Spring Flowers - Conyngham Park, Knaresborough

Tuesday 21st June

The fifth event in a series of six evening events orienteering in lovely local woods and parks .
Small events with a big heart.
Claro Orienteers invite you to the fifth of our Spring evening events at Conyngham Hall in Knaresborough. Run through a mixture of woodland and parkland alongside the beautiful River Nidd.

We use full SI Air timing and there will be a range of courses suitable for all ages and levels of experience.

Help will be available on the day for newcomers to our sport.

Before each event there will be an informal coaching session. The skills planned will be relevant to the area we are running on so you can put your skills into practice straight away! Suitable for newcomers and experienced alike.

Registration opens at 1800 with start times from 1800 to 1845.
Courses close at 1930
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 44
Short Beginner
An easy course, mainly on paths, and suitable for younger beginners
   Entered: 8
Long Beginner
A longer easier course, mainly on paths but using some other line features such as walls or fences. Suitable for older beginners and experienced runners who would like the extra distance.
   Entered: 2
Short Experienced
A shorter, less physical course, suitable for more experienced orienteers with more navigational challenges.
   Entered: 12
Long Experienced
A longer course with physical and navigational challenges for more experienced orienteers who would like a longer distance.
   Entered: 22
Entry Fees
Senior: £5.00
Senior Non BO member supplement: £1.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.00
Junior: £3.00
Junior Chip hire: £0.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Please note if hiring a dibber a fee of £30 will be charged for lost dibbers.
Event Information

Enter by the closing date to guarantee your run. Late entries may be possible after this date subject to map availability.

See Claro website for full up-to-date details.

Start List
Short Beginner Name Age Category
CLARO Kate Mitchell W45
Alex Pear M16
Eli Pietrowski M16
Karen Robinson W55
Harvey Taylor M16
Will Villars M16
Ben Wastling M16
Reg Whitton M55
Long Beginner Name Age Category
Georgina Bachellerie W50
CLARO Elizabeth Rochester W50
Short Experienced Name Age Category
CLARO Allen Barnes M80
CLARO Jackie Barnes W75
CLOK Roy Bradley M75
CLARO David Day M70
CLARO Timothy Evans M55
CLARO June Graham W60
CLARO Katie Gray W55
AIRE Colin Powell M80
AIRE Judith Powell W80
CLARO Toby Rochester M18
EBOR Jill Smith W65
CLARO Kerensa Welsby W55
Long Experienced Name Age Category
Nick Andralojc M60
CLOK Brendan Anglim M50
CLARO Vicky Bailey W21
CLARO Susan Birtwistle W65
CLARO Sharon Bowes W50
EBOR Steve Corrigan M60
CLARO Mark David M55
Christopher Dodd M35
CLARO Kevin Francis M40
CLARO Luke Fry M18
CLARO Stephen Fry M55
EBOR Jeff Harris M65
CLARO Andrew Iddon M35
CLARO Ruth Ker W55
CLARO John Lebeter M65
CLARO Graham Ramsden M55
CLARO Philip Robinson M60
CLARO David Rochester M50
EBOR John Smales M65
AIRE Susan Stevens W65
Victoria Stevens W21
Tom Stokkermans M21