The Ageas Bowl 10k

Sunday 9th October

Entries close Sunday 2nd October

Welcome to one of the south's most unique and inspirational start and finish locations at the world renowned Ageas Bowl Cricket Ground. Your run, on this flat/undulating course, starts in the stadium and finishes on the hallowed playing area in front of the imposing pavilion.
The Ageas Bowl
The Ageas Bowl 10k - a unique 10km challenge at an iconic venue!

Click for a runners eye view of the Ageas Bowl 10k route

Challenge yourself and be part of a unique 10k Road Race with one of the most inspirational start and finish locations at an iconic venue.

You will start and finish within The Ageas Bowl , the famed home of Hampshire Cricket, Southern Vipers, Southern Brave and Hedge End Running Club
You will start in the stadium and enjoy a fast flat/undulating course before re-entering the stadium and then entering the playing area to complete a lap of the playing area and crossing the finish line in front of the iconic pavilion - an opportunity not to be missed.

The event is being organised by Running Mania (organisers of the Hendy Eastleigh 10k and Exbury Gardens 10k) and with
support of Hampshire Cricket Foundation.

The Ageas Bowl 10k features:

- Fast, flat/undulating course – perfect opportunity for a fast time and a possible PB
- Inspirational start and finish location within the iconic Ageas Bowl international cricket venue
- UKA affiliated event with certified 10km distance
- Free Technical T shirt memento and medal for all runners
- Age category prizes
- Free on-site parking and use of the stadium facilities (no portaloos)
- an ideal build up race to the Great South Run

We will allow a race entry transfer policy up until 12 noon on Sunday 2 October

Registration, including the issue of race packs with your race number and your timing chip will be within the stadium on the day of the race.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entries close 23:59 on 2nd Oct

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Entered: 230 of 1250
Entry Fees
Entry Fee: £22.50/£24.50
Booking fee: £1.50
Race Information

Watch a runners eye view of the route
Click for a runners eye view of the route

Event centre
Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton SO30 3XH

Event start
The event will start at 9am on Sunday 9 October 2022 from within the Ageas Bowl stadium.

The Route
10km road course with the start and finish in the Ageas Bowl. View a map of the route

The Venue
Venue Facilities include: Refreshments, information, toilets, bag storage, free car parking, t-shirt collection.

Age requirement
In accordance with UKA Rules you must be aged 15 or over on the day of the race.

Entry closing date
Entries close on Sunday 2 October 2022 (or earlier if the entry limit is reached)

Medals and tshirts
All runners will receive a commemorative bright fluro technical t-shirt and a medal ! Order your T-shirt size when you enter. Sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL sizes will be available.

Transfer our entry
How to transfer your entry to someone else:

  1. Login to Racesignup
  2. Against your entry tap Transfer
  3. Provide the email address of the person who is taking your place
  4. They will get an email with instructions on how to take up their place. You will get a copy of that email.
Please note that you are responsible for any transaction between you and the person taking your place.

Race rules
Your number will include a chip timing strip on the back of the number.

The races will be held under the UK Athletics rules. Race Permit Number: tbc

Race conditions
Please do not take part if you have any COVID-19 symptoms or are required to self-isolate under the current government guidance or have been contacted by the NHS and asked to quarantine even if you are not displaying any symptoms.

When Running Mania sell an entry on behalf of a race or event, be it paid by online credit card transaction or by a cheque and entry form in the post it is done on a NO REFUND basis.

Why an event can't refund?

Did you know that between 10% and 20% of entrants choose not to turn up on race day. If an event had to make refunds to all these entrants, budgeting would be impossible and most, if not all events, would not take place.

Cancellation: We reserve the right to cancel, delay or postpone the event due to unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances outside of our control. In such a case we will endeavour to inform participants as quickly as possible. Where cancellation is outside of our control we will not be liable for any inconvenience, expenses, costs, losses or damages suffered by participants.
Start List
Age Category Club
David Affleck Male 50-59
Graham Alders Male 50-59
Lara Alford Female 50-59
Julie Allsopp Female 60-69
Steve Andrews Male 60-69
Katie Arnold Female 50-59
Clare Attwood Senior Female
Frazer Bailey Male 40-49 Hamwic Harriers
Katherine Barbour Female 60-69 Solent Running Sisters
Melissa Barham Female 40-49 Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Neil Barker Male 40-49
Ellie Barnes Senior Female
Jonathan Bennett Junior Male City of Portsmouth AC
Tim Bingham Senior Male
Lisa Blackmore Female 50-59
Darren Blake Male 40-49
Jennie Blake Female 40-49
Charleen Bole Female 40-49
Karen Bolton Female 50-59 Solent Running Sisters
Elizabeth Bowers Female 40-49
Brenda Bradshaw Female 50-59
Brenda Bradshaw Senior Male
Kate Bray Female 40-49
Nicholas Brewer Male 50-59
Mark Brick Male 50-59
Diccon Bright Male 50-59
Colette Brown Female 50-59
Jon Brown Male 50-59
Lucy Brown Senior Female
Nikki Brown Female 40-49
Antony Browne Male 40-49 Netley Abbey Runners
Sue Burley Female 50-59
Kevin Busch Male 40-49 Gosport Road Runners
Donna Chambers Female 50-59 Solent Running Sisters
Rebecca Chambers Senior Female Totton RC
Alun Chorlton Male 40-49 Netley Abbey Runners
Jake Churcher Senior Male
Hannah Clayton Senior Female
Russell Clayton Male 40-49
Trudi Cocks Female 50-59
Bridie Coffey Senior Female
Ann Collins Female 70-79
Hayley Connor Female 50-59
Kery Connor-Edwards Female 50-59
Wayne Cook Male 40-49
Victoria Couzens Senior Female Totton RC
Annette Covey Female 50-59 Windle Valley Runners
Joe Creighton Senior Male
Ellen Cross Senior Female
Mike Culver Senior Male
Lyndsey Cunningham Female 40-49
Mark Cunningham Male 50-59 Netley Abbey Runners
Blue Davies Male 50-59
Claire Deacon Female 60-69 Eastleigh RC
Jeffrey Deacon Male 60-69 Eastleigh RC
Helen Dean Female 60-69 Chichester Runners & AC
Craig Dimblebee Male 40-49
Rebecca Dimblebee Female 40-49 Fareham Running Club
Fiona Donovan Female 50-59
John Doswell Male 60-69
Irina Dowling Senior Female
Steve Dowse Male 50-59
Lisa Duke Female 50-59
Colin Edwards Male 50-59
Jennifer Efford Senior Female Lonely Goat RC
Jack Eiles Male 40-49
Lucia Elisei Senior Female
Stephen Elvin Male 50-59
Matthew Evans Senior Male Eastleigh RC
Jackie Ferrier Female 50-59 New Forest Runners
Neil Ferrier Male 40-49
Francesca Fisher Senior Female
Matthew Flanders Male 50-59 Hedge End RC
Rachel Flanders Female 40-49 Hedge End RC
Kerry Folger Female 50-59 Eastleigh RC
Kim Folger Female 40-49
Joe Folland Senior Male
Richard Ford Male 40-49
Christine Fuller Female 40-49 Solent Running Sisters
Michael Furlong Male 60-69 Hedge End RC
Kerry Gale Female 50-59
Steve Gale Male 50-59
Louis Gauntlett Male 40-49 Eastleigh RC
Daniel George Male 40-49
Sean Gigney Male 40-49
Vicki Gleed Female 50-59
Matthew Goss Male 50-59 Hamwic Harriers
Alan Graham Male 50-59 Lordshill Road Runners
Jane Grant Female 50-59
Ian Grasmeder Male 40-49 Lordshill Road Runners
Mark Halford Male 50-59
Jason Hands Male 40-49 Fareham Running Club
Mark Hargreaves Male 60-69 City of Portsmouth AC
Loraine Harris Female 50-59 Hamwic Harriers
Pip Hart Female 50-59
David Hatton Male 40-49
Callum Hawkins Junior Male
Kirsty Hawkins Female 40-49
Phill Hawkins Male 40-49
Ryan Hawkins Junior Male
Simon Hawkins Male 50-59
Karen Head Female 50-59
Michael Head Male 60-69
Sam Henson Female 40-49
Dawn Heppell Female 40-49 Lordshill Road Runners
Louise Hillier-Wheal Female 50-59 Solent Running Sisters
Chris Hills Male 40-49
Chris Holliday Male 40-49 Fareham Running Club
Jeremy Hollinshead Male 40-49 Hedge End RC
Andy Holmes Male 50-59 Fareham Running Club
David Horne Male 70-79
Anne Hoult Female 50-59
Jess Howell Senior Female
Samantha Hoyles Senior Female
Jamie Hughes Male 40-49
Sarah Hughes Female 50-59 Netley Abbey Runners
Amelia Hutchin Junior Female
Lucy Hutchin Female 40-49
Garry Illingworth Male 50-59
Liam Ireson Junior Male
Alisdair Irvine Senior Male
Warren Jackson-Hookins Male 40-49
Sam Jenkins Female 40-49 Verwood Runners
Andrew Kearley Male 60-69
Sam Kearley Senior Male
Antony Kerton Senior Male
Sarah Kesley Female 40-49 Eastleigh RC
David Kimber Male 70-79
Andy King Senior Male Itchen Spitfires RC
Laura Lax Female 40-49
Nicola Layland Female 40-49
David LEnfant Male 50-59 Eastleigh RC
Helen LEnfant Female 50-59 Eastleigh RC
Kate Lerway Female 50-59
Melanie Lewis Female 60-69
Kirsty Lloyd-West Female 50-59 Solent Running Sisters
Mark Loader Male 50-59 City of Salisbury A & RC
Claire Lockyer Female 40-49 Netley Abbey Runners
Laura Lomer Female 40-49
David Lund Yates Male 60-69 Lonely Goat RC
Stephen Mant Male 40-49 Eastleigh RC
Paul Marchant Male 50-59 Hedge End RC
Keith Marsh Male 60-69
Tracey Marsh Female 50-59
Colin Matthews Male 50-59
Sarah Matthews Female 50-59 Egdon Heath Harriers
Gillam McClure Senior Male Itchen Spitfires RC
Lorne McEwan Male 40-49
Alison McGinnes Female 40-49
Jez McKean Male 40-49
James McLean Male 50-59 Hamwic Harriers
Claire Mead Female 40-49
Wendy Miles Female 40-49
Marie Misselbrook Female 40-49
Dan Mitchell Senior Male
Steven Morriss Male 40-49
Esther Nash Female 40-49
David Nevin Male 40-49
Stuart Nicholson Male 60-69
Ben Nickerson Senior Male
Russell Noble Male 60-69
Gail Osborne Female 60-69
Alistair Osmond Male 40-49
Carla O`Grady Female 40-49 Eastleigh RC
Sean O`Grady Male 40-49 Eastleigh RC
Michael O’Connell Male 60-69 City of Salisbury A & RC
Jeanette Parker Female 70-79 Lonely Goat RC
Preeti Patil Female 40-49
Amy Phillips Senior Female
Louise Pilcher Senior Female Itchen Spitfires RC
Emma Plimmer Female 40-49
Liz Poil Female 50-59
Martin Poil Male 50-59
Julia Potter Female 40-49
Alex Prinsep Senior Male Romsey Road Runners
Elizabeth Prinsep Romsey Road Runners
Tracey Purcell Senior Female
Irma R Female 40-49
Chris Radford Male 40-49
Kerry Raiment Female 40-49
David Ranger Male 50-59
Lewis Ranger Senior Male
Lynda Reid Female 40-49
Justin Reynolds Male 50-59
Simon Reynolds Male 40-49
Tom Richmond Senior Male
Jonathan Roberts Male 40-49
Peter Rowlandson Male 50-59
Declan Ruddy Senior Male Hamwic Harriers
Paul Ruffles Male 40-49
Dan Rush Male 50-59
Emily Sadler Female 40-49
Mark Saywell Male 60-69
Gary Seaman Male 60-69
Graham Seaman Male 60-69
Frank Shotter Male 60-69
Sue Simmonds Female 60-69 Solent Running Sisters
Michael Simms Male 40-49 Lordshill Road Runners
Nicola Skeats Female 50-59
Kerry Sorby Female 50-59 Eastleigh RC
Nigel Stone Male 40-49 Itchen Spitfires RC
Jan Sullivan Female 50-59
Corinne Sutherland Female 50-59 Hedge End RC
Emma Tait Female 40-49
Lynne Tapp Female 40-49
Katie Taylor Senior Female
Michelle Travers Female 40-49
Becky Vanes Female 40-49
Annie Vokes Senior Female
Andy Wagstaff Male 40-49 Hedge End RC
Martine Walling Female 50-59
Paul Warne Male 50-59
Vicky Watson Senior Female
John Webster Male 50-59
Bridget Wells Female 50-59
Simon Wesbroom Male 40-49
Daniel West Male 40-49
Jacqueline West Male 40-49
Lisa White Female 40-49 Totton RC
Lauren Whitehead Female 40-49
Steve Whitehead Male 40-49
Jade Whiteley Senior Female
Phil Williams Male 50-59
Sue Wilton Female 50-59 Solent Running Sisters
Chris Winbourne Male 50-59 Hedge End RC
Jordan Winbourne Senior Male Hedge End RC
Karen Woodman Female 50-59
Tracy Wynn Female 40-49
Chris Yeomans Male 40-49 Stubbington Green Runners & AC
Jack Young Senior Male