Great Plantation (near Bovey Tracey), DEVON League Event

Sunday 10th July

Entries close Sunday 3rd July

A colour coded local event at the Great Plantation near Bovey Tracey.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entries close 23:59 on 3rd Jul

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Entered: 20 of 150
Brown 8.1km 40m climb
   Entered: 7
Blue 6.0km 35m climb
   Entered: 4
Green 4.4km 30m climb
   Entered: 3
Short Green 3.4km 25m climb
   Entered: 5
Light Green 3.4km 30m climb
   Entered: 1
Orange 2.7km 25m climb
Yellow 2.3km 25m climb
All course have a map scale of 1:7500 with contour interval of 2.5m.
Entry Fees
    Senior: £10.00
    Senior Novice: £5.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior: £3.00
    Junior Chip hire: £1.00
    Entry Fee: £3.00
    Entry Fee Chip hire: £1.00
    Entry Fee: £6.00
    Entry Fee Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

The Senior Novice fee applies to these courses: Light Green, Orange, Yellow, White

Family discounts available (follow instructions during entry)

To save yourself time, consider bulk purchasing credit that you can use for ANY future DEVON Racesignup event: purchase here.

If you lose a hired SI card, you will be charged the replacement cost of £30.
Event Information

Event Information
See the event page on the club website for full details.

Great Plantation (near Bovey Tracey), DEVON League Event
Start List
Brown Club Age Category Start time
Matt Atkins DEVON M50 12:15 - 12:29
Rhys Byrne DEVON M21 11:00 - 11:14
Simon Evans KERNO M35 10:30 - 10:44
Richard Jackson DEVON M45 10:45 - 10:59
Mark Lewis KERNO M21 11:30 - 11:44
Angela Modica DEVON W50 10:45 - 10:59
Spencer Modica DEVON M55 10:45 - 10:59
Blue Club Age Category Start time
Karen Baker DEVON W50 10:30 - 10:44
Paul Bloch DEVON M60 10:45 - 10:59
Laura Evans KERNO W35 11:30 - 11:44
Dawn Williamson DEVON W60 10:45 - 10:59
Green Club Age Category Start time
Philip Beale DEVON M70 11:30 - 11:44
Jemma Davie DEVON W21 12:00 - 12:14
Brian Hart SARUM M75 11:00 - 11:14
Short Green Club Age Category Start time
Pat Hart SARUM W75 11:00 - 11:14
Becca Jackson DEVON W45 10:45 - 10:59
Mike Kite WIM M75 11:30 - 11:44
Carol Pearce DEVON W75 11:30 - 11:44
John Pearce DEVON M75 11:15 - 11:29
Light Green Club Age Category Start time
Lottie Jackson DEVON W14 10:45 - 10:59