Back to Black ... heath

Saturday 9th October

Local AFTERNOON Event, autumnal heathland at its best!
Starts 1:30-3pm. Choose a 15-minute start block (to reduce your queueing time, not for strict enforcement).

Online entry only, including on the day. Car parking is limited (yet free) - please enter the "driver" class if you are bringing a car - it will really help us plan the parking.
Come by train (Chilworth station is just a mile away) or on foot or by bicycle if you can!

There is open heathland with delicate flora and orienteers are requested to treat it sensitively and favour path route options wherever possible.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 66 of 100
Short Blue (Experienced) 5.2km
   Entry limit: 42
   Entered: 36
Light Green (Experienced) 3.8km
   Entry limit: 35
   Entered: 15
Orange (Intermediate) 2.5km
   Entry limit: 10
   Entered: 6
Yellow (Novice) 2.0km
   Entry limit: 13
   Entered: 9
Entry Fees
Senior: £7.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £3.00
Junior Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

Whilst restrictions have been lifted, COVID is very much still in circulation and we encourage a continued responsible approach to orienteering events. People have different risk tolerances and we like to be mindful of, and to respect, others' personal choices as normality returns.
Please do not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine having been on holiday.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct (revised August 2021).

Travel to the event
With highly limited car park space you are encouraged to travel by other means. There is a station at Chilworth, a 1 mile walk away. Trains arrive there at 13:23 and 14:15 from Guildford (10 minute ride), or at 13:27 from the other direction (Dorking etc).

Car Parking
There are a number of different places to park cars. We will try and direct you to an appropriate one. Preferred approach is from the A248 at Chilworth station, up Sampleoak Lane. Aim for the Blackheath crossroads at w3w ///fool.flocking.smoke (nearby post code GU4 8RB).

The event centre (Download) is at the Cricket Club Pavilion, Blackheath Lane, Guildford GU4 8RB. You can go straight to the Start from the car parks, unless you need to collect a hired dibber (from the event centre).

Starts are from 1:30pm till 3pm. Entrants select 15-minute start blocks. This is to reduce your queueing time, not for strict enforcement.

The start is no more than half a mile from any of our parking areas.

During your run
During your run please be considerate to the non-orienteering public, and to the heathland.

The open heath is a sensitive natural habitat and the Ranger has requested that all participants be made aware of this. He asks us to treat the heath flora with respect and not to trample it unnecessarily - wherever possible please choose path route options.

Our future access to orienteering here depends on our considerate behaviour.

After your run
Download promptly, before you forget! Results will not be on display, but will be available on the GO website shortly after the event.

Medical conditions
Competitors take part at their own risk. If you have an existing Medical Condition of which the Organisers should be aware, please complete a Medical Form which can be downloaded from the British Orienteering website and hand in at Download/Enquiries in a sealed envelope marked with your name and "Confidential Medical Form for GO 9/10/21 event only". This will be opened only if you require medical treatment and are not conscious. It will be destroyed at the end of the event.

Refund Policy
This event is currently permitted under the BOF Covid-19 guidance. If for some reason this changes we will do our utmost to postpone to a date within the following weeks; if you inform us that you are unable to attend on that date you will get a credit for the full value you have paid against a future GO event, or you can request a refund. If we cannot hold the event on a postponed date and we have to cancel you will also get a credit for the full value you have paid against a future GO event, or you can request a refund.

Start List
Short Blue Age Cat Club Dibber Free parking Start Block
Craig Blackford M50 BADO 9680224 One car 13:45 - 13:59
Katie Blackford W21 BADO 971118 No car 13:45 - 13:59
Axel Blomquist M65 SN 8643395 No car 14:30 - 14:44
Mike Bray M65 SN 8261855 One car 14:30 - 14:44
Tony Burton M55 MV 8140264 One car 13:45 - 13:59
Ronan Cleary M60 LOK 8190660 One car 14:15 - 14:29
Richard Collyer M45 GO 8376579 One car 13:45 - 13:59
Anthony Covey-Crump M45 SLOW 347822 No car 14:15 - 14:29
Peter Daplyn M40 SN 1150480 No car 13:45 - 13:59
Colin Dickson M65 BAOC 8645227 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOC 8641782 No car 14:00 - 14:14
Marc Ebanks M50 SN 8180376 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Tom Edelsten M75 GO 8040743 One car 14:45 - 14:59
Frank Edge M65 SN 361579 One car 14:30 - 14:44
Mike Elliot M70 MV 300300 One car 14:00 - 14:14
George Engelhardt M70 MV 2109806 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Reg Fowler M55 SN 1427466 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Mike Frizzell M60 BADO 8630898 One car 14:15 - 14:29
Sophie Gordon W21 GO 9101952 No car 14:00 - 14:14
Philip Gristwood M70 MV 300303 One car 14:30 - 14:44
Alan Kersley M60 BADO 307486 One car 13:45 - 13:59
John Liley M60 SLOW One car 13:30 - 13:44
Ross Maclagan M45 SN 8670607 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Jolyon Medlock M45 WSX 8419321 One car 14:30 - 14:44
Rebecca Medlock W45 WSX 8178434 No car 14:30 - 14:44
Marion Payne-Bird W60 GO 221229 One car 14:15 - 14:29
Zsolt Podolyak M50 SN 7962428 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Karen Ransley W40 SAX 8083027 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Martin Reboul M21 IND No car 13:30 - 13:44
Peter Riches M70 TVOC 436463 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Ben Rivers M75 GO 2079990 No car 13:45 - 13:59
Sarah Rollins W45 SN 8140776 One car 14:30 - 14:44
David Saunders M60 HH 8101059 No car 14:00 - 14:14
Frederick Smith M60 GO 434443 One car 14:45 - 14:59
Jon Steed M55 BADO 527171 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Oliver Williams M21 SPOOK 8368595 One car 14:15 - 14:29
Light Green Age Cat Club Dibber Free parking Start Block
Margaret Brown W60 SN 443863 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Julie Cleary W55 LOK 8070164 No car 14:15 - 14:29
Anna Collier W35 DFOK 2120581 No car 14:00 - 14:14
David Collier M70 DFOK 221277 One car 14:00 - 14:14
John Collyer M75 SOS 8145451 One car 14:45 - 14:59
Catherine Galvin W55 LOK 8111162 No car 14:15 - 14:29
Clive Hillier M55 LOK 8120164 One car 14:15 - 14:29
Barbara Lugton W60 GO 401774 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Roger Maher M80 SO 8005555 No car 14:00 - 14:14
Eskarina Medlock W12 WSX 8061109 No car 14:30 - 14:44
Helen Rivers W65 GO 8083021 One car 14:30 - 14:44
Alison Saunders W60 HH 8100659 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Paul Smith M55 IND Hire One car 13:30 - 13:44
Catherine Springett W60 BKO 50163 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Leianne Upton W60 MV 2120559 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Orange Age Cat Club Dibber Free parking Start Block
Michael Brendling M14 MV No car 14:30 - 14:44
Jutta Byers W50 MV One car 14:30 - 14:44
Max Byers M14 MV No car 14:30 - 14:44
Reuben Parker Cameron Parker M10 IND 220250 One car 14:30 - 14:44
River Edis-Smith M21 MDOC 8150157 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Martin Gillet M21 IND No car 14:00 - 14:14
Yellow Age Cat Club Dibber Free parking Start Block
Abigail Cooper W10 SN 15138 One car 14:00 - 14:14
Erin Cooper W12 SN 37721 No car 14:00 - 14:14
Arman Adam Kedzior M10 IND One car 14:15 - 14:29
Dewi Moore M10 non No car 13:30 - 13:44
Garry Moore M45 One car 13:30 - 13:44
Marc Thomas M45 No car 13:30 - 13:44
Andrew Trimble M65 IND One car 13:30 - 13:44
Eva Wilde W10 IND One car 14:45 - 14:59
Zoe Wilde W10 IND No car 14:45 - 14:59