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2022 Events

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Tough off road running featuring water, mud, hills & more! This special offer covers entry to all 8 Brutal events in 2022 taking place in and around Surrey and Hampshire. Along with a 25% discount to each event you will get your own race number to use for all the events. No need to register, simply wear your race number and rock up to the start line at your leisure. We also have a special golden ticket holder loo at each event so save you needing to queue with everybody else. As standard you will be entered into the longest distance available at each event but have the option to drop down if you choose.
2022 Event Dates & Locations:

  • 22nd Jan - Eelmoor
  • 26th Feb - Chawton Woods*
  • 2nd April - Bagshot
  • 7th May - Holywell Estate
  • 20th Aug - Bordon
  • 29th Oct - Halloween @ Hogmoor
  • 26th Nov - Spider Hill
  • 31st Dec - Longmoor

*This venue is a new venue but we do not have this fully confirmed. In the event we struggle with permissions we will hold the event at one of our backup venues
Contact: [email protected]

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Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £165.00
Golden Ticket now reduced to £165 for remaining 7 events.

Includes all remaining 2022 Brutal events

If you want to know more please get in touch via the website or on Facebook.
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