Northants 5K Series Race 2

Wed 18 May 19:30

Race 2 of the 2022 Northants 5K Race Series is at the beautiful Boughton House.
The Northants 5K Race Series celebrates its 10th Anniversary in 2022. The Series has become a regular fixture in the county's annual running calendar with hundreds of runners taking part last year, including club runners, jogging groups and those who are completely new to running, the 5k Race Series offers something for everyone. The Series includes 5 trail races. All 5 races are multi-terrain courses taking in some of Northamptonshire's beautiful parklands and woodlands. All finishers will receive one of our bespoke 5K Race medals – a different one to collect at each race.
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Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £14.00/£16.00
Booking Fee (non-refundable): £1.50
The lower fee is for runners that are affiliated to UKA
Race Information

Full Race Day Details will be emailed seven days before the event

Boughton House, Geddington Road, Kettering, NN141BJ

Minimum Age
The minimum age for participants to enter the 5K Race Series is 11 Years Old

Car Parking
Car Parking at Boughton House is FREE

Routes (click to open)
Route Maps will be uploaded to the Northamptonshire Sport Website before Race Day.

Race Packs to be collected on Race Day. Just head for the red Nsport Gazebo!

Registration from 18:30. Race starts at 19:30

First Aid
A mobile medical crew will be on standby throughout the event.

Toilet facilities are available at Boughton House in the courtyard. There will also be portable toilets available.

Drinks & Refreshments
Please provide your own refreshments for the race.There are no cafe facilities at Boughton House

Although we do have zero refund policy we do have provision for deferring your race entry to another of our races, if you do need to defer, please write to
[email protected] with your reason for deferral and your preferred event.
Start List
UKA Club Team
Smyth Alice Bournville Harriers
Antonio Amato Wootton Road Runners
Abi Atkinson
Genevieve Bailey-Joseph
Yvonne Barber Harborough AC
Gary Barcock
Caroline Barker
Lucy Barker
Pauline Barr
Michelle Barrett
Charlotte Barrow
Ian Bates
Kirsty Bathe
Lisa Beaney
Val Bedwell
Chris Bell Huncote Harriers
Sarah Blackstone Daventry Road Runners
Victoria Bone
Emma Borton
Cassandra Bowman
Emma Bown Daventry Road Runners
Finley Brooker Kettering Town Harriers
Ross Brown Kettering Town Harriers
Abigail Bruce Desborough and Rothwell
Paula Bugg Desborough and Rothwell
Thomas Bugg
David Burnham
Nick Burnham
Kevin Burt
Laura Burton
Michelle Bye-Gannon
Deborah Caffull Desborough and Rothwell
Jacqueline Callow
Denise Cannadine Lonely Goat RC
Edward Cannell
Joshua Cannell Kettering Town Harriers
June Castle
Ingrid Cawthorne
Lina Chan
Emm Chapman
Katie Chown
Julia Churcher-Upton Diamond Runners
Robert Churcher-Upton Diamond Runners
Daniel Clarke Daventry Road Runners
Stuart Clarke Daventry Road Runners
Debby Clayton
Andrew Clutton
James Clutton Kettering Town Harriers
Tracey Clutton
David Conlan
Maisie Cook
Anne Counter Daventry Road Runners
Natalie Crawford
Justin Crook Olney Runners AC
Emma Cundy
Rachel David
Alan Davies
Sara Davis Northants Tri Club
Carol Dean Party at the back
Frances Dempster
Anthony Denton
Sylvie Denton
Naomi Dibb
Stephen Dicks Olney Runners AC
Shell Dillon-Redmile Vegan Runners
Claire Dixon
Lee Dixon
Emma Dixon-Kelly Diamond Runners
Caroline Dobson
Patricia Dougherty
Paul Dowling
Sian Dunlop
Paul Edmonds
Karen Eke Northampton Road Runners
Jane Elliott Diamond Runners
Peter Elliott
Richard Emsley Desborough Runners
Suzi Farmery
Catarina Farrimond
Yvonne Fone St Andrews Runners
Hazel Ford
Claire Francis
Sam Freeman Northampton Road Runners
Julie Gallagher
Debra Galletta Corby AC
Annette Gardner
Laura Garrett Desborough and Rothwell
Sally Gedney
Emma Gordon
Elisabeth Gravestock
Natalie Gravestock
Andy Green Northants Tri Club
Elizabeth Grindrod Desborough and Rothwell
Henry Gurney
Teresa Hall Human Energy AC
Carrie Hamilton-Gibbs Daventry Road Runners
Matthew Hancock Wellingborough & District AC
Sarah Hargreaves
Caroline Harper
Lily Harris Corby AC
Daniela Harrison She Can... Run Kettering Ladies
Aidan Harvey
Carrie Harvey
Katie Harvey
Paul Harvey
Malcolm Headland
Catherine Headland
Ian Hearne
Karen Hearne
Steve Heighway
Cat Hemmington Diamond Runners
Christine Henshaw
Clare Hobbs
Robert Hodgson
Lorraine Hogg Party at the back
Chris Hooper
Richard Horne
Ryan Horne
Jamie Horsman Kettering Town Harriers
Richard Hull
Trudy Hull
Dean Humphreys
Rachel Ilsley
Darren Impey Daventry Road Runners
Susan Impey
Louise Jakeman
Tim Jakeman Lonely Goat RC
Fiona Jolley She Can... Run Kettering Ladies
Vinay Joshi
David Keech
Tracy Keech
Louise Kemp Wellingborough & District AC
Jaiden Kenyon Wellingborough & District AC
Lucy Kershaw
Scott Kingsbury Daventry Road Runners
Janeme Lam
Elizabeth Lamb
James Larkin Desborough and Rothwell
Julie Lee
Andrew Lett
Wendy Lilley
Nicky Line
Louise Linnett Northampton Road Runners
Anne Loach N/A
Csilla Lomer-Cross Diamond Runners
Karen Londors
Lorayne MacFarlane
Joanne MacGregor
Lesley Mahony Northampton Road Runners
Lucas Albert Mansell Kettering Town Harriers
Sam Manser
Vicki Marley
Liz Martin
Neil Martin Rugby & Northampton AC
Adrian Matthews Wootton Road Runners
Matthew May Lonely Goat RC
Tracey May Lonely Goat RC
Sarah McAuliffe Olney Runners AC
Nicola Mccann Kettering Town Harriers Kettering Harriers
Nicky Mccrickard
Amanda McHugh
Tessa McLaughlin
Sue McPherson Human Energy AC
Richard Messinger
John Mitchell
Sara Mitchell
Michaela Morgan Harborough social runners
Kristina Morris
Rebecca Murphy
Arthur New Northampton Road Runners
Val Nix Kettering Town Harriers
Gail Norton
Jack Norton
Kate Novakovic
Zoe O’Connell Diamond Runners
Therese O’Riordan Olney Runners AC
David Packer Daventry Road Runners
Sharon Packer Daventry Road Runners
Chloe Pancutt
Bridgette Parker
David Parker
Malini Patel
Lucy Paybody
David Payne
Shirley Paynter Desborough and Rothwell
James Peachey Daventry Road Runners
Jonathan Pearson
Ashton Phillips
Daniel Pigott
Graham Pigott
David Pike Kettering Town Harriers
Trudi Pike Kettering Town Harriers
Matthew Pollard Kettering Town Harriers
Sharon Powis
Samantha Prentice Daventry Road Runners
Kim Pusey Wootton Road Runners
Pavlina Pyari
Cathy Ralph Desborough and Rothwell
Jodie Ratcliffe
Phil Ratcliffe
Jeremy Rawling
Sue Rawling
Janet Rawlins
Andrea Raymond
Emily Reed
Julie Reeds
Alison Reeves
Anthony Reeves
Mel Ridley
Lisa Ringrose Kettering Town Harriers
David Roberts
Julia Roberts
Sean Robertson
Bill Robinson Kettering Town Harriers
Justine Robinson
Marcin Rostowski
Anthony Round
Gerda Round
Chris Russell
Nigel Ryalls Wootton Road Runners
Daarek Sach Daventry Road Runners
John Sach Daventry Road Runners
Liam Safford
Dean Sartin Olney Runners AC
Helen Sartin Olney Runners AC
Kathy Saunders Northampton Road Runners
Robin Schumacher
Zachary Scott Kettering Town Harriers
Ruth Sheehan
Tracey Shepherd Corby AC
Penny Short Northampton Road Runners
Howard Smith
Julie Smith Daventry Road runner
Laura Smith
Raine Smith
Domenic Specchio Kettering Town Harriers Kettering town harriers
Natalie Stanier
Celia Stanworth
Debbie Stewart
John Strange Desborough and Rothwell
Katie Swan
Alma Sweeney
Sandra Szatkowski
Chloe Tallett
Sam Tallett Rugby & Northampton AC
Debra Tame Northampton Road Runners
Keith Taylor
Rebecca Taylor
Denise Tenney
Claire Thomas
Heather Thompson
Amy Tibbitts
Gary Tillie
Joanne Tillie Diamond Runners
Isaac Tipler
Bryony Trafford-Smith Datchet Dashers
Vicki Turner
Ben Tysoe
Benjamin Tysoe
Helen van Uem Wootton Road Runners
Rafal Wainberg
Ashleigh Walters Corby AC
Gemma Louise Webb
Ruth Webb
Alison West
Millie Westley
Karen Wharfe Human Energy AC
Rebecca Wheaver Daventry Road Runners
Vicki White
Nicola Whittaker
Lydia Wilkie Wellingborough & District AC
Gillian Williams
Louise Williams
Martin Williams
Rachel Williams
Craig Willmer
Karen Willmott Diamond Runners
Alice Wilson
Amanda Wilson Lonely Goat RC
Naomi Winton
Richard Wood
Catherine Woods
Robert Woods
Ann Worthy Northampton Road Runners
Deirdre Wray
Claire Wright
Nicola Wright
Jonny Yare
Kate York
Taya Young Rugby & Northampton AC Rugby and Northampton