Saturday Series: Southwood

Saturday 25th September

A range of courses increasing in length and complexity:
Yellow (2.5km-ish and on paths),
Orange (3.5km-ish. Can take short cuts)
Light Green (4.5km-ish. More challenging controls)
Short Blue (5.5km-ish. As technical as possible)

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   Entered: 12
   Entered: 16
Light Green
   Entered: 18
Short Blue
   Entered: 39

Entry Fees
From 13th September:
        Senior: £6.00/£8.00
        Junior: £3.00
    Junior Pair
        Senior: £6.00/£8.00
        Junior: £4.00
    With helping adult
        Senior: £7.00/£8.00
        Junior: £4.00
    With non-helping adult
        Senior: £6.00/£8.00
        Junior: £3.00
From 21st September:
    Junior Pair with Adult Helper
        Senior: £8.00/£9.00
        Junior: £5.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

For a Junior Pair, please enter the first junior in the "First Name" box and the second junior in the "Surname" box

Fees for "Junior Pair" and "With Helping Adult" include 1 extra map
Fee for "Junior Pair with Helping Adult" includes 2 extra maps
SN adult £5 (code required (for senior entries only))
Start List
Yellow Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Eve Birch W10 GHS Girl Year 5
Nathaniel Birch M10 Boy Year 3
Aidan Burn M12 101CCSG Boy Year 8
Oliver Charlton M12 101st Odiham Boy Year 7
Alex Clements M12 IND 101CCSG Boy Year 7
Geoff Hancox M10 Boy Year 3
Harry Janes M12 IND 101CCSG Boy Year 7
Andrew Ogilvie M10 SN Cleves Boy Year 3
Ellen Rowson W10 IND 101 CCSG Girl Year 6
Harry Rowson M12 IND 101 CCSG Boy Year 7
Hugh Scarbrough M10 MV Boy Year 3
Ralph Scarbrough M10 MV Boy Year 5
Orange Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Simon Bullworthy M55 BOF
Phil Chatterley M65
Toby Chloe M10 Boy Year 3
Livia Daplyn W12 SN Wavell Girl Year 8
Maxine Dunn W55 SN
Imogen Groves W10 GHS Girl Year 5
Harper Heath W12 GO GHS Girl Year 7
Jake Hilton M12 SN Court Moor School Boy Year 7
Greta Emilia Meier Garces Imogen Groves W10 GHS Girl Year 5
Casper Katz M12 SN Boy Year 12
Matthew Katz M45 SN
Henry Mansfield M12 SN Gordon’s Boy Year 7
Adele-mari Ogilvie W40 SN
Reuben Parker M10 SN Boy Year 3
James Rowson M16 IND CMS Boy Year 11
Trish Wallis W65 SN
Light Green Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Margaret Brown W60 SN
Ethan Daplyn M14 SN Wavell Boy Year 10
Jen Daplyn W40 SN
Mike Elliot M70 MV
David Harrison M55 SN
Martin Jackson M55 SN
Michael Le Marie M70 SN
Jim Munday M75 BKO
Terina Notz W60 SN
Stephen Peacock M70 SN
Gill Sharp W60 SN
Peter Smith M55 SN
Catherine Springett W60 BKO
Sarah Thomas W55 SN
Vaughan Thomas M60 SN
John Tzanetis M50 SN
Ian Watson M55 SN
Diana Worthington W40 SN
Short Blue Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
David Allan M75
Iain Bell M55 SN
Alex Bett M21 SN
Craig Blackford M50 BADO
Katie Blackford W21 BADO
Colin Blanchard M40 SN
Jenny Bray W65 SN
Mike Bray M65 SN
Dave Chapman M65 SN
Helen Chapman W40
Katie Clarke W50 SN
Peter Daplyn M40 SN
Jon Darley M55 GO
River Edis-Smith M21 MDOC
Paul Fox M55 SN
Sarah Francis W50 SN
Mike Frizzell M60 BADO
Mikhail Gryaznevich M65 TVOC
Sue Hands W70 WIM
Adam Hecquet M45 SN
Alan Kersley M60 BADO
Helen Le Page W45 SN
Paul Martin M50 SN
Mark Montgomery M45
Craig Ogilvie M50 SN
Elaine OHara-Styles W40 BAOC
Karen OHara-Styles W45 BAOC
Zlatko Peev M50 SLOW
Boryana Peeva W50 SLOW
Zsolt Podolyak M50 SN
Peter Riches M70 TVOC
Debra Robinson W55 SN
Sarah Scarbrough W35 MV
Tim Scarbrough M35 MV
Melanie Slade W50 SN
Frederick Smith M60 GO
Robin Smith M65 SO
Jon Steed M55 BADO BAOC
Martin Wiles M55 SN SN