawson
Wayne Le bas Lordshill Road Runners
James Le Poidevin Portsmouth Triathletes
Bekki Leaves Denmead Striders
Daniel Lee
James Lee Fareham Running Club
Jenni Lee
Marcus Lee Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Robert Lee
Tony Lees Totton RC
Alex Leighton-Goodall Fareham Running Club
Lynne Lemmis Gosport Road Runners
Andrew Leonard
Esther Leonard
John Leonard Hart Road Runners
Andrew Lewis Southampton AC
Andy Lewis Ryde Harriers
Bradley Lewis Hedge End RC
Bridget Lewis Ryde Harriers
Candice Lewis Hedge End RC
Chris Lewis Netley Abbey Runners
Kate Lewis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Lewis Hedge End RC
Shona Lewis Netley Abbey Runners
Kitty Li Baffins Fitclub
Fran Light Alton Runners
Abigail Lilly Fareham Running Club
Marek Liskutin Fareham Running Club
Carolyn Littleton Isle Of Wight RR AC
Jo Livie
Jenna Lloyd Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Lloyd Farnham Runners
Kirsty Lloyd-West Solent Running Sisters
Natalie Loat
Shelley Locke
Sonny Locke
Lesley Locks Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Claire Lockyer Netley Abbey Runners
Craig Lodder Portsmouth Joggers Club
Simon Logan
Sophie Long
Alison Longdin Itchen Spitfires RC
Ali Longman Winchester Fit Club RC
Tina Longman Farnham Runners
Rebecca Lord Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Keith Loudon
Sarah Loudon Fareham Running Club
Richard Lovejoy Aldershot, Farnham & District AC
Ashley Lovell Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Chloe Lovell
Gill Lovell
Helen Lovell Lordshill Road Runners
John Lovell
Michael Lovell
Simon Lovelock Overton Harriers & AC
Heidi Loveridge Vegan Runners
Stuart Lowe
Vanessa Lowe Alton Runners
Emma Lowery
David Lown Victory AC
Jennifer Lown Victory AC
Chris Lowrey Lordshill Road Runners
Stephanie Lowry
Carly Lucas Totton RC
Dean Lucas Totton RC
Rachel Lundy
Jo Lush
Tim Lush
MArisa Luttrell Farnham Runners
Annabel Luxton
Flynn Luxton
Gail Lydford Lydford New Forest Runners
Kirsty Macbeth Totton RC
Mark Macdonald
Sarah MacDonald
Gareth Macey
Rebecca Macey
Emma Macgregor
Jenny Mackay Gosport Road Runners
Kimberley Mackay Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Susan MacKenzie Farnham Runners
Dominic Mackrill Itchen Spitfires RC
Ross Maclagan Hart Road Runners
Debbie Maclean Wessex Road Runners
Douglas Maclean Wessex Road Runners
Duncan Maclean Hedge End RC
Hamish Maclean Farnham Runners
Graeme Macmillan BAOC
Robbie MacNab Hedge End RC
Alison Macswayne
David Macswayne
David Madelin Southampton AC
Andy Makin City of Salisbury A & RC
Julian Mamming Denmead Striders
Samantha Mann
Isabel Mansfield Winchester Fit Club RC
Karen Manvell Lordshill Road Runners
Kuda Maparura
Chris Maple City of Salisbury A & RC
Paul Marchant Hedge End RC
Katy Mardle Winchester & District AC
Kerry Mardle
John Marenghi Victory AC
Giorgio Marinelli Isle Of Wight RR AC
Jo Marks City of Salisbury A & RC
Dave Marrott Warley Woods Pacers
Deborah Marsh
Kate Marsh Solent Running Sisters
Richard Marsh
Tracey Marsh
Gary Marshall Ryde Harriers
Carlene Martin
Chris Martin
Colin Martin City of Salisbury A & RC
Darren Martin Totton RC
Graham Martin Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jake Martin
Kevin Martin Hedge End RC
Simon Martin Fareham Running Club
Adam Maskill Alton Runners
Tom Maslin
Neil Masson Fareham Running Club
Anna Matthews
Chris Matthews Fareham Running Club
Gill Matthews Fareham Running Club
Heather Matthews Eastleigh RC
Holly Matthews Netley Abbey Runners
Tim Matthews Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Diane Mattingly City of Salisbury A & RC
Mike Mattingly City of Salisbury A & RC
Guy Mattinson Isle Of Wight RR AC
Oana Matty Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Steven Matty Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Darren Maule
Rachel Maule
Gary Mawers
Ian Maxted
Mark Maxwell Farnham Runners
Lucy May Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Sophia May Hatch Warren Runners
Cavan Maybery
Bill Mayhead Baffins Fitclub
Helen Mayhead Baffins Fitclub
Nikki Mayhew
Trevor McAlister Ryde Harriers
Sarah McCann Overton Harriers & AC
Graeme McCartney
Gary McCawley Denmead Striders
Veronica McClune
Gillam McClure Itchen Spitfires RC
Ally McCombe Netley Abbey Runners
Janey McCulley
Christopher McFaul Gosport Road Runners
Lynn McKeague Winchester & District AC
Martin Mckinlay Denmead Striders
Stuart McLay Winchester & District AC
Angela McLeod Portsmouth Joggers Club
Roy McLoughlin Lordshill Road Runners
Michael McMahon Lordshill Road Runners
Andrew McMillan Vegan Runners
Gavin Mcmillan Eastleigh RC
Mac McMillan
Donna McRoberts Gosport Road Runners
Christopher Mead New Forest Runners
Jane Mead New Forest Runners
Kirsty Meades
Ellis Meades-Woolley Fareham Running Club
Nikki Meeking
Caroline Megevand Solent Running Sisters
Andrew Meldrum
Gary Melton Totton RC
Jane Mercer Hart Road Runners
Amy Meredith
Andrew Meredith Victory AC
Kim Merrett Solent Running Sisters
Matt Merron Hedge End RC
Roger Merry Ryde Harriers
Charlie Metcalfe Ryde Harriers
Ian Miles Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Joanne Miles OS Runners
Lee Milham
Sharon Milham
Adele Mill
Catherine Miller
Paul Miller Hedge End RC
Steve Miller
William Miller Hedge End RC
Keith Milligan Portsmouth Joggers Club
Angela Mills
Damien Mills Stubbington Green Runners & AC
David Mills Winchester & District AC
James Mills City of Salisbury A & RC
Julie Mills Itchen Spitfires RC
Kevin Mills Itchen Spitfires RC
Rachel Mills Winchester Fit Club RC
Simon Mills Winchester Fit Club RC
Lisa Milner City of Salisbury A & RC
David Milton Lordshill Road Runners
Antonia Mintoff Lordshill Road Runners
Hannah Mitchell Hedge End RC
Philip Mitchell Lordshill Road Runners
Rhian Mitchell Lordshill Road Runners
Clair Moffat
Helen Molteno
Grace Mooney
Elizabeth Moorcraft Lordshill Road Runners
James Moore Winchester & District AC
Jessica Moore Solent Running Sisters
Sue Moore Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paul Moore-Haines
Suzanne Moorhouse
David Moorman Fareham Running Club
Karen Morby Gosport Road Runners
Alistair Morey Alton Runners
Amie Morgan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kelly Morgan
Lucy Morgan
Mark Morgan Winchester Fit Club RC
Phil Morgan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rachel Morgan Fareham Running Club
Rob Morgan
Charlotte Morris Winchester Fit Club RC
Emily Morris Solent Running Sisters
Samantha Morris Denmead Striders
Mark Morrison Victory AC
Emily Morton
Sian Motyer Totton RC
Dave Mouring Netley Abbey Runners
Al Moutray City of Salisbury A & RC
Nikki Moxham Gosport Road Runners
Jason Mudge Fareham Running Club
Victoria Mugford
Daniel Muir
Catherine Mulrine Winchester Fit Club RC
Alison Mungall Farnham Runners
Jock Murdoch Fareham Running Club
Washington Muringayi
Ed Murphy Fareham Running Club
Emily Murphy
Lyn Murphy
Daniel Murray Isle Of Wight RR AC
Kerry Murray Itchen Spitfires RC
Joseph Murrell Alton Runners
Cecile Musgrave Vegan Runners
James Musselwhite Fareham Running Club
Caroline Musto
Roderick Nairn Fareham Running Club
Sarah Nangle Eastleigh RC
Martin Nash Hedge End RC
Penelope Nash
Peter Nash
Emma Neal
Lisa Needham
Steven Nelson
Helen Newberry Eastleigh RC
Eleanor Newman
Hayley Newman Lordshill Road Runners
Mike Newman Lordshill Road Runners
Holly Newton Ryde Harriers
Louise Nicholson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paul Nicholson
Pauline Nicholson Hedge End RC
Mark Nixon
Mike Noad Bayside Tri
Jane Nockemann Portsmouth Joggers Club
Richard Noice
Oliver Nokes RNRMOC
Anne Norman City of Salisbury A & RC
James Norman Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paul Norris Baffins Fitclub
Kay Noyce Andover & District AC
Samantha Noyce City of Salisbury A & RC
Reniera O'Donnell Ryde Harriers
Nicola O'Connor Farnham Runners
Charlotte O'Hare Vegan Runners
Sarah Oakley
Simon Oakley Victory AC
Ken Oatley Ryde Harriers
Michael O’ Connell City of Salisbury A & RC
Jeanette O’Neill Gosport Road Runners
Trevor O’Sullivan
Marina Odey
Noel ODowd Southampton AC
Heidi Oliver
Lisa Oliver Lancing Eagles RC
Steve Oliver Winchester & District AC
Justin Olley Lordshill Road Runners
Rachel ONeill
Caroline Orchard
Dawn Orchard
Mark Orchard
Ian Ordish Hardley Runners
Sarah Overy
Sue Owen
Helen Oxlade
Petra Oyston City of Salisbury A & RC
Alex Page
Deborah Palmer
Mark Palmer
Harry Pannell Vegan Runners
Will Pannell
Beth Paris
Louise Park
Emily Parker Alton Runners
Macey Parker
Paul Parker
Andrew Parkinson Winchester & District AC
Jenny Parks Denmead Striders
Tom Parrott
Caroline Partner Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC
Harnish Patel
Rosie Paton
Dean Paulley OS Runners
Elizabeth Pavlovic Horsham Joggers
Cliff Pay Liss RC
Steve Payne Farnham Runners
Sarah Peake Ryde Harriers
Claire Peal Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Andrew Pearce Gosport Road Runners
Paula Pearce Gosport Road Runners
Lucy Pearson Overton Harriers & AC
Ray Peckham Fareham Running Club
Lisa-Marie Peckover Denmead Striders
Martin Pegler Fareham Running Club
Jacqui Penn
Lesley Pennington
Nicola Penton
James Perrett Alton Runners
Andrew Perriam Totton RC
Phil Perry City of Salisbury A & RC
Susy Perry Winchester & District AC
Darshni Perumall Ryde Harriers
Andrew Peters
David Phaure City of Salisbury A & RC
Lisa Phaure City of Salisbury A & RC
Richard Phillips Fareham Running Club
Rosie Phillips Itchen Spitfires RC
Gina Pickering
Ruth Pickering
Mat Pidgeon Lordshill Road Runners
Dean Pike
Donna Pike Totton RC
Simon Pilcher Ryde Harriers
Matt Pillinger OS Runners
Amanda Pinckney Totton RC
James Pitcaithley Lonely Goat RC
Melissa Pitcaithley Hedge End RC
Anne Platt
Nikkie Plomer Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Mark Polkinghorne Hedge End RC
Phil Pollard Portsmouth Joggers Club
Martyn Poore Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Carly Porrett
Tony Porrett
Becks Porter Eastleigh RC
Paul Porter
Sarah Porter Gosport Road Runners
Elizabeth Potts
Dale Poulter Gosport Road Runners
Claire Powell
Dean Powell Lordshill Road Runners
Martin Powell Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Teri Pragnell Lordshill Road Runners
Gary Pratt Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lindsay Pratt Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rayne Prendergast Lordshill Road Runners
Andy Prestidge
Mikaela Price Winchester & District AC
Jessica Prior Fareham Running Club
Claire Procter Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lorraine Proctor Fareham Running Club
Helen Prophett Solent Running Sisters
Phillip Prophett Fareham Running Club
Linda Prouton Hedge End RC
Lisa Provis
Tapuwa Pswarayi
Andrew Puttock Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Tracy Puttock Hedge End RC
Jennifer Puxley Fareham Running Club
Anthony Quinn Portsmouth Joggers Club
Laura Quinn Farnham Runners
Chris Raby Farnham Runners
Michael Rae Portsmouth Joggers Club
James Ramswell
Philip Ramswell
Kate Randall-Coles Eastleigh RC
Tony Randell
Kevin Rann Isle Of Wight RR AC
Nicola Rawlings
Phil Rawlings Netley Abbey Runners
Rachel Rawlings Netley Abbey Runners
Kerry Rayment Solent Running Sisters
Lee Rayment
Kerry Rayner
Graeme Read Winchester Fit Club RC
Kathy Read Winchester Fit Club RC
Kellee Read Gosport Road Runners
Honor Reader Gosport Road Runners
Tom Reader Gosport Road Runners
Harry Redman
Peter Redman
Elizabeth Redpath Gosport Road Runners
Ian Reed
Joanna Reed Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Maxine Reeder-Langridge
Brian Rees Portsmouth Joggers Club
Christopher Rees Fareham Running Club
Helen Rees Solent Running Sisters
Helen Rees
Linda Reeve
Liam Reeves
David Reid Liss RC
Lynda Reid
Rebecca Reid Hatch Warren Runners
Susan Reid
Nathan Rendell Lordshill Road Runners
Lewis Rennie
Nathan Renyard Hardley Runners
Derek Reynolds
Katie Reynolds Fareham Running Club
Kaye Reynolds
Lee Reynolds Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lisa Reynolds Solent Running Sisters
Lee Rhodes
Ben Richards
Carole Richardson
Claire Richardson Solent Running Sisters
Laura Richardson Baffins Fitclub
Kerry Riches Fareham Running Club
Christine Riddington Victory AC
Simon Rimmer Hart Road Runners
Shelley Ripley
Steve Ripley
Matt Risden Southampton AC
Michelle Ritchie Itchen Spitfires RC
Eamomm Rivers Totton RC
Shelley Rivers
Jacob Rix
Caroline Rixon Alton Runners
Hannah Rixon
Graham Robbins Hardley Runners
Jeremy Robbins Netley Abbey Runners
Olivia Robbins
Peter Robbins Eastleigh RC
Brian Robert Fareham Running Club
Chris Roberts
Del Roberts Lonely Goat RC
John Roberts City of Salisbury A & RC
Julie Roberts
Lucy Roberts
Matt Roberts Fareham Running Club
Michael Roberts
Rebecca Roberts Eastleigh RC
Sally Roberts Ryde Harriers
Sarah Roberts
Emma Robinson
Lynn Robinson
Martin Robinson Lonely Goat RC
Sarah Robinson Winchester Fit Club RC
Simon Robinson Winchester Fit Club RC
Steve Robinson Lordshill Road Runners
Vicky Robinson City of Salisbury A & RC
Gerry Robson Itchen Spitfires RC
Linda Robson City of Salisbury A & RC
Dave Rodrigues Baffins Fitclub
Jane Rodrigues Baffins Fitclub
Tanya Rodrigues Netley Abbey Runners
Michael Roe Lordshill Road Runners
Nikki Roebuck Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Aaron Rogers Hedge End RC
Amanda Rogers
Jeremy Rogers Fareham Running Club
Daniel Roiz de Sa Gosport Road Runners
Julia Roiz de Sa Gosport Road Runners
Tim Rolfe Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Laura Rolland Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Becky Rose
Natalie Rose Ryde Harriers
Stephanie Rose Lordshill Road Runners
Kieran Ross OS Runners
Leon Ross Hedge End RC
Kevin Rowe Hedge End RC
Lorraine Rowe Fareham Running Club
Simon Rowles
Alice Rudd Hardley Runners
Phil Rudd Hardley Runners
Adam Ruddy Itchen Spitfires RC
Amanda Rudkin Victory AC
Ged Ruffle Hart Road Runners
Elena Ruiz-Zamora City of Salisbury A & RC
Brett Rumfitt Baffins Fitclub
Christine Russ
Carolyn Ruth
Keith Ruth
Catherine Rynne City of Salisbury A & RC
Ruth Sadler Itchen Spitfires RC
Matt Saker Farnham Runners
Anne Sales Solent Running Sisters
Matthew Salisbury Vegan Runners
Kerry Salmon
Jonathan Salomon Farnham Runners
Steve Samways
Xavier Sanchez Fareham Running Club
Kathryn Sanders Solent Running Sisters
Christopher Sandy Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Anne Sansome
Chris Sansome Lordshill Road Runners
Clare Satterly Lordshill Road Runners
Ben Saunby City of Salisbury A & RC
Paul Saunders Denmead Striders
Gill Savage
Sian Savin Ryde Harriers
Kerryanne Sawyer Gosport Road Runners
Olivia Scammell Baffins Fitclub
Joanne Scawn Alton Runners
Penny Schnabel Farnham Runners
Martin Scotcher
Rebecca Scott Gosport Road Runners
Jane Scrase Alton Runners
Philip Scrase Alton Runners
Richard Scrase Alton Runners
Catherine Seager Liss RC
Claire Seaman
Gary Seaman
Graham Seaman
Laura Seaman Vegan Runners
Reece Searle
Aron Sebesteny
Katalin Sebesteny-Gyore Lordshill Road Runners
Mel Seddon Fareham Running Club
Polly Segar Isle Of Wight RR AC
Michael Selby Eastleigh RC
Michael Sennett Vegan Runners
Carol Sergeant Hedge End RC
Robin Service Lonely Goat RC
Neil Sexton Poole Runners
Alex Sharp
Garry Sharp Isle Of Wight RR AC
Sarah Sharp Isle Of Wight RR AC
Colin Sharpe Fareham Running Club
Melanie Sharpe Fareham Running Club
Sophie Shaughnessy
Paul Shave Itchen Spitfires RC
Fiona Shaw Baffins Fitclub
Tori Shaw Farnham Runners
Daniel Shawyer Denmead Striders
Marie Shawyer Fareham Running Club
Paul Shawyer Fareham Running Club
Sarah Shedden Winchester & District AC
Albert Shepherd Portsmouth Joggers Club
Craig Shepherd Alton Runners
Emma Shepherd Fareham Running Club
Lindsey Shepherd 100km Association
Simone Shepherd Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Richard Sheppard Farnham Runners
Tracey Shepperd Hedge End RC
Emma Shergold Hedge End RC
Sara Sherriff
Zoe Sherwin Isle Of Wight RR AC
Jenny Shilling Gosport Road Runners
Tracey Shimmen
Jason Shoesmith Eastleigh RC
James Shoulder Isle Of Wight RR AC
Gillian Shutler Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rowland Sillito Ryde Harriers
Bjay Silver
Katie Simister City of Portsmouth AC
Chris Simm City of Salisbury A & RC
David Simmonds
Sue Simmonds Solent Running Sisters
Sue Simmonds Baffins Fitclub
Amanda Simpson Baffins Fitclub
Andy Simpson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Brooke Simpson
Dawn Simpson
Simone Simpson
Danny Sims
Dee Sims Victory AC
Greg Sims Itchen Spitfires RC
Lucy Sims
Anna Sindall
Thomas Sindall
Ulaiwan Sirikun
Immanuel Skeet Isle of Wight AC
Emily Skew
Tracy Slade
Ben Slater Fareham Running Club
Katie Slater Fareham Running Club
Martin Slater Eastleigh RC
Lisa Slight Fareham Running Club
Jennifer Slinn
Helen Sloper
Lisa Small Hedge End RC
Matt Smallman Winchester & District AC
Rachel Smallwood Fareham Running Club
Alison Smith Portsmouth Joggers Club
Alistair Smith Alton Runners
Charlotte Smith Hart Road Runners
Elizabeth Smith Itchen Spitfires RC
Emily Smith
Erika Smith Eastleigh RC
Jake Smith
Jason Smith Baffins Fitclub
Jessica Smith Fareham Running Club
Joanne Smith Fareham Running Club
Julian Smith New Forest Runners
Katrina Smith
Luke Smith
Mike Smith Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Peter Smith
Rf Smith Gosport Road Runners
Sarah Jayne Smith Solent Running Sisters
Sharon Smith Winchester Fit Club RC
Shaun Smith Gosport Road Runners
Malcolm Smithers
Lynda Smurthwaite
Paul Snelling Fareham Running Club
Lyn Snow Isle Of Wight RR AC
Nigel So Baffins Fitclub
Gary Solly
Angela Soto
Michelle Spandley
Maria Sparks Hedge End RC
Hayley Sparshott Gosport Road Runners
Melanie Spence
Claire Spencer Overton Harriers & AC
Alana Spiers Southampton AC
Liam Spillane Fareham Running Club
Paul Spooner Hedge End RC
Louise Stacey
Rachel Stacey Hedge End RC
Robert Stacey
Robin Stacey Itchen Spitfires RC
Adam Stanbridge Alton Runners
Ruth Stanbridge Fareham Running Club
Jo Stanford Victory AC
Danielle Stanning Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Christine Stansfield Gosport Road Runners
Paul Stansfield
Chris Stapleford Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Stark Hedge End RC
Paula Steckiw
Thomas Steckiw Basingstoke & Mid Hants AC
Catherine Steele City of Salisbury A & RC
Timothy Steele Hedge End RC
Oliver Steele-Perkins Alton Runners
Dan Stent Vegan Runners
Joanna Stent
Tiina Stephens
Simon Stevens Winchester & District AC
Tom Stevens Southampton AC
Jo Stevenson Ryde Harriers
Benjamin Stewart Itchen Spitfires RC
Sharon Stewart Itchen Spitfires RC
Valerie Stewart Hedge End RC
Michelle Stokes Fareham Running Club
Liz Stoneham
Emily Stoodley Totton RC
Chris Stothard Fareham Running Club
Harry Stow Winchester & District AC
Jill Strachan
Jill Strachan
Gary Stradling Hedge End RC
Haylee Stradling
Stu Stratton
Jeffrey Streeter Denmead Striders
Jackie Stretton
Katie Strivens Hedge End RC
Kim Stroud Baffins Fitclub
Kate Stubbings
Pete Stubbings Gosport Road Runners
Julie Stubbington Lonely Goat RC
Paul Stubbington Lonely Goat RC
Clare Stubbs
Richard Sullivan Vegan Runners
Sharon Summers Hedge End RC
Adam Sutcliffe
George Sutherland Denmead Striders
Callum Swann Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Swann
Trevor Swann
Bill Swanton
Diana Swyers Ryde Harriers
Jenny Symons
Lee Syrett City of Salisbury A & RC
Jacqueline Syson Fareham Running Club
Emma Tabenor
Amanda Talbert Fareham Running Club
Natalie Talbot
Philippa Talbot
Shelley Talbot Winchester Fit Club RC
Claire Tallack
Pai Tang Liss RC
Brooke Tanner
Andy Taphouse Hedge End RC
Jan Taplin Andover & District AC
Abbie Tarrant Alton Runners
Andrew Tarrant Alton Runners
Craig Tate-grimes Farnham Runners
Ben Tavendale Lordshill Road Runners
Adrian Tavener
Erika Tavener
Ed Tavner Itchen Spitfires RC
Leah Tavner Itchen Spitfires RC
Debbie Taylor
Emma Taylor Fareham Running Club
John Taylor Fareham Running Club
Jon Taylor Vegan Runners
Mike Taylor Denmead Striders
Mike Taylor
Morgan Taylor
Peggysue Taylor
Rowan Taylor Fareham Running Club
Janette Teague Hart Road Runners
Kate Temple
Karen Tennet
Helen Terry Baffins Fitclub
Jennifer Terry Fareham Running Club
Jill Terry Solent Running Sisters
Nicola Tett
Kat Teuten Liss RC
Karen Theobald
Alan Thomas Hedge End RC
Gillian Thomas Gosport Road Runners
Jen Thomas
Max Thomas Winchester Fit Club RC
Nicola Thomas Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Nicola Thomas Portsmouth Joggers Club
Bryony Thompson Winchester Fit Club RC
Louise Thompson Eastleigh RC
Mark Thompson
Martha Thompson
Claire Thorburn
Darren Thorley Corsham RC
Annette Thorn
Andrea Thorne Eastleigh RC
Andy Thorne Netley Abbey Runners
Tracey Thorne
Callum Thorpe
David Thorpe Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Devon Thorpe
Paul Thorpe
Mark Tiller Itchen Spitfires RC
Catherine Timson Farnham Runners
Emma Tincombe
Dave Titcomb Overton Harriers & AC
Gabriella Titcomb Overton Harriers & AC
Jackie Titcombe Netley Abbey Runners
Lee Todd
Petya Todorova Isle Of Wight RR AC
Shelley Tolcher City of Salisbury A & RC
Jackie Tombs Gosport Road Runners
Paul Tombs
Fiona Tomlinson Gosport Road Runners
Marina Tomsett Running Forever Running Club
Darren Toomey
Brenda Topliss Romsey Road Runners
Lee Torrens
Alan Tottle Fareham Running Club
Bonnie Tourell Hedge End RC
Nikki Tout Baffins Fitclub
Steve Townend Netley Abbey Runners
Kate Townsend Farnham Runners
Ian Tracey
Trish Train Ryde Harriers
Gareth Travis Fareham Running Club
Julie Treharne
Paul Trott
Karen Truckel Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lee Trueman Totton RC
Emily Trumpelmann Lordshill Road Runners
Kate Tsirtsonis Hedge End RC
Adam Tuck Ryde Harriers
Alex Tucker Netley Abbey Runners
Kim Tucker
Gary Tuff
Alan Tulip Winchester & District AC
Claire Turner
Paul Turner Fareham Running Club
Simon Turner Victory AC
Becky Tweddle
Linda Tyler
Mark Tyrrell
Mark Underwood Overton Harriers & AC
Paul Unsted Eastleigh RC
Diane Urquhart Alton Runners
Ian Urquhart Alton Runners
Antonio Valentino
Miles van der Lugt
Monique Van Nueten Overton Harriers & AC
Ann-Marie Vanderplank Totton RC
Natalie Vaugh
Stuart Vince Netley Abbey Runners
Paul Vine Hedge End RC
Kate Viney Fareham Running Club
Jonathan Vintner Winchester & District AC
Annie Vokes
David Vosser Winchester & District AC
Madeline Vosser
Kelly Waddams
Kelly Wainwright
Susan Wakefield Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Chris Walker Itchen Spitfires RC
Hannah Walker Ryde Harriers
Johanna Walker
Richard Wallace
Rachel Walsh Alton Runners
Steve Walsh
Lee Walters Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Katie Warburton
Patrick Warburton Winchester & District AC
Sarah Ward Isle Of Wight RR AC
Andrew Warren Totton RC
Brian Warren Ryde Harriers
James Warrener
Colin Warrington City of Salisbury A & RC
Vicky Waterman Fareham Running Club
Carl Watson Baffins Fitclub
Derek Watson
Holly Watson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Karen Watson Netley Abbey Runners
Mark Watson Gosport Road Runners
Hannah Watts
Veronica Way Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Craig Weatherburn City of Salisbury A & RC
Catherine Webb Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Julia Webb Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Millie Webb Totton RC
Wendy Webb
Mike Webber Andover & District AC
Lee Weeks Denmead Striders
Justine Weir Solent Running Sisters
Phil Wells
Janice Wellstead Baffins Fitclub
Gemma West Fareham Running Club
Mark Westbrook Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gina Westwell
Gill Whatley
James Whatley
Angela Wheeler
Katie Wheeler
Danny White Lordshill Road Runners
Debbie White
Elizabeth White Totton RC
James White Winchester Fit Club RC
John White Totton RC
Lisa White
M White Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Mike White City of Salisbury A & RC
Natasha White Lonely Goat RC
Neil White Totton RC
Nick White Fareham Running Club
Stuart White Lonely Goat RC
Paul Whitefield
Stephen Whiteland
Jane Whiteley City of Salisbury A & RC
Alexander Whiting Winchester & District AC
Amy Whiting Gosport Road Runners
Caroline Whiting Denmead Striders
David Whiting Gosport Road Runners
Carolyn Wickham Farnham Runners
Vernon Wilde Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jackie Wilkinson Farnham Runners
Tiffany Willcox Hedge End RC
Andy Williams
Charlie Williams
Charlotte Williams
Christopher Williams Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Dave Williams Victory AC
Huw Williams
Jake Williams
Jen Williams
Kevin Williams Eastleigh RC
Laura Williams Hatch Warren Runners
Liam Williams Hatch Warren Runners
N Williams
Paula Williams Fareham Running Club
Rob Williams Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Vicky Williams
M Williamson Winchester & District AC
Karen Willians
Emily Willis Gosport Road Runners
Luke Willis Gosport Road Runners
Erin Willmers Winchester & District AC
Adam Wills Lordshill Road Runners
Karen Willsher Fareham Running Club
Jodie Wilmott Ryde Harriers
Peter Wilmott Ryde Harriers
Diane Wilson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Millie Wilson Alton Runners
Carole Wilton
Mark Wilton
Chris Winbourne Hedge End RC
Jordan Winbourne Hedge End RC
Jenny Winfield Fareham Running Club
Deborah Winn Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Winstone Southampton AC
Craig Winter
Phil Wiseman Lonely Goat RC
Alexander Wood
Derek Wood City of Salisbury A & RC
Frank Wood
Jackie Wood
Jake Wood
Kirsty Wood Lordshill Road Runners
Marc Wood
Nick Wood Winchester & District AC
Steve Wood
Mark Woodford
Jonathan Woodhouse
Helen Woodland Fareham Running Club
Cat Woods Lordshill Road Runners
Richard Woods Vegan Runners
Tony Woodsford
Abigail Woolaston Andover & District AC
Sophie Woollven
Michael Wootton
Brian Wright Fareham Running Club
James Wright
Michelle Wright
Rosa Wynn
Kevin Yates Southampton AC
Alison Yearsley Farnham Runners
Alex Yorke Baffins Fitclub
James Yorke Baffins Fitclub
Joanna Yorke Gosport Road Runners
Hayden Young
Laura Young
Lisa Young Gosport Road Runners
Maria Young
Peter Young Ryde Harriers
Kelly Younger
Brenton Zebedee
Carolyn Zebedee