Fight With The Night #1 - Calton Hill

Thursday 7th October

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Long 3.3km
   Entered: 35
Short 2.5km
   Entered: 12
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Entry Fee: £3.00
Event Information

Starts from 1900-1945, optional mass start for the long at 1930, courses close 2030.

Start List
Long Age Category Club
Louise Adams W21 EUOC
Alistair Black M21 ESOC
Alex Boloux W21 EUOC
Anastacia Borloz W20 EUOC
Rachel Brown W18 EUOC
Peter Brownsort M60 ELO
Walter Clark M45 ESOC
Thomas Corlett M20 EUOC
Chloe Cracknell W20 EUOC
Alison Cunningham W55 ESOC
Mairi Eades W20 EUOC
Jon Eugster M21 EUOC
Sam Fielding M21 EUOC
Stan Flint M18 EUOC
Matthew Gooch M20 EUOC
Jonty Goodwin M18 WCOC
Simon Gregersen M21 ESOC
Ann Haley W55 INT
Halfdan Holm M21 EUOC
Niamh Hunter W21 EUOC
Terry Johnstone M55 ESOC
Ewan Kerr M40 ESOC
Pierre Lardet M18 EUOC
Vicente López Sánchez M21 ESOC
Sabine Oechsner W21 ESOC
Axelle Orlando M20 EUOC
Donald Slater M21
Lizzie Stansfield W20 EUOC
Sheila Strain W70 ELO
Joe Sunley M18 WCOC
Frank Townley M18 SN
Rutger Vervoordeldonk M20 EUOC
Philip Vokes M21 OD
Oli Warlow M35 ESOC
Alice Wilson M20 EUOC
Short Age Category Club
Alistair Armitage M65 ESOC
Judith Bell W50 ESOC
Claire Black W21 ESOC
Megan Brown W14 ESOC
Valentin Dolle M21
Áine Heffernan W21 EUOC
Sigrid Passano Hellan W21 EUOC
Janice Nisbet W65 ESOC
David Robertson M55 ESOC
Roger Scrutton M70 ESOC
Robin Strain M70 ELO
Mary Williams W70 ESOC