SN Saturday Series #8 & SCOA YBT heat: Hogmoor Inclosure

Saturday 14th May

A range of courses increasing in length and complexity for all the family
Entries can only be guaranteed up to 2pm on the Monday before the event. After that, entries limits will be imposed on each course based on the number of maps available. Online entries, subject to these map limits, will be available up until 4pm on the Thursday before the event. If there are any maps left, there may be EOD available to use up the maps.

For event details, please go to the events page on our website
Contact: [email protected]

Manage Your Entry

Entries are closed. Amendments can be made to existing entries as allowed by the event organiser.

Entered: 96

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Yellow (2.5km-ish and on paths)
   Entry limit: 14
   Entered: 12
Orange (3.5km-ish. Can take short cuts)
   Entry limit: 13
   Entered: 9
Light Green (4.5km-ish. More challenging controls)
   Entry limit: 34
   Entered: 29
Short Blue (5.5km-ish. As technical as possible)
   Entry limit: 52
   Entered: 46
Entry Fees
    Senior: £6.00/£8.00
    Junior: £3.00
Adult on Yellow or Orange
    Entry Fee: £4.00
Junior Pair
    Senior: £0.00/£0.00
    Junior: £4.00
Junior Pair with Adult Helper
    Senior: £0.00/£0.00
    Junior: £5.00
Individual with helping adult
    Senior: £7.00/£8.00
    Junior: £4.00
Individual with non-helping adult
    Senior: £6.00/£8.00
    Junior: £3.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

Yvette Baker Trophy Competitors
YBT entries can only be made via your club captains. Please DO NOT enter here. You will be assigned a start time for the YBT competition.

Saturday Series Prize Giving
The culmination of our Saturday Series is the prize-giving ceremony. This will take place at the Hogmoor event at 11am

How to Enter
For a Junior Pair, please enter the first junior in the "First Name" box and the second junior in the "Surname" box

Fees for "Junior Pair" and "With Helping Adult" include 1 extra map
Fee for "Junior Pair with Helping Adult" includes 2 extra maps
The "Individual with Helping Adult" class can be used by adult groups who want an extra map
SN adult £5 (code required. For use with adult entries on Light Green or Short Blue courses only)

Free parking is available on the main Hogmoor Inclosure site but is limited and is shared with the general public. Overflow parking is available on Budds Lane, GU5 0UL. Grid ref: SU791359. What3words: rectangular.outbid.shipyards. The pedestrian route from car park into Hogmoor will be taped. Distance is approx 1km to registration and start

Entry Deadlines
We will order you a map if you enter by 2pm on the Monday before the event. Map limits will then be set.
Online entries, subject to these map limits, will be available until 4pm on the Thursday before the event.
If there are any maps left, there may be EOD available to use up the maps.
Substitutions can be made on the day at no cost.

Loose Control Descriptions
Loose control descriptions will be available at the start

Start Times
Start times have been added to your sign up to prevent long queues at the start. However these are advisory only. We won't be checking!

Start List
Yellow Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Toby Bassom M10 IND Boy Year 5
Tom Bassom M14 IND Boy Year 7
Reuben Parker Cameron Parker M10 IND Boy Year 3
Edward Cooper M40 IND
Frankie Denton W10 IND Girl Year 1
Alys Gerrard W10 IND
Sebastian Hancox M10 Boy Year 3
Dominic Larkin M12 IND Boy Year 7
Alwyn Lloyd M10 TVOC Boy Year 4
Francis Mansfield M10 BAOC
Bruce Mayhead M10 IND Boy Year 1
Francis R.d. M10 TVOC
Orange Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Lottie Denton W10 IND Girl Year 4
Millie Denton W12 IND Girl Year 6
Jason Longley M50 TVOC
Austin Mayhead M12 IND Boy Year 5
Patrick Mayhead M10 IND Boy Year 4
Adele-mari Ogilvie W45 SN
Philip Saddleton M60 IND
Nigel Treacy M50 IND
Trish Wallis W70 SN
Light Green Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Jane Archer W65 SN
Amanda Bailey W55 SN
Jane Blackford W50 BADO
Chris Bradshaw M45 SN
Liz Cross W50 TVOC
Jen Daplyn W40 SN
Martin Dennett M50 TVOC
Elisabeth Dickson W60 BAOC
Matvei Dnestrovskii M12 TVOC Boy Year 6
Gareth Eynon M45 IND
Mark Howell M55 SN
Michael Le Marie M70 SN
Helen Le Page W45 SN
Louise Light W55 SOC
Freddie Mayhead M20 IND
Tony Painter M75 SN
Stephen Peacock M70 SN
Rachel Robertson W55 SOC
Debra Robinson W55 SN
Malcolm Scott M65 SN
Ben Sharp M40 TVOC
Gill Sharp W60 SN
Helen Sharp W55 TVOC
Oscar Sly M45 IND
Catherine Springett W65 BKO
Anthony Walker M55 TVOC
Paul Wallace-Stock M75 SN
Angus Whiteman M55 IND
Graeme Williams M45 BKO
Short Blue Age Category Club Junior Team Sch Yr Gp
Richard Barrett M50 SN
Iain Bell M55 SN
Alex Bett M21 SN
Sue Bett W55 SN
Craig Blackford M50 BADO
Katie Blackford W21 BADO
Axel Blomquist M70 SN
Jenny Bray W65 SN
Mike Bray M65 SN
Adrian Butter M45 SN
Katie Clarke W50 SN
James Cunnane M55 TVOC
Peter Daplyn M40 SN
Colin Dickson M65 BAOC
Alexei Dnestrovskii M55 TVOC
Paul Fox M60 SN
Sarah Francis W50 SN
Tim Gerrard M40 IND
Stephen Gurd M50 SN
Sue Hands W70 WIM
John Hill-Venning M45 SN
Joe House M65 SO
Cameron Lamond M50 SN
Mark Light M50 SOC
Richard Lloyd M45 BOF
Alistair Lovegrove M50 SN
Carol Lovegrove W50 SN
Ross Maclagan M45 SN
Paul Martin M55 SN
John Mayhead M50 IND
John Methven M50 BKO
Jens Moller-Butcher M50 SN
Andrew Nash M45 SOC
Craig Ogilvie M50 SN
Stuart Parker M45 IND
Jon Paton M60 SN
Lucy Paton W60 SN
Peter Riches M70 TVOC
Sarah Rollins W45 SN
Katie Sellens W35 IND
Richard Sharp M55 TVOC
Melanie Slade W50 SN
Colin Swallow M65 SN
Mark Thompson M65 TVOC
John Tzanetis M55 SN
Alan Wallis M65 SN