SN Trophy 2021 - Long Valley North

Sunday 14th November

Entries close Sunday 7th November

Not used since November 2016, SN are happy to invite you back for a Level B event on Long Valley North.
Fast runnable forest interspersed by sandy tracks and vehicle training tracks. The land is scarred by military activity from both vehicle and foot based training.

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Entries close 23:59 on 7th Nov

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Entered: 86

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White 1.9km 25m climb
   Entry limit: 150
Yellow 2.4km 35m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 1
Orange 3.4km 50m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 3
Long Orange 5.4km 85m climb
   Entry limit: 150
Light Green 4.1km 75m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 2
Very Short Green 3.8km 75m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 2
Short Green 4.2km 50m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 13
Green 4.8km 70m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 18
Short Blue 5.7km 90m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 13
Blue 7.1km 115m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 20
Short Brown 9.1km 115m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 8
Brown 10.2km 135m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 1
Black 11.9km 180m climb
   Entry limit: 150
   Entered: 5

Entry Fees
Senior: £14.00/£17.00
Senior Novice: £8.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £5.00/£7.00
Junior Chip hire: £0.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Late entries (subject to map availability, please contact the Organiser) plus £2 surcharge. Late entries close 23:59 Wednesday 10th November
Lost SI card charged at £30.
This race is not SIAC enabled.
Event Information

Long Valley North is a military training area comprised of a mixture of coniferous forest and heathland, with an extensive network of often sandy driver-training tracks. The area was fenced off roughly 5 years ago, with public access limited to some weekends, meaning some smaller tracks have disappeared. The area was last used for competition in November 2016 (see SN website results pages for link to Routegadget).

Between Aldershot and Fleet. Off Fleet Road, A323, approx GU11 2HL (parking around the tarmac driver training). Grid ref SU847526. What3Words - lend.duty.apply
Public Transport: Nearest stations are Aldershot (3.7km), Fleet (4.9km) and North Camp (5.3km).

White, Yellow, Orange, Long Orange, Light Green, Very Short Green, Short Green, Green, Short Blue, Blue, Blue – army only, Short Brown, Brown and Black. Distances subject to final controlling.
Sportident timing will be used - no SIAC touch-free.

Suggested classes for each course
Black - M21
Brown - M35, M40
Short Brown - W21, M18, M20, M45, M50
Blue - W35, W40, M16, M55, M60
Short Blue - W18, W20, W45, W50, M65
Green - W16, W55, W60, M70
Short Green - W65, W70, M75+
Very Short Green - W75+
Light Green - W14, M14
Long Orange - W/M21 Novice
Orange - W12, M12
Yellow - W10, M10
White - Young juniors

This event is also part of the Inter Corps & Individual Day Championships. Military personnel should not enter through Race Signup. Military courses are Long Orange, Blue (Army Only), and Short Brown.

Toilets, First Aid, Tom’s Burger Van.

Enquiries and hired SI Card collection only. NO ENTRY ON THE DAY

10.30 - 13:00, with SN helpers starting from 10:00. Start/Finish within 2 min walk of parking/assembly. Courses close 15.00.

Scale 1:10,000, 5m contours. Significantly updated 2020 based on a lidar survey and on previous maps.

Final Details
Published a week before the event at

Organiser: Katherine Bett, SN
Planner: Mark Foxwell, BKO & Debbie Robinson, SN
Controller: Hedley Calderbank, HH

SN Trophy - Long Valley North
Start List
Yellow Start time Club
Andrew Trimble 10:30:00 IND
Orange Start time Club
Phil Chatterley 11:01:00 IND
Maxine Dunn 11:00:00 SN
Alex Pickup 10:30:00 MV
Light Green Start time Club
Elliot Vaughan 12:45:00 BKO
Zac Vaughan 12:46:00 BKO
Very Short Green Start time Club
Lynn Branford 11:00:00 WIM
Jenny Thompson 11:54:00 TVOC
Short Green Start time Club
Roger Baker 11:49:00 TVOC
Lina Heuer 11:01:00 HH
Yvonne Hodson 12:04:00 TVOC
Antje Inness 10:45:00 BKO
Tony Ludford 10:40:00 BADO
Andy Macgregor 10:31:00 BAOC
Karen Mills-Hicks 10:30:00 GO
John Morris 11:00:00 SO
Jim Munday 12:00:00 BKO
Penny Parkes 11:02:00 HH
Janet Rosen 11:05:00 HH
John Thompson 11:56:00 TVOC
Ken Williams 11:03:00 BAOC
Green Start time Club
Julie Astin 11:02:00 WSX
Christopher Robert Branford 11:01:00 WIM
Susan Crickmore 10:51:00 SO
George Engelhardt 10:30:00 MV
Catherine Galvin 11:45:00 LOK
Geoff Goodwin 11:20:00 DFOK
David Harrison 10:50:00 SN
Eliza Hermann 12:00:00 HH
Clive Hillier 11:47:00 LOK
Pete Inness 10:45:00 BKO
Tom Inness 10:43:00 BKO
Karen Jones 11:03:00 SLOW
Ellie Mills-Hicks 10:34:00 GO
Luke Mills-Hicks 10:44:00 GO
Tina Mills-Hicks 10:40:00 GO
Keith Parkes 11:00:00 DFOK
Ruth Rhodes 10:42:00 SO
Nicola Trotman 10:31:00 HH
Short Blue Start time Club
Jill Blount 10:50:00 SO
Ian Ditchfield 10:46:00 MV
Naomi Drewitt 10:45:00 DFOK
Stephen Goodrum 10:30:00 SN
Barbara Griessner 10:44:00 SLOW
Serena Ludford 10:39:00 BADO
Trish Monks 12:45:00 BKO
Kevin Parkes 11:02:00 HH
Alan Rosen 11:10:00 HH
Ian Sayer 11:00:00 WSX
Robin Smith 11:13:00 SO
David Tookey 10:43:00 HH
Martin Wiles 11:30:00 SN
Blue Start time Club
Steve Blount 10:50:00 SO
Jon Chandler 10:30:00 LOK
Gavin Clegg 10:59:00 WSX
Neil Crickmore 10:51:00 SO
Andrew Evans 11:47:00 DFOK
Marie-Anne Fischer 11:30:00 TVOC
Stephan Haefele 11:04:00 HH
Janusz Holender 10:35:00 TVOC
Chris Hooker 11:15:00 SO
Ian Hylton 11:01:00 BKO
Andy Jones 11:03:00 SLOW
Jane Lambert 11:00:00 SO
Robin Mills 11:16:00 WIM
Nigel Quinton 11:02:00 HH
Karen Ransley 10:40:00 SAX
Thomas Rollins 11:45:00 SN
David Roy 10:31:00 SN
Jon Steed 10:32:00 BADO
Jon Vaughan 12:45:00 BKO
Paul Wilson 11:05:00 SO
Short Brown Start time Club
Mark Adams 12:00:00 HH
Tony Burton 10:45:00 MV
Marc Ebanks 12:30:00 SN
Kevin Fielding 10:46:00 HH
Laura Parkes 11:02:00 HH
Zsolt Podolyak 10:32:00 SN
David Rollins 11:40:00 SN
Sarah Rollins 11:45:00 SN
Brown Start time Club
John Pickup 10:30:00 MV
Black Start time Club
Neville Baker 11:30:00 TVOC
Tom Dobra 11:00:00 BOK
Duncan Grassie 10:00:00 SLOW
Thomas Howell 10:05:00 SN
Dylan Sherman 10:53:00 OUOC