SN Club Champs - Hogmoor Inclosure

Sunday 5th December

SN 2021 Club Championships!

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The event is for SN members ONLY
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 51 of 100
Men's Champs (Blue) 6.5km 50m climb
Course for the Mens championship
   Entered: 27
Women's Champs (Green) 4.6km 45m climb
Open to all, but used as the qualification course of the SN women's club championship
   Entered: 18
Juniors M/W14- (Orange) 3.0km 15m climb
Open to all, but course used as qualification for the SN Juniors club championship
   Entered: 6
Entry Fees
Senior: £6.00
Junior: £4.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

Online entry only and SN members only. Entries close Sunday 28th November at 23.59. There will be NO ENTRIES ON THE DAY.


Start times will be allocated once entries have closed. However are expected to be between 11:30 and 12:30am. Time allocations will be loosely based on expected times around the courses.

The start will be approx 200m away from the end of the car park.

Results and trophy will be presented at the end of the race and full results later on the Southern Navigators website after the event.

Steve Mckinley- Organiser/Planner: [email protected]

Event Information
All the details are provided on the Southern Navigators website

Entrants take part in this event at their own risk.


You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine having been abroad.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

At the start and during your run please remember to social distance. Please move away from the map box after collecting your map. At control sites do not touch the control, and move through quickly. Do not congregate at the Finish. At Download ensure you are drip and spittle free before downloading.

Start List
Men's Champs (Blue) Dibber Age Category
Christopher Ashenden 408084 M55
Steve Bailey 8657521 M60
Iain Bell 217711 M55
Keith Belsey 8064337 M50
Colin Blanchard 1373666 M40
Mike Bray 8261855 M65
Dave Chapman 50269 M65
Peter Daplyn 1150480 M40
Matt Dellar 8145448 M45
Michael Dunbar 264976 M55
Marc Ebanks 8180376 M50
Paul Fox 12358 M55
Peter Jones 8090656 M65
Cameron Lamond 8491625 M50
Michael Le Marie M70
Ross Maclagan 8670607 M45
Craig Ogilvie 1954640 M50
Zsolt Podolyak 7962428 M50
David Rollins 1531965 M55
Thomas Rollins 8234007 M14
David Roy 8256414 M35
Bruce Snelling M60
Colin Swallow 7203411 M60
Paul Wallace-Stock 2224234 M75
Alan Wallis 7207792 M65
Martin Wiles M55
Phillip Young M45
Women's Champs (Green) Dibber Age Category
Jane Archer 8645223 W65
Helen Ashenden 408082 W55
Laura Barrett 7537384 W16
Joanna Belsey W55
Katherine Bett 8310195 W21
Sue Bett 8200667 W50
Jenny Bray 2089516 W65
Katie Clarke 8639639 W50
Jen Daplyn W40
Frida Forshallen 920713 W21
Jocie Hilton 8100506 W16
Helen Le Page 438265 W45
Lucy Paton 8639633 W60
Stephen Peacock 9545999 M70
Debra Robinson 2064260 W55
Gill Sharp 580407 W60
Charlotte Slade 263481 W14
Melanie Slade 8261168 W50
Juniors M/W14- (Orange) Dibber Age Category
Ethan Daplyn M14
Livia Daplyn W12
Tom Dellar M14
Casper Katz M12
Finn Le Page M14
Owen Le Page M12