Brutal - Spider Hill

Saturday 20th November

Entries close Thursday 18th November

Spider Hill at Long Valley is yet another great challenging route and is back for 2021! A single 10K lap route including Alligator Swamp, Swan Lake, Muddy Mile and Duck Pond. This is our wettest Brutal race and a favourite amongst our regular Brutaleers!

The route has a gentle run out to a steep climb, before heading up and out into the open through a series of climbs and a couple of marshes, to the 5km point. Then heading for the wet and into the first cooling marsh, through that and in quick succession it’s into Alligator Swamp, followed by Swan Lake. Drop down onto the Muddy Mile with two steep climb outs, there is a view for many miles at the 8km point. Next heading for the Duck Pond and a wee bit more wet, onto a very steep short uphill followed by a fast descent and onto another couple of testing hills before heading back to the finish.

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Entries close 16:00 on 18th Nov

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10K 10.0km
A single lap course

Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £28.50
10K - £28.50 - Min age 13
Race Information

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Start List
Joey Bee
Olivia Beeny
Peter Bennett
Lucy Beresford
Alex Bett
Elizabeth Bettsworth Medway fit
Sam Bird
Craig Blackford
Katie Blackford
Henry Blandford Das Muddy Boot
Steve Blight Hardley Runners
Chloe Boon
Greg Boon
Nic Brancaccio
Matthew Brenchley Windle Valley Runners
Catherine Brown
Ben Brunt
Kerry Chipperfield Turkish Delight
Paul Cole
Christian Coles
Noah Cooper-Bennett
Jake Cossey
Levi Cossey
Andy Courtnadge BRC
Andrew Cranstone
Brian Culver Medway fit
Matt Dolan
Luke Donovan-King
Peter Duerden Blackwater Valley Runners
Tom Ellis
Claire Fairbrother
David Friend Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Haydn Gale
Mark Hadley
Craig Hammond Lonely Goat RC
Neil Harding Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Kim Harrison Medway fit
Jonathan Hill
Kevin Holliday
Paul Hopkins
Martyn Howting
Isabelle Humphreys
William James
Jackie Johnson
Mark Johnson TriFitsU
Christopher Johnston
Sharon Jones
Jamie Kelly
Belinda Kennedy
Ann Lake Nuclear races striders
Vicky Laws
Jon Maharajah
James McCloud GoodGym Woking
Adam Merrick
Matthew Merrick
Iain Miller
Mansoor Mir Team RAM
Scott Mitchell
Chris Mortimer
Natashia Murch
Andrew Norris
Charlie Norton
Michael O Dwyer
Frank O'Connell
Joanne Oliver
Graeme Read
Martin Reilly Bracknell Forest runners
Sarah Rollins
Ashley Rudd Medway fit
Liam Saunders
Claire Simmonds Medway fit
Julie Simmons
Ben Suitters
Nev Swift
Sam Taylor
Peter and Terry don't get all lemon runners!
Julie Thomas
Chris Trott
Kim Van Der Westhuizen
Carl Webster
Stuart Wells
Vicky Wentworth Medway fit
Tracy West
Nick White
Becky Winter