CLOK Summer Series #2 - Kiplin Hall

Thursday 19th May

CLOK invites you to a summer evening event at Kiplin Hall, between Northallerton and Richmond
For cheaper entry fees and guaranteed places enter by midnight Thursday 12th May. Entry on the day, subject to map availability. Pre-entries are strongly encouraged.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entry Fees
Senior: £5.00
Senior Novice: £2.00
Junior: £2.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

  • Entries before midnight Thursday 12th May guaranteed a map. Entry on the day subject to maps.

  • Adults on the short course get junior entry fee.

  • Students aged 21 or over get junior entry fee - please enter with discount code summer22student.

  • CLOK members available to help - please let the organiser Joe Trigg know and enter with discount code summer22helper for 50% discount.

We trust you to only use the discount codes for the intended purpose - we will be checking!
Event Information
Start List
Long Club Age Category Discount code
Allen Barnes CLARO M80
Jackie Barnes CLARO W75
Mark Dawson CLOK M55
Martyn Dean CLOK M60
John Green CLOK M50
Malcolm Hewitson CLOK M60
Becky King CLOK W21
Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M60
Caroline Mackenzie CLOK W55
Julian Simpson CLOK M45
Christopher Wright CLOK M60
Medium Club Age Category Discount code
Ariella Barnett W14
Andy Brook CLOK M35
Cecilia Dean CLOK W60
Osmond Gardner CLOK M65
Barry Harrison CLOK M80
Lynda Marett CLOK W65
Peter Marett CLOK M75
Joan Selby CLOK W80
Alan Simpson M75
Isla Simpson CLOK W14
Jill Smith EBOR W65
Joe Trigg CLOK M70
Moyra Wright W65
Short Club Age Category Discount code
Ella-Grace Fraser EBOR W10