The Concorde Chase Weekend

29/30 January 2022

Entries close Sunday 23rd January

Sat 29thUrban @ Bracknell: One of the largest and most technical high-density housing areas in the UK, providing high-quality, low-traffic racing throughout. Older juniors can enjoy technical courses, younger juniors use the delightful grounds of South Hill Park. The event has both SEOUL and UKUL status.

Sun 30th Forest @ Hawley: The 42nd year of our Concorde Chase event, the second-largest annual event in the South of England. This year, we are returning to Hawley, a popular Army area, providing the first civilian event on the land since 2017. Fast forest running with intricate sections of complex control sites, plus open heathland in the northern part. Expect the Black course to be around 13.5k.

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Entries close 23:59 on 23rd Jan

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Course 1 (Men Open)
   Entered: 1
Expect this to be around 8 km with minimal climb
Course 2 (Men Vet 40+, Women Open)
Expect this to be around 7 km with minimal climb
Course 3 (Men Supervet 55+, Women Vet 40+)
   Entered: 1
Expect this to be around 6 km with minimal climb
Course 4 (Men Ultravet 65+, Women Supervet 55+)
Expect this to be around 5 km with minimal climb
Course 5 (Men Hypervet 75+, Women Ultravet 65+, Women Hypervet 75+)
Expect this to be around 3.7 km with minimal climb
Course 6 (Men Junior 16-, Women Junior 16-)
Expect this to be around 3.8 km with minimal climb
Course 7 (Men Young Junior 12-, Women Young Junior 12-)
Expect this to be around 2.4 km with minimal climb
Black (M21) 11.3km 280m climb
Brown (M35L M40L) 11.1km 270m climb
Short Brown (M18L M20L M21S M45L M50L W21L) 9.2km 240m climb
Blue (M16A M35S M40S M55L M60L W35L W40L) 7.3km 165m climb
Short Blue (M18S M20S M45S M50S M65L W18L W20L W21S W45L W50L) 5.9km 140m climb
Green (M55S M60S M70L W16A W40S W55L W60L) 4.7km 135m climb
Short Green (M65S M75L M80L M85L W18S W50S W65L W70L) 3.6km 105m climb
Very Short Green (M70S M75S M80S W55S W65S W75L W80L) 3.2km 80m climb
Light Green (M14A M16B W14A W16B) 3.8km 105m climb
Orange (M12A M14B W12A W14B) 3.2km 70m climb
Yellow (M10A W10A) 2.4km 45m climb
White (M10B W10B) 1.6km 35m climb

Entry Fees
From 1st November:
    Sunday Concorde Chase
        Senior: £18.00
        Senior Novice: £9.00
        Non member charge: £2.00
        Junior: £9.00
From 1st December:
    Saturday Urban
        Senior: £13.00
        Senior Novice: £6.50
        Non member supplement: £2.00
        Junior: £6.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

All entry fees include EMIT hire.
You must use the EMIT tags provided and return them at Finish.
If racing both days, you must return your tag at the end of the Saturday race and collect at Assembly on Sun.
Senior Novice Fees apply to Orange, Yellow and White.
Event Information
Start List
3 (Saturday Urban At Bracknell) Name Age Category
BKO Eoin Sharkey M55