Quantocks Challenge 22

23 Jul - 21 Aug

5hr and 3hr score courses
Each control is worth a certain number of points, determined by the first digit (25 and 27 both score 20 points; 45 and 49 both score 40 points; etc.)
You can visit them in any order between the start and the finish and do not have to get them all.
Make sure you finish in time - 30 points are deducted for every minute you take over the time limit (1 second over loses 30 points; 2m50 over loses 90 points; etc.)
Contact: [email protected]

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Event Information
Start List
Full Club
Daniel Batchelor
Sarah Batchelor
Thomas Bush BOK
Paul Chavasse QO
Paul Dodd
Cat Edwardes DEVON
Robin Fieldhouse QO
Stuart Fisher NWO
Cherry Fowler
Jamie Hayward BOK
Stephen Lysaczenko QO
Ian Mayhew QO
Angela Modica DEVON
Richard Price HOC
Oliver Rant QO
David Roy BOK
Mark Saunders TVOC
Alasdair Shaw QO
Short Club
Gillian Ardalan
James Ashby
Karen Baker DEVON
Jackie Batten
Christopher Branford WIM
Stevie Broad
David Browne
Miki Caves
Grant Clarke NGOC
Laura Clarke NGOC
Jackie Coomber
Roger Craddock QO
Katy Dyer BOK
John Fisher QO
Carol Iddles BOK
Martin Jackson
Stephen Jackson NWO
Iain Large BOK
Susie Luxton
James Mackie
Karen Mackie
Emily Macpherson QO
Freddie Macpherson QO
Martha Macpherson QO
Willa Muir
Steve Perrelle DEVON
Chris Philip QO
Nicky Price
Carol Prosser BAOC
Ian Prosser BAOC
Linda Regel QO
Ian Sayer WSX
Bryan Smith DEVON
Philip Sorrell QO
Erin Toomer QO
Ray Toomer QO
Sue Toomer QO
William Toomer QO
John Trayler QO
J Wederkop QO
Rosie Wych QO