South East League - Chelwood

Sunday 16th January

Come and enjoy running in a beautiful part of Ashdown Forest with a rich mixture of runnable forest, open areas, streams, an attractive lake with an old bridge and plenty of earth features.

Final details available on the DFOK website
Registration online only in advance. Start Times: 10:30 to 12:30;

Any surplus from this event will be donated to The Orienteering Foundation to assist with the development of the sport of orienteering
Contact: [email protected]

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White 2.1km 25m climb
   Entry limit: 10
   Entered: 3
Controls (checkpoints) are entirely on or adjacent to paths. No route choice or decision points other than at control locations. Suitable for young children, accompanied or unaccompanied.
Yellow 2.3km 30m climb
   Entry limit: 10
   Entered: 5
Controls are very easy to find, mostly on paths, ideal for younger children and complete beginners.
Orange 3.0km 60m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 9
Controls are on or near paths with some route choice. Good for progressing juniors and adults who are reasonably confident reading a map.
Light Green 3.6km 75m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 11
Controls are away from paths and require good navigational skills to find them. Aimed at experienced orienteers

The following courses are as difficult technically as we can make them. Controls are usually well away from paths and in some cases there may be no logical path route between them. Suitable for experienced orienteers only.
Very Short Green 2.7km 65m climb
   Entry limit: 3
   Entered: 2
Short Green 2.9km 75m climb
   Entry limit: 30
   Entered: 28
Green 4.0km 90m climb
   Entry limit: 80
   Entered: 78
Short Blue 5.6km 95m climb
   Entry limit: 45
   Entered: 38
Blue 6.4km 160m climb
   Entry limit: 80
   Entered: 71
Short Brown 7.5km 185m climb
   Entry limit: 35
   Entered: 27
Brown 8.1km 200m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 12
Black 10.5km 230m climb
   Entry limit: 20
   Entered: 20
Entry Fees
Individual with parking (late entry)
    Senior: £16.00
    Senior Novice: £9.00
    Addition if not a member of British Orienteering: £2.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
    Junior: £8.00
    Junior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
Individual without parking (late entry)
    Senior: £13.00
    Senior Novice: £6.00
    Addition if not a member of British Orienteering: £2.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
    Junior: £5.00
    Junior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
Group participating together with parking (late entry)
    Entry Fee: £20.00
    Entry Fee Chip hire: £1.00
    Entry Fee Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

For final details please see DFOK Home page
You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, or if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

You must adhere to the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

If you are unable to come to the event and notify the Organiser by 9pm on the evening before the event, we will provide you with a credit for the full cost of your entry or offer you a cash refund of the entry cost minus the small entry system provider charges.

Event centre
The event centre including Download is at Cats Protection, Chelwood Gate, Use postcode RH17 7DE in satnavs; w3w harmony.sprouting.thorax. Parking is mainly hard standing. Please follow the red/white arrows and directions from our marshals

Enquiries is in the entrance foyer of one of the buildings with the tall blue DFOK sail banner outside. Toilets are available in the same building. No muddy shoes or spikes inside the building please.

You do not need to come to Enquiries before your run unless you are hiring a dibber. Hired SI and SIAC's will be in envelopes in alphabetical order of surname for collection by you the competitor.

Tom's will be present and located close to the Event Centre serving a range of hot and cold food. RJK Medical Services will be near there too.

Entry fees
Seniors on Yellow and Orange pay the Senior Novice fee of £6 at all entry dates.

If you are a family or group who will walk/run together round your course, you can use the "group participating together" entry rate to pay a reduced family rate. You will be issued with one map, one SI card and show as one entry in the start list. So we know how many will be in the group, please add the number in the group to the surname e.g. for a group of 4, the surname would be "Name +3" in the entry system

The above fees apply until midnight on Sunday 9 January. Entries may be allowed beyond this date subject to the availability of maps and at an additional cost.

Mixed forest and open moorland with heather and dead bracken. Some mainly runnable forest, some marshy areas and a good path/ride network.

Start times 10:30 to 12:30. Please refer to the course closing time under the Finish heading. Two minute start slot intervals on most of the courses.

It is a Punching Start.

Please make every reasonable effort to arrive at the event in time for your selected start time

Electronic punching
Electronic punching will be used and the controls will be activated for contactless punching for those who have their own contactless SI card. You must manually punch (non-contactless) at both the start and the finish.

Control descriptions
Control descriptions will be printed on the map. Loose control descriptions for those who prefer not to keep opening and refolding the map will be available in the start lanes.

Finish and Download
It is a Punching Finish. After finishing, please proceed directly to Download. Download will largely be by the competitor, with assistance provided. Your splits print out will be handed to you. Hired SI and SIAC dibbers should then be deposited in a pink container nearby.

Courses close at 2pm. Please ensure you finish by this time and report to download within a few minutes later.

Results will not be on display at the event but we hope to be providing a QR code link to live results at the event. They will also be on the DFOK website after the event.

SEIL 2021 presentation of certificates
The presentation of certificates to the eligible 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed runners in the South East Individual League for 2021 will be made around 13:30 near to Enquiries.

All net proceeds from this event will be donated to The Orienteering Foundation for their use towards the development of the sport.

Event Details
Start List
White Age Category Club Start time
Osian Double M10 SLOW 10:35:00
Amelie Maule-Lidbury W10 HAVOC 10:51:00
Hugh Scarbrough M10 MV 12:27:00
Yellow Age Category Club Start time
Menna Double W10 SLOW 10:33:00
Ralph Scarbrough M12 MV 12:29:00
Charlotte Smith W10 SLOW 11:13:00
Jonathan Smith M10 SLOW 11:03:00
Evelyne Wates W10 DFOK 10:31:00
Orange Age Category Club Start time
Karen Bricknell W50 SAX 11:31:00
Emma Chapman W12 SO 11:29:00
Elodie Claus W18 MV 11:05:00
Alex Darwin M12 WAOC 10:49:00
Elaine Eyers W35 IND 11:55:00
Alice French W12 WIM 12:03:00
Diane Hayward W50 SLOW 11:01:00
Charlie Maule-Lidbury M12 HAVOC 11:35:00
Anna Maria Yaneva W12 SLOW 11:11:00
Light Green Age Category Club Start time
Julia Batt W50 DFOK 11:50:00
Paul Blagbrough M75 MV 10:34:00
Marion Bond W55 SAX 11:36:00
Ben Chapman M14 SO 11:26:00
Martin Double M45 SLOW 12:16:00
Mairi Hughes W35 SLOW 11:12:00
Julia Jarvis W50 SO 11:42:00
Eskarina Medlock W14 WSX 11:28:00
Vadim Pesenti M14 DFOK 10:42:00
Abigail Prince W14 SOS 12:00:00
Nicola Yule W50 SO 10:44:00
Very Short Green Age Category Club Start time
Hayley Collins W21 IND 10:54:00
Carys Morgan W45 SLOW 11:34:00
Short Green Age Category Club Start time
Jasmine Bennett W65 SO 10:56:00
Sarah Blundell W60 DFOK 10:50:00
Julie Collins W60 DFOK 10:36:00
John Collyer M75 SOS 11:00:00
Ben Cronin M16 SAX 12:02:00
Douglas Deeks M80 SAX 10:40:00
Mike Elliot M70 MV 12:04:00
Brian Farhall M75 SO 10:32:00
Michele Funnell W65 SO 11:16:00
Sue Gallagher W65 SO 11:04:00
Mike Gammon M90 SO 11:32:00
Bridget Hooper W75 SO 11:10:00
Sue Hooper W65 HH 10:48:00
Angie Hulley W60 AIRE 10:46:00
Roger Maher M80 SO 10:30:00
Mike Murray M75 SLOW 11:30:00
Jeremy Oldershaw M80 SAX 11:40:00
Roger Pring M75 SAX 11:22:00
Ben Rivers M75 GO 10:58:00
Helen Rivers W65 GO 11:06:00
Janet Rosen W65 HH 11:02:00
Geraldine Russell W75 SOS 11:20:00
John Russell M80 SOS 11:18:00
Margaret Sawyer W50 SO 12:06:00
Marion Shipman W60 LOK 11:24:00
Chris Simpson M75 SO 10:38:00
Teresa Turner W70 SLOW 11:14:00
Neil Watts M65 SO 11:08:00
Green Age Category Club Start time
Jane Archer W65 SN 11:21:00
Stuart Bates M21 IND 11:01:00
Barbara Beckett W65 HAVOC 11:16:00
Joanna Belsey W55 SN 10:55:00
Mike Bolton M70 MV 10:40:00
Phil Bradshaw M55 DFOK 11:59:00
Susan Bright W55 BOF 11:37:00
Sarah Burridge W21 SO 11:41:00
Hedley Calderbank M70 HH 11:03:00
Julie Cleary W55 LOK 12:03:00
David Collier M70 DFOK 11:11:00
Mark Collins M60 DFOK 11:51:00
Rachel Collins W21 DFOK 11:40:00
Keiko Conway W60 GO 12:12:00
Hannah Cooper W40 BOF 11:49:00
Hebe Darwin W16 WAOC 10:49:00
Graham Denney M50 SAX 11:27:00
Peter Dudman M70 SO 11:05:00
Tom Edelsten M75 GO 11:23:00
George Engelhardt M70 MV 10:32:00
Jean Fitzgerald W65 SAX 11:56:00
Richard Freeman M60 HH 11:43:00
Grace French W16 WIM 10:57:00
David Funnell M55 SO 11:15:00
Catherine Galvin W60 LOK 12:11:00
Jennifer Gebka W55 HAVOC 11:45:00
Mark Glaisher M70 SAX 11:48:00
Di Goodwin W60 SWOC 11:25:00
Geoff Goodwin M70 DFOK 12:01:00
Ian Goodwin M65 SO 11:53:00
Philip Gristwood M70 MV 10:33:00
Oliver Hague M21 WAOC 11:17:00
Cecilia Hayward-Bhikha W16 SLOW 10:53:00
Eliza Hermann W60 HH 11:31:00
Nick Hockey M70 SO 11:00:00
Viv Hodson W55 HH 10:41:00
Sarah Howes W60 SAX 11:57:00
Linda Hulley W65 SO 10:48:00
Nigel Hulley M60 AIRE 10:51:00
Tim Hulley M60 SO 10:43:00
Christine Jepson W60 SO 11:04:00
Jane King W65 SO 10:37:00
David Kingdon M70 SAX 10:52:00
Ken Lawton M80 SO 11:09:00
Clare Lines W55 SO 11:47:00
Barbara Lugton W65 GO 11:44:00
Nicky Masson W55 MV 10:59:00
Chris McDonald M80 MV 10:45:00
Don McKerrow M70 SLOW 11:32:00
Colin Merry M65 DFOK 11:36:00
Rosie Merry W55 DFOK 11:35:00
Karen Mills-Hicks W45 GO 11:39:00
Lynne Moore W55 BKO 11:52:00
Allison Page W50 DFOK 11:29:00
Keith Parkes M75 DFOK 12:04:00
Andrew Phillips M60 SO 12:05:00
Maddy Pitcher W16 DFOK 12:17:00
Chris Pond M60 DFOK 11:24:00
Edward Pond M21 DFOK 11:19:00
Beryl Pring W75 SAX 11:12:00
Ruth Rhodes W80 SO 12:00:00
David Rosen M65 SROC 11:13:00
Miriam Rosen W70 SROC 11:08:00
Nigel Saker M70 SLOW 10:36:00
Alison Saunders W60 HH 11:55:00
Alison Smith W55 TVOC 11:20:00
Christine Smith W35 SLOW 12:20:00
Nicola Trotman W55 HH 10:47:00
Michael Chun Chi Tsang M21 WSX 12:15:00
Di Turner W70 SO 11:33:00
Kate Turner W45 SO 11:28:00
Ellie Upton W21 MV 11:07:00
Leianne Upton W60 MV 10:56:00
Andy Ward M60 SO 10:39:00
Johanna Warner-Swann W50 SO 10:35:00
Michael White M85 MV 10:31:00
Dan Youster M21 IND 10:44:00
Zuzana Youster W35 IND 12:16:00
Short Blue Age Category Club Start time
Oliver Bardsley M16 HH 10:48:00
Jill Blount W60 SO 11:44:00
Nigel Bush M65 MV 11:16:00
Ian Byford M60 HH 11:46:00
Anna Chapman W45 SO 11:26:00
Dawn Clifford W50 MV 11:06:00
Phil Conway M55 GO 12:12:00
Martin Cook M65 SMOC 11:50:00
Philip Craven M65 DFOK 12:20:00
Camilla Darwin W50 WAOC 10:50:00
John Dasey M35 SO 10:56:00
David Dawson M60 DFOK 11:42:00
Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOC 11:52:00
Ian Ditchfield M65 MV 12:00:00
Naomi Drewitt W45 DFOK 10:46:00
Mike Garvin M50 SLOW 12:22:00
Simon Greenwood M65 SAX 11:58:00
Helen Hague W50 WAOC 11:20:00
Phil Hague M50 WAOC 11:18:00
L Haskemp W40 11:24:00
Clive Hawkes M60 SO 11:22:00
Scarlet Heap W20 SO 11:32:00
Joe House M65 SO 11:00:00
Amy Hulley W21 SO 10:52:00
Steve Jarvis M55 SO 11:40:00
Penny Marsh W55 SO 10:44:00
Rebecca Medlock W45 WSX 11:28:00
Andrew Parkinson M70 SO 12:04:00
Marion Payne-Bird W60 GO 11:12:00
Martin Ricketts M70 TVOC 12:02:00
Alan Rosen M65 HH 11:04:00
Robin Smith M70 SO 11:36:00
Charlie Turner M65 SLOW 11:14:00
Mike Turner M70 SO 11:30:00
John Tzanetis M55 SN 11:34:00
Andrew Welsh M65 HAVOC 10:40:00
Lulu Williams W50 SLOW 10:54:00
Geoff Wright M75 GO 11:38:00
Blue Age Category Club Start time
Mark Adams M55 HH 11:49:00
Graham Batty M60 HAVOC 10:57:00
Paul Beckett M60 HAVOC 11:17:00
Dale Bennett M55 HAVOC 11:06:00
Simon Blanchflower M65 SAX 11:43:00
Axel Blomquist M70 SN 11:57:00
Thomas Blundell M21 DFOK 10:53:00
Ffion Bricknell W18 SAX 11:37:00
Neil Bricknell M55 SAX 11:34:00
Tim Bywater-Lees M60 HH 11:07:00
Peter Carlill M60 NOR 11:02:00
Jean-Pierre Carraud M50 SOS 11:25:00
Sue Carter W55 SLOW 11:01:00
Ian Catchpole M40 DFOK 10:58:00
Jon Chandler M55 LOK 10:34:00
Mark Chapman M60 SO 11:42:00
Peter Chapman M55 SO 11:29:00
Vesela Chokoeva W45 SLOW 11:14:00
Ronan Cleary M60 LOK 12:03:00
Neil Crickmore M60 SO 11:13:00
Sean Cronin M55 SAX 12:02:00
Colin Dickson M65 BAOC 11:53:00
Steven Elliott M60 SAX 11:31:00
Andrew Evans M65 DFOK 11:54:00
Lydia Farzin-nia W35 SLOW 10:33:00
Mark Feltham M60 MV 11:33:00
Andy French M55 WIM 10:54:00
Karen French W55 WIM 11:03:00
Mike Frizzell M60 BADO 11:59:00
Zbigniew Gebka M60 HAVOC 11:45:00
Nick Green M60 GO 11:05:00
Christian Grierson M21 DEVON 10:42:00
Andrew Hannaford M65 SO 10:38:00
Jemima Hayward-Bhikha W21 SLOW 10:49:00
Andrew Henderson M55 WAOC 10:50:00
Clive Hillier M55 LOK 12:11:00
David Hodson M55 HH 10:41:00
Austin Howe M16 SAX 11:27:00
Colin Jackson M60 HAVOC 10:51:00
Barry Jones M55 SO 11:15:00
Tim Keogh M55 MV 11:23:00
Nikolay Kolev M55 SLOW 11:50:00
Robert Lines M55 SO 11:47:00
David Marsh M55 SO 10:45:00
Peter Martin M70 SAX 11:22:00
Lyra Medlock W16 WSX 11:38:00
Michael Merritt M65 SO 11:10:00
Ellie Mills-Hicks W18 GO 11:39:00
Luke Mills-Hicks M16 GO 11:35:00
Tina Mills-Hicks W18 GO 11:41:00
Simon Moore M60 BKO 11:51:00
Michael Muggeridge M60 HAVOC 10:35:00
Stefan Peykov M55 SLOW 11:11:00
Andrew Pitcher M55 DFOK 12:14:00
Oliver Prince M16 SOS 11:58:00
Nigel Quinton M60 HH 10:59:00
John Rae-Smith M55 DFOK 11:46:00
Bohdan Rainczuk M60 SAX 11:30:00
Karen Ransley W40 SAX 10:43:00
Thomas Rollins M16 SN 12:01:00
David Saunders M60 HH 11:55:00
Sarah Scarbrough W40 MV 10:37:00
Catherine Slade W45 SAX 10:39:00
Neil Speers M55 DFOK 12:15:00
Charles Spence M60 LOK 11:26:00
Colin Swallow M65 SN 11:21:00
Mel Taylor M55 SAX 11:19:00
Graham Thomas M60 SAX 10:55:00
Charlotte Turner W35 SLOW 10:31:00
Nick Varley M50 DFOK 11:09:00
Paul Wilson M60 SO 10:47:00
Short Brown Age Category Club Start time
Joe Barrett M55 SO 10:32:00
Mike Bennett M65 HH 11:36:00
Urszula Bronkowska W21 DFOK 11:04:00
Rob Burridge M55 SO 11:20:00
Richard Collyer M45 GO 11:44:00
Dave Cumins M50 SO 10:58:00
Richard Field M55 SAX 11:06:00
Malcolm Fisher M50 BOF 11:34:00
David Float M50 HAVOC 10:48:00
Garry Greenstreet M45 SO 11:12:00
Ian Hargreaves M45 SOS 12:00:00
Tommy Heap M18 SO 11:32:00
Chris Hooker M60 SO 10:50:00
Alison Howe W50 SAX 11:18:00
Peter Jones M65 SN 12:06:00
Keith Masson M60 MV 11:00:00
Jolyon Medlock M45 WSX 11:28:00
Craig Ogilvie M50 SN 11:46:00
Maxime Pesenti M18 DFOK 10:40:00
Zsolt Podolyak M50 SN 10:30:00
Richard Powell M45 WAOC 10:52:00
Andrew Snell M45 BAOC 12:10:00
Henry Taylor M18 SAX 11:16:00
Emils Ummers M18 SO 11:02:00
Darren Warner-Swann M50 SO 10:34:00
Alan Yule M50 SO 10:44:00
James Yule M20 SO 10:36:00
Brown Age Category Club Start time
Keith Belsey M55 SN 11:01:00
Nigel Bunn M55 TVOC 11:21:00
Tony Burton M55 MV 10:35:00
Edward Dickins M35 BAOC 11:11:00
Justin Farhall M45 MV 10:33:00
Sebastien Flesch M50 HH 10:47:00
Guy Lidbury M50 HAVOC 11:05:00
Matthias Mahr M45 SLOW 10:57:00
Sarah Rollins W45 SN 12:01:00
Tim Scarbrough M35 MV 12:29:00
Edward Stott M35 SLOW 12:27:00
Abi Weeds W45 SLOW 11:03:00
Black Age Category Club Start time
Ben Bardsley M50 HH 10:49:00
Kenneth Bridger M21 MV 10:39:00
Adam Conway M20 GO 12:11:00
Nick Cooper M45 SN 11:45:00
Michael Crone M21 SLOW 11:15:00
Peter Dobra M21 SAX 11:29:00
Grey Grierson M21 CUOC 10:55:00
Juraj Hammer M45 IND 10:53:00
Will Heap M45 SO 11:25:00
Hal Jacob M35 SO 10:41:00
Rob Leathley M45 SO 10:45:00
Mindaugas Lekaveckas M35 DFOK 10:59:00
Janis Magons M40 10:51:00
Euan Marsh M21 SO 10:43:00
Liam Marsh M21 SO 10:31:00
Martin Reboul M21 SLOW 12:09:00
Donatas Tumaitis M35 CHIG 12:15:00
Alan Velecky M55 SO 11:31:00
Alex Wise M35 SO 10:37:00
Harold Wyber M35 CHIG 11:41:00