Purbrook Ladies 5

Sunday 12th June

Organised by Portsmouth Joggers Club, this is a friendly ladies only race attracting both competitive club runners and beginners looking for race experience. Open to ladies aged 18 and over, there is no upper age limit!
The Purbrook Ladies 5 mile road race is a single lap course run on quiet country lanes, starting and finishing at Purbrook Heath, approximately 3 miles north of Portsmouth. There are changing facilities within the cricket pavilion and refreshments and cake will be available after the race. The race starts at 10am.

This popular race is now full.

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The event is full. Amendments can be made to existing entries as allowed by the event organiser.

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Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £14.00/£16.00
Booking fee: £1.50
The entry fee is £14 for UK Athletics members and £16 for others. The £1.50 booking fee is non-refundable.
Race Information

Race numbers
Race numbers will be available for collection from 8.30-9.30 from race HQ. Please ensure you fill in the back of your number with next of kin and medical information.

Race timings
The race starts at 10am with the start being a 5-10 minute walk away from race HQ. Please assemble on the green in front of the pavilion at 9.45 am for a final race briefing and pre race photo.

The race is marshalled solely by volunteers from Portsmouth Joggers and friends. Please thank them during the race as without them, this event would not be possible.

Start List
UKA Club Other Club
Delia Abel
Tina Al-Romaithi Fareham Running Club
Sarah Aldridge
Julie Allan Baffins fit club
Hayley Allen
Tina Allingham HF runners
Karen Anderson Portsmouth joggers
Amber Ankinson Victory AC
Jodie Anthony
Laura Appleton
Kerry Arnott Gosport Road Runners
Melanie Bagwell Gosport Road Runners
Cerilan Bailey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Mirinda Bailey Baffins Fitclub
Leeanne Barber Bedhampton Buddies
Susan Barker Gosport Road Runners
Sharon Barnett Hatch Warren Runners
Susan Barrett Gosport Road Runners
Sarah Barron Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Laura Barrow Havant AC
Kelly Bennetts Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gemma Bentley
Ashleigh Berryman Baffins fit club
Beth Beth F Pirie
Kim Biggs
Alexandra Binyon Portsmouth Joggers Club
Alice Bird Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tamzin Blagbrough Hatch Warren Runners
Sophie Blain Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tracy Blair HF runners
Jane Bodman Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Julia Bond Portsmouth Joggers Club
Susan Bonnar Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Ann-Marie Bonwick Holly Hill Runners
Marie Bowers Gosport Road Runners
Amanda Boyd Victory AC
Brenda Bradshaw Baffins Fitclub
Lynn Brastock Hatch Warren Runners
Karen Bridle
Helen Brooker Hatch Warren Runners
Colette Brown Baffins Fitclub
Kerry Brown Fareham Running Club
Lucie Brown
Terrie Brown Baffins Fitclub
Tilli Brown HF runners
Jo Bryson Holly Hill Runners
Sue Burley
Laura Burns Baffins Fitclub
Chantelle Canney
Laura Carter Fareham Running Club
Kerry Chambers
Catherine Charman Holly Hill Runners
Gemma Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sue Clarke Portsmouth Joggers Club
Trudi Cocks RunVerity
Karen Cole
Jasmine Colley
Eloise Collier Holly Hill Runners
Sarina Collis Baffins fitclub
Alex Conboy Hatch Warren Runners
Hayley Connor
Kery Connor-Edwards
Eileen Conway Portsmouth Joggers Club
Nicola Coombs
Joanne Cooper
Sheri Cooper
Anjella Coote Portsmouth Joggers Club
Laura Cornborough
Siobhan Coveney
Lucy Cowlin Victory AC
Sam Cox
Kirsty Crackle Baffins Fitclub Baffins fit club
Samantha Creek HF runners
Jan Cridland Hatch Warren Runners
Sonia Crisp Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
Lisa Cross Clanfield joggers
Irene Cruickshank Portsmouth Joggers Club
Karen Dale Baffins Fitclub
Kate Darlington MSE Fitness
Fiona Davey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Natalie Davies
Debbie Davis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Deller Fareham Running Club
Caroline Delooze Gosport Road Runners
Michelle Dennis
Zoe Dennis Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Toria Dennison Hatch Warren Runners
Fiona Diamond Holly Hill Runners
Lorraine Down Gosport Road Runners
Marie Droniou-Bordry Hedge End RC
Wendy Duff
Rachel Duffy Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lisa Duke Baffins Fitclub
Zara Dyar Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jasmine Edwards
Claire Ellis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tiffany Eneas Clanfield Joggers MSE Fitness
Vicki Evans HF runners
Emily Ewens
Joanne Feast Hatch Warren Runners
Hazel Fenn HF runners
Rachel FfinchMitchell Bedhampton Running Buddies
Katie Finch HF runners
Zoe Fitzgerald
Louise Formby HF runners
Penny Forse Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lauren Fowler
Jo Fricker Fareham Running Club
Rebecca Frye
Tracey Fuller
Isabel Gardner Portsmouth Joggers Club
Irene Garnett Portsmouth Joggers Club
Julie Garrett Gosport Road Runners
Rachel Gee Gosport Road Runners
Jodie Gibson Hatch Warren Runners
Jo Gilholm Victory AC
Zoe Gill Victory AC
Jackie Goddard Baffins Fitclub
Jo Gooch
Samantha Goodchild Portsmouth Joggers Club
Kim Goom Emsworth Joggers
Elanor Gostick HF runners
Rachel Gray
Gwen Green
Louise Griffin Baffins Fitclub
Cat Groves Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Wendy Gulliver
Vicky Hallett Hatch Warren Runners
Thea Hamlin Hatch Warren Runners
Claire Hanrahan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Karen Harding Gosport Road Runners
Nikki Harris Baffins fit club
Angela Harrison Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Fiona Harrison
Caroline Harwood Fareham Running Club
Barbara Hathaway Clanfield Joggers
Jacqueline Healy Stubbington Green Runners
Sara Heath Victory AC
Susanna Heir
Victoria Henderson RunnyHoneys
Michelle Herman Baffins Fitclub Baffins fit club
Samantha Hibdige City of Salisbury A & RC
Paula Hickey
Melissa Hine Portsmouth Joggers Club
Helen Hitchings Portsmouth Triathletes
Jasmine Hitchins
Ali Hogg Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Julia Hopes Victory AC
Lisa Hotten Hatch Warren Runners
Katie Hovenden Clanfield Joggers
Lucy Howard Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lucy Hudson Gosport Road Runners
Susan Hyson Portsmouth Joggers Club
Michelle Ifould Bedhampton Running Buddies
Ali Irwin RunVerity
Jodie Isherwood Fareham Running Club
Amanda Jackson
Lisa Jakins Gosport Road Runners
Rachel Jarvis Victory AC
Pauline Jeffrey Portsmouth Joggers Club
Claire Johnson Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gissele Jones Portsmouth Joggers Club
Glenda Jones Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jacquie Jones Baffins Fitclub
Michelle Jones Victory AC
Jacqueline King Holly Hill running Club
Louisa Knight Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Rebecca Knowles Baffins Fitclub Baffins fitclub
Claire Lambert Holly Hill Runners
Jen Lamonby
Donna Langley Portsmouth Joggers Club
Nicola Lawrence Hatch Warren Runners
Nikki Lawson
Julia Lawton Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Nicola Ledington Hatch Warren Runners
Alex Leighton-Goodall Fareham Running Club
Carly Lemin Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lynne Lemmis Gosport Road Runners Gosport Road Runners
Jenner Lewis Gosport Road Runners
Kate Lewis Portsmouth Joggers Club
Abigail Lilly Fareham Running Club
Holly Lock Hatch Warren Runners
Shelley Locke Baffins
Xiaopei Lockwood Baffins fit club
Emma Lynam HF runners
Louise Malcomber Hatch Warren Runners
Claire Mansbridge
Debbie Marks Portsmouth Joggers Club
Tracey Mason Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Kerry May Vegan Runners Vegan Runners
Lucy May Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Helen Mayhead Baffins Fitclub Baffins fitclub
Denise McCaffray Portsmouth Joggers Club
Cheryl McCauley Portsmouth Joggers Club
Jade McColl Clanfield Joggers
Sarah McDermott MSE Fitness
Michele Mcilveen RunVerity
Sandie McIntosh
Pauline McKeever Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lynne Meredith Victory AC
Catherine Miller
Linda Miller
Anne-Marie Millham
Hilary Misselbrook Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Paula Moore Holly Hill Runners
Karen Morby Gosport Road Runners
Amie Morgan Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Hannah Morgan
Samantha Morrison
Ruth Mortlock Hatch Warren Runners
Nikki Moxham Gosport Road Runners
Caroline Musto
Louise Newman Portsmouth Joggers Club
Sarah Northcott Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Alexandra Oakley
Jeanette O’Neill Gosport Road Runners
Angela Oliver
Laura Olsen Baffins fitclub
Celia Oxley Portsmouth Joggers Club
Julia Painter
Charlotte Palmer
Deborah Palmer HF runners
Claire Peal Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Debbie Pentland Portsmouth Joggers Club
Amanda Phelan Clanfield Joggers
Alabama Pirie Victory AC
Diane Pitcher
Lauren Platts
Sarah Platts
Caroline Porter
Lindsay Pratt Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Caroline Prince
Tess Pritchard Portsmouth Joggers Club
Linda Prouton Hedge End RC
Jess Radford Hatch Warren Runners
Claire Rainey Victory AC
Samantha Ray
Stacey Read Stubbington Green Runners
Honor Reader Gosport Road Runners
Joanna Reed Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gina Reeve Portsmouth Joggers Club
Caroline Repanos
Katie Reynolds Fareham Running Club
Lorna Richard Sheet Striders’s
Kerry Riches Fareham Running Club
Nikki Roebuck Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Bryony Rogerson HF runners
Laura Rolland Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Amanda Rudkin Victory AC
Christine Russ RunVerity
Raman Sangha Victory AC
Lou Saunders
Katie Savage Fareham Running Club
Rachel Sennett Hatch Warren Runners
Fiona Shaw Baffins Fitclub
Janet Shaw Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Claire Sheard Baffins fit club
Emma Shepherd Fareham Running Club
Lindsey Shepherd 100km Association
Simone Shepherd Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Gillian Shutler Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Lorna Singh Portsmouth Joggers Club
Louise Skinner Lonely Goat RC
Katie Slater Southampton AC
Alison Smith Portsmouth Joggers Club
Karen Smith M.S.E
Lorna Smith Clanfield joggers
Samantha Smith City of Portsmouth AC
Tracey Smith Bedhampton Running Buddies
Liz Snaith Run Verity
Michelle Spandley
Debbie Spicer Portsmouth Joggers Club
Gemma Sprack Holly Hill Runners
Sarah Spragg
Georgie Stait Portsmouth Joggers Club
Lorraine Stewart Portsmouth Joggers Club
Michelle Stokes Fareham Running Club
Nicola Stone
Kim Stroud Baffins Fitclub
Kate Stubbings Gosport Road Runners
Maxine Sugg Hatch Warren Runners
Helen Sumbler Portsmouth Joggers Club
Donna Tatem Gosport Road Runners Gosport Road Runners
Angela Taylor Portsmouth Joggers Club
Emma Taylor Fareham Running Club
Hayley Taylor
Jennifer Terry Fareham Running Club
Tracey Terry Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jo Thompson
Carissa Thurston Portsmouth Joggers Club
Anne Trotman Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jackie Trotter
Karen Truckel Portsmouth Joggers Club
Faye Underdown Hatch Warren Runners
Mandy Valentine Emsworth Joggers
Annie Vokes
Susan Wakefield Stubbington Green Runners
Martine Walling
Vicky Waterman Fareham Running Club
Veronica Way Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Roz Weaver Gosport Road Runners
Janice Wellstead Baffins Fitclub
Kirstin Westover
Gina Westwell RunVerity
Katie Wheater Fareham Running Club
Lou Whitehead
Lisa Willetts Hatch Warren Runners
Laura Williams Hatch Warren Runners
Paula Williams Fareham Running Club
Victoria Williams-Smith Hatch Warren Runners
Carole Wilton Run Verity
Jenny Winfield Fareham Running Club
Deborah Winn Portsmouth Joggers Club
Claire Winterford
Lauren Woolley
Jenny Worrall
Donna York
Alex Yorke Baffins Fitclub Baffins fitclub
Joanna Yorke Gosport Road Runners
Amanda Young
Donna Young
Michelle Young HF runners