Colchester Urban

Sunday 15th May

Urban event around Colchester’s historic town centre.
Event is part of UK Urban Orienteering League
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 157

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Entry Fees
Senior: £8.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £3.00
Junior Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

The lower entry fee is for members of British Orienteering.

Students - £3. Please contact the event organiser for a discount code.
Event Information

Event location
Leisure World, Cowdray Ave, Colchester CO1 1YH
Leisure World has a large car park and we have negotiated a reduced price of £1, but to get this you must pay at reception and then enter your car registration on the ipads provided.
We have a room upstairs for First Aid, Enquiries, Download, Clothing dump. Helpers will guide you there but please do not have spiked shoes (also known as Dobbs) and clean shoes if wet weather has them muddy.
Start will be on open area behind Leisure World adjacent to car park.
Toilets available in Leisure World

Enquiries open from 10:00 am
Start times 10:30-12:30
Courses close 2:30pm
SIAC enabled but all competitors must punch start and finish

Urban event including parkland, river meadows, town centre streets and historical sites of Roman Colchester
The event takes place in a public area. Please be courteous to other users to avoid jeopardising our future use.
Courses 1-5 will encounter traffic which is generally slow moving. Please take care crossing roads. The busy Balkerne Hill is marked out of bounds and should only be crossed at mapped crossing points.
All courses will have some parkland grass. Courses 1 & 2 have a section of rough terrain which may be muddy if there is rain.

Classes are in line with UK Orienteering League
Juniors under 16 on the day can only enter Courses 6 & 7
Course 1 Men Open
Course 2 Veteran Men (M40+), Women Open
Course 3 Supervet Men (M55+), Veteran Women (W40+)
Course 4 Ultravet Men (M65+), Supervet Women (W55+)
Course 5 Ultravet Women (W65+), Hypervet Men (M75+), Hypervet Women (W75+)
Course 6 Junior Men (M16-), Junior Women (W16-),
Course 7 Young Junior Men (M12-), Young Junior Women (W12-)

Please note that Course 1 has more than 30 controls. SI-card 5 & 8 do not have capacity for more than 30 controls. An exchange hire card will be available at enquiries.

Strictly no dogs allowed

Organiser: John Collyer
Planners: Colin & Lyn West
Controller: Bruce Marshall (WAOC)
Start List
1 Club Age Category Class
Martin Andersson WAOC M21 MO
Tony Burton MV M55 MO
Richard Collyer GO M45 MO
Daniel Cowley NOR M40 MO
Tom Dobra TVOC M21 MO
Angel Georgiev SLOW M21 MO
Andrew Henderson WAOC M55 MO
Daniel Hodson HH M21 MO
Rowan Lee DRONGO M21 MO
Guy Lidbury HAVOC M50 MO
Kevin Machin SOS M60 MO
Douglas McTurk SOS M21 MO
Dean Pepper SOS M35 MO
Antoine Pesenti DFOK M50 MO
Chris Prince HAVOC M21 MO
Martin Reboul SLOW M21 MO
Glen Richardson NOR M40 MO
Chris Sellens M35 MO
Michael Chun Chi Tsang WSX M21 MO
Martin Walker SOS M45 MO
Luke Williamson SUFFOC M35 MO
2 Club Age Category Class
Keith Bennett DFOK M50 MV
Ben Bethell NOR M40 MV
Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 MV
Jenny Carlsson WAOC W35 WO
Charlotte Coles HH W35 WO
David Dixon HH M50 MV
Andrew Elliott SUFFOC M50 MV
David Float HAVOC M50 MV
Roger Gooding SOS M45 MV
Garry Greenstreet SO M45 MV
Megan Harrison EPOC W21 WO
Peter Martin SAX M70 MV
Emma Morum SOS W35 WO
Chris Panton M45 MV
Richard Powell WAOC M45 MV
Gareth Radcliffe SUFFOC M40 MV
Rachel Sequeira HH W35 WO
Paul Taylor TVOC M45 MV
Emily Vallow SUFFOC W21 WO
Lucy Walker SOS W20 WO
Jonathan Ward WAOC M45 MV
Nadine Wright OD W21 WO
3 Club Age Category Class
Mark Adams HH M55 MSV
Hugo Barker FVO M60 MSV
Helen Bickle WAOC W40 WV
Steve Blount SO M60 MSV
Sam Borroff W50 WV
Paul Butt BOF M55 MSV
Ian Byford HH M60 MSV
Helen Chiswell DVO W45 WV
Tan Clark W45 WV
Camilla Darwin WAOC W50 WV
Charlie Dixon HH M18 MSV
Sarah Dixon HH W45 WV
John Duffield HH M75 MSV
Peter Duthie WAOC M60 MSV
Andrew Evans DFOK M65 MSV
Ho Yam Addy Fu WAOC M45 MSV
Lyudmila Gotseva SLOW W50 WV
Barbara Griessner SLOW W50 WV
Emma Harrison EPOC W50 WV
Clive Hawkes SO M60 MSV
Paul Hearn HH M55 MSV
David Hodson HH M55 MSV
Rini Hoogkamer NOR M60 MSV
Nikolay Kolev SLOW M55 MSV
Adam Leaf HH M60 MSV
Amy Lester W40 WV
Stu Levene HH M50 MSV
Kirsty Lones W50 WV
Alesha Lowe SUFFOC W18 WV
David Lumby SOS M60 MSV
Rod Mansel SUFFOC M60 MSV
David Marsh SO M55 MSV
Peter Martin MV M55 MSV
Michael Muggeridge HAVOC M60 MSV
Bert Park SUFFOC M55 MSV
Stefan Peykov SLOW M55 MSV
Nicky Porter W50 WV
Johanna Powell WAOC W45 WV
Alexandra Radcliffe W45 WV
Rachel Sadler W45 WV
David Sanderson SOS M60 MSV
Drew Vanbeck SMOC M55 MSV
Peter Warland SOS M55 MSV
Clive Wilkinson SUFFOC M60 MSV
Teresa Wood SOS W45 WV
4 Club Age Category Class
Danni Angelova DFOK W55 WSV
Eddie Banks SOS M70 MUV
Rachel Barford SOS W60 WSV
Helen Barker FVO W60 WSV
Mike Bickle WAOC M70 MUV
Jill Blount SO W60 WSV
Richard Bonnett BAOC M65 MUV
Mike Capper WAOC M65 MUV
Christopher Childs SOS M70 MUV
Ian Ditchfield MV M65 MUV
Jason Dunning WAOC M45 MUV
Mike Elliot MV M70 MUV
Geoff Goodwin DFOK M70 MUV
Sue Hartley WAOC W65 WSV
Eliza Hermann HH W60 WSV
Viv Hodson HH W55 WSV
Ruth Ker CLARO W55 WSV
David LeFevre DFOK M65 MUV
Sarah Mansel SUFFOC W55 WSV
Penny Marsh SO W55 WSV
Sandra Mather SMOC W55 WSV
Don McKerrow SLOW M70 MUV
Helen Nisbet SMOC W60 WSV
Stephen Nobbs NOR M65 MUV
Susan Parker BKO W60 WSV
Nicholas Pugh SOS M70 MUV
Alan Rosen HH M65 MUV
Brian Sewell BKO M65 MUV
Jackie Sibthorp SOS W55 WSV
Mick Smith HH M70 MUV
Sharon Warland SOS W55 WSV
Jon Wheatcroft TVOC M70 MUV
Sally Wilkinson SUFFOC W55 WSV
Peter Woods WAOC M65 MUV
Sue Woods WAOC W65 WSV
5 Club Age Category Class
Anthony Barrable RAFO M75 MHV
Hazel Bickle WAOC W70 WUV
Janet Biggs HAVOC W65 WUV
Jemima Borrill WAOC W18 WHV
Philip Cooper WIM M75 MHV
Janet Cronk WAOC W65 WUV
Rodney Freeburn NOR M80 MHV
Mike Hampton OD M75 MHV
Rachel McTurk SOS W21 WHV
Jim Prowting TVOC M75 MHV
Ruth Rhodes SO W80 WHV
Ben Rivers GO M75 MHV
Helen Rivers GO W65 WUV
Janet Rosen HH W65 WUV
Gill Ross EPOC W70 WUV
Geraldine Russell SOS W75 WHV
John Russell SOS M80 MHV
Rachel Thomas SMOC W65 WUV
6 Club Age Category Class
Matthew Bethell NOR M16 MJ
Hebe Darwin WAOC W16 WJ
Chun Yan Alistair Fu WAOC M14 MJ
Charlie Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M12 MJ
Vadim Pesenti DFOK M14 MJ
Olivia Radcliffe SUFFOC W14 WJ
Nathan Taylor TVOC M16 MJ
7 Club Age Category Class
Alex Darwin WAOC M12 MYJ
Chun Ho Andre Fu WAOC M12 MYJ
Hugo Maule-Lidbury HAVOC M10 MYJ
Alys Powell WAOC W10 WYJ
Betsan Powell WAOC W14 WYJ
Hana Powell WAOC W10 WYJ
Aaron Radcliffe SUFFOC M12 MYJ
Ethan Radcliffe SUFFOC M12 MYJ
Logan Williamson M10 MYJ