Moonraker Relay 2022

Sunday 3rd July

Wessex Summer Relay series
A three person Harris event to test your wits!
A Junior Relay; a solo Score and a Yellow/Orange course also available
4 courses -
SWOA competition: A three person Harris event - all have to get the 6 Spine controls - the remaining 39 controls must all be collected by someone. Penalties for missing any out
3 person Junior Relay - An Urban course run three times one after the other
60 minute Score - 45 controls within an hour!
Yellow/Orange level course for Juniors or less experienced competitors
Pre-entry is mandatory.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 32 of 120
Harris event
   Entry limit: 90
   Entered: 15
Junior Relay
   Entry limit: 30
Solo Score
   Entry limit: 20
   Entered: 12
Yellow/Orange line course
   Entry limit: 30
   Entered: 5
Entry Fees
Senior: £7.00
Senior Chip hire: £1.50
Junior: £3.00
Junior Chip hire: £1.50

Juniors are under 16 on 31st December.

EMIT cards provided free for the Harris and Junior Relays
Solo runners; EMIT Hire: £1.50
Lost cards: £50.00
Event Information

Signed off the A36 and A350 for Warminster Garrison, OS Landranger Map
Sheet 183, Grid ST 8869 4581. Entrance is just before via the Main Gate - signed Waterloo Lines Camp (BA12 0DY ST894462). Please bring photo ID and this Flyer or the Final details. Parking is along a wide road, Please obey the Car parking marshals.
Assembly map on the Sarum website:


1:5,000 on A3 waterproof paper, 5m contours. Map updated January 2022.

Terrain - The event will be run throughout the Warminster Garrison, which is predominantly urban. The courses will run inside the camp. The camp area is open with undulating terrain and a good network of roads and tracks with built up areas interspersed with small woods, hedges and drainage ditches. There is minimal traffic in the camp and speed is slow. The whole area is fast and runnable. It is an Urban event so shorts and trainers will be fine, but bright colours please so you can be seen effectively.

Harris event plus a Junior Score; Solo Score; Yellow/Orange line course
Harris Team event - All collect the 6 Spine controls then divide the remaining 39 controls between the team so that all controls are punched. Penalties, available in the day, will be applied for missed controls;
Junior Relay event - one 2.6km course, run three times, one after the other ;
One hour score event with 45 controls; all worth 10 points.
Yellow/ Orange line course -. 2.6km run in a safe environment. Runners should still take care when running across roads. Juniors under 12 must be accompanied by an adult
Also an amazing MAZE to try when you are not running!
EMIT will be used at this event. Everyone must report to Download (at small tent) afterwards.

Entry details
Harris Teams- Enter as an individual (£7.00 - includes an EMIT card); add your team name, if known! There will be a registration form to complete on the day plus adding the age related handicaps.
Age related Handicaps will be added to timings - after the event.
Junior Teams: - also enter as individuals (£3.00 - includes an EMIT card); we can make up Junior teams on the day, from individual entries, if there are enough entries.

Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

Acting as an ambassador of the sport of orienteering at all times and considering how your actions may appear in the eyes of landowners or members of the public;

Arrival times: - 11:30 to 12.00. Assembly is about 320m from the Car Parking area - entry to the event is through a manned gate. If you are likely to be late, please phone the Planner on 07949 986901
Starts will be between 12.00 - 12.30. Teams from the same Club will Start 5 mins apart. Maps will be picked up after the Start line - bring a pen or a Hi-lighter to mark controls to be picked up. We suggest teams meet just before the finish to check all controls have been collected. There will be penalties for missed controls or for controls collected after the finish control has been punched!
On arrival - all teams must visit Registration to complete an entry form and add the Team handicaps (These will be found on the Flyer on the Sarum website) - these will be added on to the final times or your run. The Organiser will be at the Download tent if you have any queries. Courses will close at 14.30.

Starts: - 12.00 to 12.30.

Course close: - promptly at 14.30.

Toilets will be available in a nearby building; Limited First Aid only - be prepared to self administer. No Refreshments or water at the event, so please bring your own.

The camp is very quiet with very little traffic on a Sunday. There are few people living within the Camp boundary. Nevertheless, care should be taken when crossing roads. The area is surround by a boundary fence. All competitors should wear bright tops so that they will be seen whilst running around the camp.

Dogs are welcome only in the car park area on leads, please; not at all on the course for safety.

Timing System
EMIT brikkes - these are included in the price of the team fees; they will be available with the maps. Please don't use your own card.
Solo runners can hire a brikke for £1.50 - lost cards cost £50. These will be available at the Download tent. You can use your own card.

Finish and Download
After punching at the Finish, please make your way to Download. The team leader should bring all three of the brikkes to Download at the same time.
Take your splits prints and hand in the brikkes. Move away from the Download table. After the event , make your way back to your car. Have a safe journey home.

Results and Routegadget will be available via Racesignup and later on the Club website, hopefully on Sunday evening, if not, by late Monday.

Orienteering is an adventure sport; you are responsible for your own safety at the event and must not do anything that puts yourself or others at unnecessary risk.

Event Officials
Organiser: Charlotte Thornton (SARUM) (Enquiries only to: [email protected])

Planner: Andy Southby (BAOC/SARUM)

Controller: Liz Yeadon (SARUM)

With grateful thanks to the Planner, Andy Southby, for getting permission for the Club to use this facility.

Sarum SW Relay series
Start List
Harris event Name Age Category Club Control collector
Julie Astin W65 WSX No
David Battison M75 SARUM
Christopher Branford M75 WIM No
Lynn Branford W70 WIM
Gavin Clegg M65 WSX No
Scott Elford M21 WSX No
Jason Falconer M50 WSX No
Martin Goddard M60 SARUM Yes
Jim Graham M70 WIM No
Paul Lane M65 SARUM
Liz Lockton W60 WSX No
David Mullins M70 SARUM
Denise Mullins W70 SARUM
Ian Sayer M70 WSX No
Ian Tait M70 SARUM
Solo Score Name Age Category Club Control collector
Steve Beverley M70 SARUM Yes
Nigel Britton M70 JOK
Mike Cooke M45 BAOC
Gillian Cross W75 WIM
Martin Cross M75 WIM No
Mike Frizzell M60 BADO No
Richard Keighley M75 WIM No
Nick Nourse M60 NWO
Andrew Robertson M50 SARUM
Sarah Robertson W45 SARUM No
Chris Wilson M60 WIM
Lynn Wilson W55 WIM No
Yellow/Orange line course Name Age Category Club Control collector
Charlotte Cooke W10 SARUM
Olivia Cooke W10 SARUM
Daniel Robertson M14 SARUM
Georgie Robertson W10 SARUM
Joseph Robertson M12 SARUM