SOC Saturday Series 4 Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre

Saturday 8th January

Four courses of varying lengths to suit all ages and abilities in this attractive 56 acre dell with open playing fields joined by small pockets of woodland. Includes a Juniors and Newcomers league.
Suitable for children, families and individuals new to orienteering. A longer run is also available, primarily for those with prior orienteering experience. Full guidance will be available from our coaches. Entries will stay open via up to and including on the day but after 3 January will be subject to map availabilty.
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Yellow -2.2km, controls are easy to find, mostly on paths
   Entry limit: 8
   Entered: 6
Children in school years 6 and 7 may take part unaccompanied. Families and newcomers also welcome.
Orange -2.9km, controls are on or near paths
   Entry limit: 12
   Entered: 9
Good for those who want to start to get away from paths. Children in school years 8 and 9 may take part unaccompanied. Families and newcomers also welcome.
Light Green -3.6km, longer and more route choice
   Entry limit: 8
   Entered: 8
Children confident on the Orange course may wish to move up to this course for a challenge. Families and newcomers also welcome.
Green -4.9km, suitable for experienced orienteers
   Entry limit: 52
   Entered: 52
Distance measured between controls; actual distance run will be greater.
Entry Fees
    Senior: £5.00
    Junior: £2.00
    Entry Fee: £5.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Fee includes your map and the hire of an electronic timer.
Event Information

Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre, SO16 7AY

Free car parking is available by the entrance to the centre just off Thornhill Road or nearby in the Triangle parking just off Hill Lane.

Start at any time between 10.30 and 12.00

Event Centre
From the car park walk past the barrier and follow the road 150m. down the hill to where you will find the Start/Finish area. You will be able to pick up your timing device from the registration/download tent.
The Active Nation building beyond the assembly area has toilets and there is usually a coffee van nearby on a Saturday morning. The View Bar and Eatery by the car park also serves drinks and snacks.

Information for Beginners
New to orienteering? You may want to check out this video: Getting Started

The map is included in the entry fee and the scale is 1:5,000. Control descriptions are on the front of the map and there are no loose control descriptions. The entry fee also includes the cost of hiring an electronic timer.

Online entry only. Entry on the day via subject to map availability.

If you wish to compete as a group, only one entry is needed.

The courses lead through small pockets of woodland joined by playing fields.

You will be given a print out of your result at Download. Results will be available on our website at

Help is needed for this event. If you can help please contact the organiser for a 50% discount code.

Clothing and equipment
Please come dressed for the weather. If the weather is poor, the wearing of a cagoule may be mandatory. It is advisable to wear full leg cover. You will not need any special equipment. We can lend you a compass and a whistle. Please bring water to drink after completing your course.

There will be SOC helpers in the area to help participants who are lost. On Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses, if you are lost in woodland please go to an open area to find your bearings or ask a helper.

All competitors MUST report to Download even if retiring from the event. This avoids a lengthy search.

Orienteering is a physically challenging sport. Competitors take part at their own risk.

A comprehensive risk assessment has been carried out by the organiser and will be available to read at the event.

You must not attend if you or a member of your household has COVID-19 symptoms, if you have been asked to isolate by NHS Test and Trace, or if you are required to quarantine.

Personal information
The personal data you provide will be used by the event organisers and their agents only for the purpose of processing and publishing entries and results and as required by our insurers to validate our cover.

Start List
Edward Harvey Individual M10 WIM 11:45:00
Heather Harvey Individual W12 WIM 11:45:00
Nicola Harvey Individual W50 WIM 11:30:00
Yellow Ind/Gp Age Category Club Start window Helper
Jane & Matthew Holme Group W45 IND 11:15:00
Ingwahang Jabegu Individual M40 WIM 10:45:00
Joanne Jefferies Group W50 IND 10:45:00
Tristan McCreadie Individual M10 WIM 10:30:00
Rhona Phillips Group W40 IND 10:30:00
Tristan Williams Individual M12 IND 11:00:00
Orange Ind/Gp Age Category Club Start window Helper
Erin Adams Group W14 SOC 10:30:00
Vicki Barkaway Individual W65 SOC 11:30:00 Helper
Emma/Amber Currie/Harvey Group W16 SOC 11:15:00 Helper
Vikki Green Individual W45 IND 11:00:00
Joseph Holme Individual M14 IND 11:15:00
Dave Kesby Group M50 10:30:00
Laura Rolland Group W40 IND 10:30:00
Paul Smith Group M55 IND 10:30:00
Aidan Williams Individual M14 BKO 11:00:00
Light Green Ind/Gp Age Category Club Start window Helper
Scott Cauvin Group M40 IND 11:45:00
Allan Farrington Individual M65 BAOC 11:15:00
Thomas Holme Individual M16 IND 11:15:00
Louise Light Individual W55 SOC 11:15:00
Lynsey Melhuish Individual W45 IND 10:30:00
Toby Sherrington Group M16 IND 11:00:00
Wendy Smith Individual W50 SOC 10:45:00
Graeme Williams Individual M45 BKO 11:30:00
Green Ind/Gp Age Category Club Start window Helper
Julie Astin Individual W65 WSX 11:30:00
Gavin Avey-Hebditch Individual M60 WSX 11:45:00
Chris Barrington Brown Individual M60 BAOC 10:30:00
Sarah Blundell Individual W60 DFOK 10:30:00
Sophie Blundell Individual W21 SOC 10:30:00
Ian Cowe Individual M70 IND 11:00:00
Christine Currie Individual W45 SOC 11:15:00 Helper
Mark Dalgarno Individual M55 IND 11:15:00
Jillian Devine Individual W55 SOC 10:45:00
Jay Dillon Individual M45 IND 11:45:00
Scott Elford Individual M21 WSX 11:30:00
Mike Frizzell Individual M60 BADO 11:30:00
Sheila Gold Individual W65 WSX 11:15:00
Jonny Green Individual M21 IND 10:45:00
Matt Green Individual M45 SOC 11:00:00
Mikhail Gryaznevich Individual M65 TVOC 11:45:00
Natasha Gryaznevich Individual W21 TVOC 11:45:00
Sue Hands Individual W70 WIM 11:30:00
Julian Hartwell Individual M65 SOC 10:45:00 Helper
Jonathan Henley Individual M65 IND 11:45:00
Lizzie Henley Individual W50 IND 11:30:00
Helen Hodge Individual W60 WIM 10:45:00
Andrew Holme Individual M40 IND 11:15:00
Sarah Houlder Individual W60 WSX 11:00:00
Tim Houlder Individual M65 WSX 11:00:00
Lisa James Individual W50 SOC 10:30:00
Paul Lane Individual M65 BAOC 11:00:00
Mark Light Individual M50 SOC 11:15:00 Helper
Liz Lockton Individual W60 WSX 11:45:00
Julia Loring Individual W60 SOC 11:00:00
Andy Macgregor Individual M80 BAOC 10:30:00
Laurence Mason Individual M21 IND 11:45:00
Vicky McCreadie Individual W40 WIM 11:30:00
Paul Miller Group M50 IND 10:30:00
Ian Moran Individual M60 SOC 11:15:00
David Mullins Individual M70 SARUM 11:00:00
Denise Mullins Individual W70 SARUM 11:00:00
Andrew Nash Individual M45 SOC 11:45:00 Helper
Bernie Newitt Individual W55 SOC 11:30:00
Lauren Newitt Individual W21 IND 11:30:00
Katherine Pike Individual W55 WIM 11:45:00
Steve Pullen Individual M65 SOC 10:45:00
Rachel Robertson Individual W55 SOC 10:45:00 Helper
Katie Sellens Group W35 IND 11:00:00
Rob Shenton Individual M50 BAOC 11:30:00
Peter Smith Individual M55 SOC 10:45:00
Jon Steed Individual M55 BADO 10:45:00
Tina Stratford Individual W50 WSX 11:30:00
Michael Chun Chi Tsang Individual M21 WSX 10:30:00
Helen Wheelwright Individual W60 SOC 11:45:00
Marcus White Individual M55 SOC 11:30:00
Sam White Individual M20 SOC 11:30:00