Chapel Aquathlon 2022

Saturday 21st May

Hamble Sports Complex, Satchell Lane, Hamble-le-Rice, Southampton SO31 4NE
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Tristart (8yrs)
   Entered: 2
Tristar 1 (9yrs and 10yrs)
   Entered: 19
Tristar 2 (11yrs and 12yrs)
   Entered: 31
Tristar 3 (13yrs and 14yrs)
   Entered: 49
Youth and Junior (15yrs to 18yrs)
   Entered: 17
Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £15.00
Race Information

Hamble Sports Complex, Satchell Lane, Hamble-le-Rice, Southampton SO31 4NE

Registration is open from 12:00 and the first race starts at 13:45. Registration is open all day.

Swim start times will be available at the registration desk and the race starter will have a copy. Please be aware these are subject to change. Please arrive in plenty of time to register, familiarise yourself with the course layout and to be poolside when required.

Please sign in at registration in the main cafe area to collect your race number and have your number written on your arms and legs. Your race number should be attached to your race belt or T-shirt and left in the transition area with your trainers and a towel. Further information on setting up your transition can be found below.

12:00 - Registration opens
13:45 - Youth and Juniors start
14:05 - TS Start
14:25 - T1 Start
14:45 - T2 Start
15:05 - T3 Start

Race Details
Tristart (8yrs): Swim 60m, 3 lengths: Run 600m, 1 lap
T1 (9yrs & 10yrs): Swim 160m, 8 lengths: Run 1200m, 2 laps
T2 (11yrs & 12yrs): Swim 260m, 13 lengths: Run 1800m, 3 laps
T3 (13yrs & 14yrs): Swim 400m, 20 lengths: Run 2400m, 4 laps
Youth & Juniors: Swim 400m, 20 lengths: Run 3000m, 4 laps +


Please note that ONLY competitors will be allowed in the area between the pool and transition. PLEASE ALSO NOTE THAT NO PHOTOS WILL BE ALLOWED INSIDE THE BUILDING OR AT THE POO AREA! Spectators MUST use the route as marked to move around the venue. See Marshalls.

Could all spectators please adhere to the marshals` instructions at all times. Please, if you have any questions throughout the event, do not hesitate to ask one of the officials, we will be glad to help.

The Swim
Please be poolside 15 minutes before your scheduled race start time for a race briefing. You will be given a coloured swim hat that signifies your starting position.

Swimmers will start in the water, either at the shallow or deep end as instructed. There will be no more than 4 swimmers in each lane. Your coloured swim hat will indicate your starting position in the lane. Swimmers will be started between 5-10 second intervals.

You will be given a 2 length warning that your designated swim distance is coming to an end. This will be a swimming float shown as you approach the deep end of the pool. Please prepare yourself for exit from the pool after 2 more lengths. All swims will end at the deep end of the pool.

It is important that as an athlete that you should be counting your own lengths to help avoid any miscounts. If a miscount occurs please continue with your race and we will try and resolve any discrepancy at the end of the race.

To exit the pool, climb out at the end of the lane and make your way to the open door at the side of the pool away from the windows.

On exiting the pool area please do not run as we do not wish anyone to harm themselves.

On entering the transition area, calmly and quickly prepare yourself for the run section. Remove your swim hat and goggles, put on your trainers and put on your race belt or T-shirt with number attached. Please leave your swim hat in transition for collection by the marshals.

Upon leaving transition, follow directions to the run course. Marshals will be present to guide you in the right direction. No bare chests. Race numbers are to be worn on the front for the run, either on a race belt or pinned to a T-shirt.

The Run
PLEASE ENSURE YOU COUNT THE CORRECT NUMBER OF RUN LAPS. At the end of each lap there is a split in the course. Stay right to do another lap and once you have completed the correct number of laps stay to the left to finish. The finish line is also on the playing field.
Run course map

Medals and Results
Medals will be given out at the finish and results will be posted as soon as possible. You can also view them LIVE at

Thank you for attending our Aquathlon and remember to enjoy your race. We would like this to be a fun event for all, whether it is your first time or you are a regular competitor.

A special thank you goes to Hamble Community Sports College for their continued support and use of facilities, and to all the parents, friends and supporters of Chapel Tri Club without them the event would not be possible.

The race is organised by volunteers/parents who give their time willingly to ensure all athletes have an enjoyable race.

Transition Set-up
What you need:

  • Trainers (quick fastening, either Velcro or lock laces, optional)
  • Talc- To try and take away water/moisture from your feet and to make it nice to run in.
  • Vaseline-(rub a little around the heel to slip your wet foot in easier)
  • An old towel to stamp on to try and dry your feet. (again not the one used to dry yourselves after the swim as it will also be wet and covered in talc).
  • Race belt if you have one (ideal for pinning your number on). T-shirt if you don’t have a belt.

Here’s an idea of the kit you should have ready for racing:
Transition kit layout