SOC Saturday Series 2 Lakeside CP

Saturday 23rd October

Five courses of varying lengths to suit all ages and abilities in this urban oasis with open meadows, lakes and some areas of woodland. Includes a Juniors and Newcomers league.
Suitable for children, families and individuals new to orienteering. A longer run is also available, primarily for those with prior orienteering experience. Full guidance will be available from our coaches. Entries will stay open until noon on the day before the event - subject to map availability.

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White - controls are easy to find, the route follows paths 1.1km
   Entered: 1
Ideal for younger children and complete beginners. Children in school years 5 onwards may take part unaccompanied. Children in years 3 and 4 may take part but should be accompanied by an adult. Families and newcomers also welcome.

Yellow - controls are easy to find, mostly on paths 1.9km
   Entered: 4
Children in school years 6 and 7 may take part unaccompanied. Families and newcomers also welcome.

Orange - controls are on or near paths 2.5km
   Entered: 9
Good for those who want to start to get away from paths. Children in school years 8 and 9 may take part unaccompanied. Families and newcomers also welcome.

Light Green - longer and more route choice 3.0km
   Entered: 14
Children confident on the Orange course may wish to move up to this course for a challenge. Families and newcomers also welcome.

Green - suitable for experienced orienteers 4.7km
   Entered: 32
Distance measured between controls; actual distance run will be greater.
Entry Fees
    Senior: £5.00
    Junior: £2.00
    Entry Fee: £5.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Fee includes your map and the hire of an electronic timer.
Event Information

Lakeside Country Park, Wide Lane, Eastleigh, SO50 5PE

Car parking is available next to the country park. Parking is free all day on weekends.

Start at any time between 10.30 and 12.00

Event Centre
The event centre including Start, Registration and Download is within the country park. Please look for the SOC banner to the left as you come into the park, past the new building at the South of the lakes.

The Café near the miniature Steam Railway serves drinks and snacks. Toilets are available in the Lakeside Centre near the lake.

Information for Beginners
New to orienteering? You may want to check out this video: Getting Started

The map is included in the entry fee and the scale is 1:5,000. The entry fee also includes the cost of hiring an electronic timer.

Online entry only. If you wish to compete as a group, only one entry is needed.

The courses lead through grassland and woodland paths. Paths may be slippery after rain. Please do not cross fences except at marked crossing points. The Light Green and Green course will also pass through the urban residential area near the park.Under-16s should be accompanied on these two courses.

You will be given a print out of your result at Download. Results will be available on our website at

Help is needed for this event. If you can help please contact the organiser for a 50% discount code.

Clothing and equipment
Please come dressed for the weather. It is advisable to wear full leg cover. You will not need any special equipment. We can lend you a compass. Please bring water to drink after completing your course.

You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine.

Personal information
The personal data you provide will be used by the event organisers and their agents only for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers to validate our cover.

Start List
White Ind/Gp Age Category Club Helper
Daniel Gunton Individual M10 IND
Yellow Ind/Gp Age Category Club Helper
Alice French Individual W10 WIM
Jane & Matthew Holme Group W40 IND
Laura Rolland Group W35 IND
Emily Williams Group W21 IND
Orange Ind/Gp Age Category Club Helper
Erin Adams Group M12 SOC
Claire Gunton Group W35 IND
Heather Harvey Group W12 WIM
Joseph Holme Individual M14 IND
Jenni Moore Group W40 IND
Malyn Newitt Individual M80 IND
Aidan Williams Individual M12 BKO
Graeme Williams Individual M40 BKO
Tristan Williams Individual M10 IND
Light Green Ind/Gp Age Category Club Helper
Duncan Currie Individual M12 SOC
Emma Currie Individual W14 SOC
Kayden Dixon Individual M10 IND
Diana Gannon Individual W60 WIM
Thomas Holme Individual M16 IND
Kay Johnson Individual W65 IND
Deborah Mays Individual W60 WIM
Rebecca Nolan Individual W35 IND
Paul Smith Group M55 IND
Wendy Smith Individual W50 SOC
The Three Amigos Group M60 SOC
Karen Vines Individual W50 SMOC
Lee Webb Individual M16 IND
Aidan Williams Group M12 BKO
Green Ind/Gp Age Category Club Helper
Chris Barrington Brown Individual M60 BAOC
Sarah Blundell Individual W55 DFOK
Sophie Blundell Individual W21 SOC
George Cairns Individual M21 SOC
Paul Channing Individual M60 SOC
Andy French Individual M55 WIM
Karen French Individual W50 WIM
Matthew Grant Individual M45 SN
Annika Greenwood Individual W50 BKO Helper
Doug Greenwood Individual M45 BKO Helper
Steve Hardy Individual M65 SMOC
Nicola Harvey Individual W45 WIM
Jonathan Henley Individual M65 SOC
Helen Hodge Individual W55 WIM
Andrew Holme Individual M40 IND
Mike Le Maistre Individual M35 SOC
Louise Light Individual W50 SOC
Mark Light Individual M50 SOC
Julia Loring Individual W60 SOC
Adrian Lovell Individual M65 WIM
Paul Miller Group M50 IND
Ian Moran Individual M60 SOC
Natalie Morant Individual W50 SOC
Bernie Newitt Individual W55 SOC Helper
Michael Oliver Individual M55 SOC
Katherine Pike Individual W55 WIM
Rachel Robertson Individual W55 SOC Helper
Iain Robinson Individual M65 SOC
Peter Smith Individual M55 SOC
Robin Smith Individual M65 SO
Tina Stratford Individual W50 WSX
Norman Wilson Individual M70 SOC