Southern Championships

Sunday 12th December

2021 Southern Orienteering Championships at South Ashdown
The 2021 Southern Championship incorporating the final race
of the 2021 UK Orienteering League.

Trophies for the Southern Championships will be awarded to members of

Medals for the South East Orienteering Association Long Distance
Championships will be awarded to members of SEOA

The event will also include the South-East Veterans Trophies (just enter
your normal Southern Championship courses and we will work out the trophy winners).
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 627
1. M21E 14.2km 500m climb
   Entry limit: 25
   Entered: 32
2. W21E, M20E, M18E, M35L, M40L, M21L 10.8km 350m climb
   Entry limit: 35
   Entered: 37
3. M45L, M50L 9.4km 340m climb
   Entry limit: 40
   Entered: 50
4. W21L, M55L, M18L, M20L, M21S 9.0km 330m climb
   Entry limit: 30
   Entered: 33
5. M60L, M16A 8.2km 290m climb
   Entry limit: 35
   Entered: 47
6. W20E, W18E, W35L, W40L, M35S, M40S 7.6km 295m climb
   Entry limit: 20
   Entered: 21
7. W45L, W50L, M65L, M45S 6.8km 230m climb
   Entry limit: 50
   Entered: 79
8. W55L, W21S, W20L, W18L, W16A, M70L, M50S, M55S, M20S, M18S 6.6km 240m climb
   Entry limit: 65
   Entered: 92
9. W60L, W35S, M75L, M60S 6.2km 225m climb
   Entry limit: 45
   Entered: 56
10. W65L, W70L, W40S, W45S, W50S, M65S 4.4km 180m climb
   Entry limit: 40
   Entered: 43
11. W75, W20S, W18S, W55S, W60S, M80, M70S 3.9km 165m climb
   Entry limit: 30
   Entered: 35
12. W80, W85, W90, W65S, W70S, M85, M90, M75S 3.0km 135m climb
   Entry limit: 30
   Entered: 29
13. M14A, M16B 5.8km 205m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 10
14. W14A, W16B 3.8km 150m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 20
15. W12A, W14B, M12A, M14B 3.6km 145m climb
   Entry limit: 20
   Entered: 28
16. W10A, W12B, M10A, M12B 2.3km 85m climb
   Entry limit: 15
   Entered: 13
17. W10B, M10B, White 2.0km 70m climb
All course lengths are provisional and subject to final controlling
   Entry limit: 10
   Entered: 2
Entry Fees
From 14th November:
        Senior: £15.00
        Non-BOF member supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
        Junior: £7.00
        Junior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
From 6th December:
        Senior: £17.00
        Non-BOF member supplement: £2.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Senior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50
        Junior: £8.00
        Junior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior Enhanced Chip hire: £2.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Seniors £15, Juniors (under 21) £7, by 5th December 2021.
Seniors £17, Juniors and Students £8, by 11th December(mid-day) (subject to map availability).
Note: There is a £2 surcharge for Non-BOF Seniors
SI electronic punching will used, add £1 to hire an SICard (lost units charged at £30) or £2.50 for a contactless SIAC card (lost units charged at £65).
Students : -- e-mail the organiser for a discount code !!
Event Information

South Ashdown is part of the Ashdown Forest AONB. The Northern Part (visited by all the courses) was last used in 2018 see December 2018 RouteGadget whilst the Southern Part (visited by courses 1,2 and 3) was last used in December 2002 (before RouteGadget!!)

Parking will be in Pippingford Park (which is adjacent to the area)

Starts and finish will be within 500 metres of Assembly and Download which will be adjacent to the car parking area

Updated and extended from the 2018 map during the intervening years. The map is ISOM2017. Survey and cartography by Mike Elliot. Scale is 1:15,000 with 5 metre contours printed on A3 waterproof paper for Courses 1&2 and 1:10,000 with 5 metre contours printed on A3+ waterproof paper for Courses 3 to 17
(NOTE: The original information had Course 3 at 1:15,000, this has now changed)

You can view the 2018 map Here

SI Controls will be used throughout and will be SIAC enabled (other than the Start and Finish). SIAC units will be available to hire.
Note that Courses 1 has more than 30 controls (due to the necessity for 2 road crossings) so SI-5 cards will not record all the splits (they will record 30 splits and 6 additional controls) and SI-8 cards will only record 30 splits (and no extra controls).

There will be 2 starts close to each other. The starts are within 500 metres of the car park. Starts are from 10:30 am to 13:00 and courses close at 15:00

Public Transport
Whilst we recognise that restrictions have been eased, it is recommended not to use public transport to reduce the risk of Covid transmission.

The nearest rail station is East Grinstead, 8 Miles to the north of Pippingford Park.
There is no public transport on Sundays passing Pippingford Park.

Results will be available on the club web site as soon as possible after the event.

Please make yourself aware of and follow the British Orienteering Guidance for Participants (revised 19 July 2021).

You are responsible for your own safety and you take part in this event at your own risk.

Orienteering is a physically challenging sport. Competitors take part at their own risk.

South Ashdown is mainly open exposed moorland off an East/West running ridge
and in inclement weather it may be compulsory for competitors to carry
windproof/waterproof cagoules.
All competitors are required to carry a whistle.

Planner: Tony Burton (MV)
Controller: Mike Murray (SLOW)
Organiser: Mike Elliot (MV)

Assisted by members of Mole Valley and Saxons

Start List
1 Age Category Start time Club
Peter Dobra M21 10:52:00 SAX
Peter Dobra
Tom Dobra
Tom Dobra M21 11:00:00 BOK
Christian Grierson M21 11:15:00 DEVON
Christian Grierson
Flurry Grierson M20 11:10:00 DEVON
Flurry Grierson
Grey Grierson
Grey Grierson M21 11:25:00 DEVON
Michael Hallett M21 11:45:00 BOK
Michael Hallett
James Hoad
James Hoad M21 11:06:00 DRONGO
Thomas Howell
Thomas Howell M20 11:05:00 SN
Nicholas Jarvis
Nicholas Jarvis M21 11:30:00 SO
Nikita Kopa-Ovdienko
Nikita Kopa-Ovdienko M40 10:30:00 IND
Himmy Lau M21 11:03:00 SLOW
Himmy Lau
Rob Leathley M45 10:45:00 SO
Rob Leathley
Liam Marsh M21 10:31:00 SO
Liam Marsh
Antoine Pesenti M50 11:02:00 DFOK
Antoine Pesenti
Daniel Weaver
Daniel Weaver M21 11:40:00 UBOC
Tsz Chun Jason Wong M20 11:20:00 SLOW
Tsz Chun Jason Wong
2 Age Category Start time Club
Scott Bailey
Scott Bailey M45 12:00:00 BOK
Tim Beale
Tim Beale M35 12:10:00 SN
Urszula Bronkowska W21 11:05:00 DFOK
Urszula Bronkowska
Adam Conway M18 12:20:00 GO
Peter Daplyn M40 11:46:00 SN
Peter Daplyn
Robert Elston M21 11:29:00 UBOC
Robert Elston
Daniel Figg
Daniel Figg M21 10:49:00 HH
Juraj Hammer M40 10:33:00 IND
Juraj Hammer
Hal Jacob
Hal Jacob M35 10:32:00 SO
Michael Krajewski M35 10:50:00 BAOC
Euan Marsh
Euan Marsh M21 10:44:00 SO
John Pickup M50 10:45:00 MV
John Pickup
Andrew Pitcher M55 11:10:00 DFOK
Andrew Pitcher
Sarah Rollins W45 12:01:00 SN
Sarah Rollins
Tim Scarbrough M35 12:35:00 MV
Philip Sorrell M40 11:30:00 QO
Philip Sorrell
Troy Southall
Troy Southall M18 10:40:00 SO
Joel Taylor M16 10:55:00 TVOC
Joel Taylor
Donatas Tumaitis M35 12:45:00 CHIG
Paul Watson M40 10:35:00 RAFO
Paul Watson
James Yule M18 10:31:00 SO
3 Age Category Start time Club
Keith Belsey M50 11:10:00 SN
Keith Belsey
Robin Bishop M50 12:15:00 TVOC
Robin Bishop
Adrian Butter
Adrian Butter M45 11:05:00 SN
Richard Collyer M45 12:02:00 GO
Nick Cooper
Nick Cooper M45 12:00:00 SN
Paul Couldridge
Paul Couldridge M45 11:33:00 SLOW
Alex Dutton M45 12:59:00 SLOW
Chris Evans
Chris Evans M50 10:45:00 SLOW
Justin Farhall M45 10:30:00 MV
Justin Farhall
Malcolm Fisher
Malcolm Fisher M50 11:30:00 BOF
David Frampton
David Frampton M50 10:46:00 HH
Garry Greenstreet M45 11:52:00 SO
Garry Greenstreet
Will Heap M45 11:29:00 SO
Will Heap
Barry Jones M50 11:31:00 SO
Barry Jones
Simon Kippin
Simon Kippin M50 11:15:00 TVOC
Stephen Lee-Jones
Stephen Lee-Jones M50 11:01:00 BOK
Matthias Mahr
Matthias Mahr M45 10:33:00 SLOW
Ian Marsden
Ian Marsden M45 12:10:00 HH
Jolyon Medlock
Jolyon Medlock M45 11:00:00 WSX
John Methven M50 11:06:00 BKO
John Methven
Douglas Nesbit M45 12:03:00 HH
Douglas Nesbit
Bo Oqvist M50 10:34:00 BKO
Bo Oqvist
Richard Powell M45 10:40:00 WAOC
Richard Powell
Andrew Snell M45 12:20:00 BAOC
Andrew Snell
Rob Taylor
Rob Taylor M50 10:31:00 NGOC
Alan Yule
Alan Yule M50 11:02:00 SO
4 Age Category Start time Club
Mark Adams M55 11:30:00 HH
Mark Adams
Katherine Bett W21 11:47:00 SN
Katherine Bett
Nigel Bunn M55 11:16:00 TVOC
Nigel Bunn
Peter Chapman
Peter Chapman M55 11:21:00 SO
Neil Crickmore
Neil Crickmore M55 11:07:00 SO
Simon Errington
Simon Errington M55 11:57:00 HH
Paul Fox M55 11:20:00 SN
Paul Fox
Nick Green M55 10:50:00 GO
Nick Green
Lap On Leung M55 11:45:00 COBOC
Lap On Leung
Stefan Peykov
Stefan Peykov M55 11:02:00 SLOW
Neeraj Shah M21 11:01:00 MV
Neil Speers M55 11:10:00 DFOK
Neil Speers
Henry Taylor M18 10:35:00 SAX
Henry Taylor
Mel Taylor M55 10:40:00 SAX
Mel Taylor
Roger Thetford
Roger Thetford M55 12:15:00 TVOC
Alan Velecky
Alan Velecky M55 11:00:00 SO
Paul Wilson M55 10:38:00 SO
Paul Wilson
5 Age Category Start time Club
Finlay Anderson
Finlay Anderson M16 12:10:00 BOK
Steve Bailey M60 11:00:00 SN
Steve Bailey
Ian Byford M60 11:40:00 HH
Ian Byford
Mark Chapman M60 12:20:00 SO
Mark Chapman
Peter Couldery M60 11:38:00 GO
Peter Couldery
Mike Frizzell M60 12:15:00 BADO
Mike Frizzell
Ben Gostick M16 11:50:00 HH
Tommy Heap
Tommy Heap M16 11:31:00 SO
Janusz Holender
Janusz Holender M60 10:36:00 TVOC
Chris Hooker
Chris Hooker M60 11:30:00 SO
Austin Howe M16 11:03:00 SAX
Austin Howe
Andy Jones
Andy Jones M60 11:34:00 SLOW
Paul Lane
Paul Lane M60 11:07:00 BAOC
Keith Masson M60 10:40:00 MV
Michael Merritt
Michael Merritt M60 12:00:00 SO
Adam Methven
Adam Methven M16 11:05:00 BKO
Michael Muggeridge M60 10:35:00 HAVOC
Michael Muggeridge
Nathan Nesbit M16 12:02:00 HH
Nathan Nesbit
Ben Perry
Ben Perry M14 11:10:00 DEVON
Nigel Quinton
Nigel Quinton M60 11:01:00 HH
Thomas Rollins
Thomas Rollins M14 12:01:00 SN
Mark Saunders M60 11:32:00 BOK
Mark Saunders
Gary Simmons M60 11:29:00 GO
Charles Spence
Charles Spence M60 11:35:00 LOK
Colin Swallow
Colin Swallow M60 11:11:00 SN
6 Age Category Start time Club
Amelia Bartlett
Amelia Bartlett W18 11:02:00 SO
Sarah Darley W16 11:40:00 GO
Sarah Darley
Kenneth Fox
Kenneth Fox M55 11:03:00 SAX
Scarlet Heap
Scarlet Heap W18 11:30:00 SO
Heidi Lloyd W40 11:09:00 TVOC
Heidi Lloyd
Nikolay Mikhaylyuk
Nikolay Mikhaylyuk M40 11:44:00 TVOC
Sian Mitchell W40 10:55:00 HH
Sian Mitchell
Sarah A Scarbrough W35 11:01:00 MV
Alexander Soulsby M40 11:00:00 HH
Alexander Soulsby
Charlotte Turner
Charlotte Turner W35 10:30:00 SLOW
Richard Whitaker M65 11:45:00 SAX
Richard Whitaker
7 Age Category Start time Club
Mike Bennett M65 11:43:00 HH
Mike Bennett
Sue Bett W50 11:45:00 SN
Sue Bett
Simon Blanchflower
Simon Blanchflower M65 11:55:00 SAX
Axel Blomquist
Axel Blomquist M65 12:31:00 SN
Nigel Bush
Nigel Bush M65 12:15:00 MV
Anna Chapman W45 11:21:00 SO
Anna Chapman
Dave Chapman
Dave Chapman M65 11:20:00 SN
Vesela Chokoeva
Vesela Chokoeva W45 11:15:00 SLOW
Katie Clarke W50 11:50:00 SN
Katie Clarke
Gavin Clegg
Gavin Clegg M65 11:01:00 WSX
James Crawford M65 12:33:00 GO
James Crawford
Dave Cussens M65 11:03:00 SO
Dave Cussens
Colin Dickson M65 12:10:00 BAOC
Colin Dickson
Ian Ditchfield
Ian Ditchfield M65 12:32:00 MV
Naomi Drewitt W45 10:45:00 DFOK
Naomi Drewitt
Philip Eeles
Philip Eeles M65 12:35:00 SOC
Andrew Evans
Andrew Evans M65 11:32:00 DFOK
Karen French W50 11:30:00 WIM
Karen French
Simon Greenwood
Simon Greenwood M65 12:02:00 SAX
Mikhail Gryaznevich M65 12:50:00 TVOC
Andrea Hampanijad
Andrea Hampanijad W45 10:46:00 HH
Andrew Hannaford M65 11:08:00 SO
Andrew Hannaford
Alison Howe
Alison Howe W45 11:06:00 SAX
Alun Jones
Alun Jones M65 12:36:00 TVOC
Peter Jones M65 12:01:00 SN
Peter Jones
Helen Le Page W45 11:29:00 SN
Alan Leakey M65 11:28:00 SLOW
Alan Leakey
Alistair Lovegrove M45 11:11:00 SN
Alistair Lovegrove
Carol Lovegrove W45 11:05:00 SN
Carol Lovegrove
Malcolm Lyon M65 11:40:00 SLOW
Malcolm Lyon
Helen Marsden W45 10:40:00 HH
Helen Marsden
Rebecca Medlock
Rebecca Medlock W45 11:00:00 WSX
Lisa Methven
Lisa Methven W50 11:04:00 BKO
Hannah Nesbit
Hannah Nesbit W45 12:03:00 HH
Helen Le Page
Andrew Parkinson
Andrew Parkinson M65 11:42:00 SO
Alan Rosen M65 11:10:00 HH
Alan Rosen
Melanie Slade
Melanie Slade W50 12:00:00 SN
Robin Smith
Robin Smith M65 11:37:00 SO
Charlie Turner M65 11:14:00 SLOW
Charlie Turner
Lulu Williams
Lulu Williams W50 11:53:00 SLOW
8 Age Category Start time Club
Maddie Bartlett W16 11:12:00 SO
Maddie Bartlett
Joanna Belsey
Joanna Belsey W55 11:11:00 SN
Mike Bolton M70 12:30:00 MV
Ffion Bricknell W18 11:05:00 SAX
Ffion Bricknell
Neil Bricknell
Neil Bricknell M50 11:04:00 SAX
Hedley Calderbank M70 11:02:00 HH
Hedley Calderbank
Jon Chandler M50 10:32:00 LOK
Jon Chandler
Phil Conway
Phil Conway M55 12:21:00 GO
Susan Crickmore W55 11:07:00 SO
Susan Crickmore
Graham Denney M50 12:29:00 SAX
Graham Denney
Peter Dudman M70 11:06:00 SO
Peter Dudman
Lydia Farzin-nia W21 10:31:00 SLOW
Mark Feltham M55 12:45:00 MV
Timothy Field
Timothy Field M55 10:40:00 LOC
Catherine Galvin W55 11:47:00 LOK
Mike Garvin
Mike Garvin M50 12:40:00 SLOW
Mark Glaisher M70 12:15:00 SAX
Mark Glaisher
Geoff Goodwin
Geoff Goodwin M70 11:09:00 DFOK
Sophie Gordon W21 11:10:00 GO
Sophie Gordon
Neil Gostick M55 11:46:00 HH
Philip Gristwood M70 10:33:00 MV
Philip Gristwood
Dorte Hansen W55 11:33:00 SLOW
Dorte Hansen
Jemima Hayward-Bhikha
Jemima Hayward-Bhikha W20 11:44:00 SLOW
Clive Hillier M55 11:48:00 LOK
Clive Hillier
Jocie Hilton W16 11:45:00 SN
Jocie Hilton
Nick Hockey
Nick Hockey M70 11:01:00 SO
Tim Keogh M55 12:34:00 MV
David Kingdon M70 12:31:00 SAX
David Kingdon
Adam Leaf
Adam Leaf M55 11:15:00 HH
Amy Lee-Jones
Amy Lee-Jones W16 10:56:00 BOK
Martin Lock
Martin Lock M70 11:31:00 GO
Roger Lott M70 11:03:00 AIRE
David Marsh M55 10:47:00 SO
David Marsh
Penny Marsh
Penny Marsh W55 10:44:00 SO
Peter Martin M70 11:30:00 SAX
Peter Martin
Lyra Medlock W14 11:00:00 WSX
Lyra Medlock
Heikki Palosuo
Heikki Palosuo M70 12:01:00 SLOW
Peter Riches M70 11:13:00 TVOC
Nigel Saker M70 10:30:00 SLOW
Nigel Saker
Tim Sands
Tim Sands M70 11:29:00 BOK
Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw M70 10:39:00 HAVOC
John Simmons
John Simmons M70 11:17:00 BOK
Mick Smith
Mick Smith M70 11:55:00 HH
Maggie Soulsby W16 11:08:00 HH
Maggie Soulsby
Stefan Stasiuk
Stefan Stasiuk M70 11:40:00 BKO
Judith Taylor W55 10:35:00 NGOC
Judith Taylor
Rose Taylor
Rose Taylor W16 10:41:00 NGOC
Mike Turner M70 11:20:00 SO
Mike Turner
Martin Wilson
Martin Wilson M70 12:00:00 BKO
Amelia Wing W16 11:50:00 BKO
Amelia Wing
9 Age Category Start time Club
Graham Batty
Graham Batty M60 10:59:00 HAVOC
Alice Bedwell W60 11:32:00 BOK
Alice Bedwell
Jill Blount W60 12:03:00 SO
Jill Blount
Barry Breed M75 11:59:00 HH
Ronan Cleary
Ronan Cleary M60 12:16:00 LOK
John Collyer M75 12:02:00 SOS
David Dawson M60 10:30:00 DFOK
David Dawson
Elisabeth Dickson
Elisabeth Dickson W60 12:10:00 BAOC
Tom Edelsten
Tom Edelsten M75 11:15:00 GO
Jackie Hallett
Jackie Hallett W60 11:50:00 BOK
Clive Hawkes M60 11:30:00 SO
Clive Hawkes
Eliza Hermann W60 11:31:00 HH
Eliza Hermann
Sarah Howes W60 12:15:00 SAX
Sarah Howes
Colin Jackson M60 11:04:00 HAVOC
Christine Jepson W60 10:58:00 SO
Christine Jepson
Karen Jones W60 11:34:00 SLOW
Karen Jones
Jane Lambert
Jane Lambert W60 11:01:00 SO
Ken Lawton
Ken Lawton M75 11:05:00 SO
Chris McDonald M75 12:30:00 MV
Jane Morgan W60 12:09:00 SOC
Jane Morgan
Keith Parkes M75 11:29:00 DFOK
Lucy Paton
Lucy Paton W60 11:45:00 SN
Ian Peirce M75 12:12:00 SARUM
Ian Peirce
Jim Prowting
Jim Prowting M75 12:00:00 TVOC
Richard Rae M75 12:01:00 BKO
Richard Rae
David Saunders
David Saunders M60 11:55:00 HH
Gill Sharp
Gill Sharp W60 11:20:00 SN
Neil Watts M60 10:35:00 SO
Neil Watts
Robin Wilson M60 10:40:00 SO
Geoff Wright
Geoff Wright M75 12:05:00 GO
Brian Yates M75 10:45:00 ESOC
Brian Yates
10 Age Category Start time Club
Jane Archer
Jane Archer W65 11:10:00 SN
Jasmine Bennett W65 10:35:00 SO
Jasmine Bennett
Dawn Clifford W50 12:47:00 MV
Jen Daplyn
Jen Daplyn W40 11:40:00 SN
Angela Darley W45 11:45:00 GO
Angela Darley
Jean Fitzgerald W65 11:31:00 SAX
Jean Fitzgerald
Ian Goodwin M65 11:01:00 SO
Ian Goodwin
Sue Hands W70 11:38:00 WIM
Sue Hands
Kate Hawks W45 11:33:00 HH
Kate Hawks
Linda Hulley
Linda Hulley W65 11:16:00 SO
Jane King W65 11:07:00 SO
Jane King
Efthimis Kritikos
Efthimis Kritikos M20 11:29:00 UBOC
Diane Leakey
Diane Leakey W65 11:39:00 SLOW
Sarah McQuaid W40 11:11:00 MV
Sarah McQuaid
Janice Nisbet W65 11:35:00 ESOC
Janice Nisbet
Karen Ransley
Karen Ransley W40 11:00:00 SAX
Janet Rosen W65 11:04:00 HH
Janet Rosen
Carol Sands
Carol Sands W70 11:27:00 BOK
Alison Simmons
Alison Simmons W65 11:15:00 BOK
Di Turner
Di Turner W70 11:25:00 SO
Kate Turner
Kate Turner W45 11:30:00 SO
Teresa Turner
Teresa Turner W70 11:14:00 SLOW
11 Age Category Start time Club
Amanda Bailey
Amanda Bailey W55 11:01:00 SN
Susan Bright
Susan Bright W55 11:30:00 BOF
Julie Cleary W55 12:16:00 LOK
Julie Cleary
Keiko Conway
Keiko Conway W55 12:19:00 GO
Douglas Deeks M80 12:45:00 SAX
Douglas Deeks
George Engelhardt
George Engelhardt M70 10:30:00 MV
Di Goodwin W60 11:02:00 SWOC
Di Goodwin
Jenny Gostick W55 11:48:00 HH
Bridget Hooper W75 10:59:00 SO
Bridget Hooper
Michael Le Marie M70 11:25:00 SN
Andy Macgregor
Andy Macgregor M80 11:00:00 BAOC
Roger Maher
Roger Maher M80 10:45:00 SO
Michael Le Marie
Jeremy Oldershaw
Jeremy Oldershaw M80 12:55:00 SAX
Beryl Pring W75 11:20:00 SAX
Beryl Pring
Ruth Rhodes
Ruth Rhodes W75 11:45:00 SO
Alison Saunders W60 11:55:00 HH
Alison Saunders
Kathleen Southall W55 10:40:00 SO
Kathleen Southall
Michael White
Michael White M80 12:00:00 MV
12 Age Category Start time Club
William Alexander M75 12:45:00 MV
William Alexander
Roger Baker M85 12:00:00 TVOC
Roger Baker
Jane Breed W65 11:59:00 HH
Brian Farhall
Brian Farhall M75 10:31:00 SO
John Farren
John Farren M85 12:30:00 TVOC
Michele Funnell
Michele Funnell W65 11:31:00 SO
Sue Gallagher W65 11:00:00 SO
Sue Gallagher
Mike Gammon M85 11:29:00 SO
Mike Gammon
Sue Hooper
Sue Hooper W65 10:30:00 HH
Patrick Maher M85 10:45:00 SO
Patrick Maher
Freda Peirce W80 11:01:00 SARUM
Freda Peirce
Roger Pring
Roger Pring M75 11:25:00 SAX
Marion Shipman W60 11:30:00 LOK
Marion Shipman
Jenny Thompson
Jenny Thompson W80 12:14:00 TVOC
John Thompson M85 12:06:00 TVOC
John Thompson
13 Age Category Start time Club
Harry Bratcher-Howard
Harry Bratcher-Howard M14 12:15:00 WIM
Ethan Daplyn
Ethan Daplyn M14 11:42:00 SN
Aidan Hilton
Aidan Hilton M14 11:45:00 SN
Rory Nesbit M14 12:01:00 HH
Rory Nesbit
Vadim Pesenti M14 11:04:00 DFOK
Vadim Pesenti
14 Age Category Start time Club
Dougal Anderson M45 12:10:00 BOK
Dougal Anderson
Laura Barrett
Laura Barrett W16 12:00:00 SN
Emily Butter
Emily Butter W16 11:05:00 SN
Grace French W14 11:30:00 WIM
Grace French
Cecilia Hayward-Bhikha
Cecilia Hayward-Bhikha W16 11:45:00 SLOW
Rebecca Lovegrove W16 11:09:00 SN
Rebecca Lovegrove
Charlotte Slade
Charlotte Slade W14 11:58:00 SN
Alice Soulsby W14 11:04:00 HH
Alice Soulsby
Dan Youster
Dan Youster M21 12:15:00 IND
Zuzana Youster
Zuzana Youster W21 10:30:00 IND
15 Age Category Start time Club
Monty Bratcher-Howard M12 12:05:00 WIM
Monty Bratcher-Howard
Karen Bricknell W50 11:01:00 SAX
Karen Bricknell
Ben Chapman M12 11:21:00 SO
Ben Chapman
Poppy Chorlton
Poppy Chorlton W12 11:35:00 HH
Livia Daplyn W12 11:44:00 SN
Livia Daplyn
Isaac Dutton
Isaac Dutton M16 12:59:00 IND
Isabel Hawks
Isabel Hawks W12 11:33:00 HH
Jake Hilton M12 11:50:00 SN
Jake Hilton
Finn Le Page M14 11:29:00 SN
Owen Le Page M12 11:20:00 SN
Charlotte Lovegrove
Charlotte Lovegrove W12 11:07:00 SN
Eskarina Medlock
Eskarina Medlock W12 11:00:00 WSX
Cerys Mitchell W12 10:55:00 HH
Cerys Mitchell
Finn Le Page
Owen Le Page
Alex Pickup
Alex Pickup M12 10:40:00 MV
16 Age Category Start time Club
Lucy Butter
Lucy Butter W10 11:05:00 SN
Emma Chapman
Emma Chapman W10 11:21:00 SO
Gus Dutton M14 12:59:00 IND
Theodore Marsden
Theodore Marsden M10 12:00:00 HH
Ralph Scarbrough
Ralph Scarbrough M10 12:40:00 MV
Krum Yanev
Krum Yanev M10 12:14:00 SLOW
Anna Maria Yaneva
Anna Maria Yaneva W10 12:15:00 SLOW
17 Age Category Start time Club
Hugh Scarbrough
Hugh Scarbrough M10 12:42:00 MV