White Rose 50th Anniversary, Gilling, N Yorks

26th - 29th August 2022

Entries close Friday 19th August

Contact: [email protected]

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Entries close 23:59 on 19th Aug

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Entered Night Event: 66
Entered Middle Distance: 159
Entered Classic: 158
Entered Sprint: 97
Entered Camping: 53

White Rose 2022 Night Score Event

30 Minute Score
   Entered: 66

White Rose 2022 Middle Distance Event

   Entered: 4
   Entered: 4
Short Brown
   Entered: 15
   Entered: 18
Short Blue
   Entered: 24
   Entered: 35
Short Green
   Entered: 32
Very Short Green
   Entered: 10
Light Green
   Entered: 6
   Entered: 5
   Entered: 5

White Rose 2022 Classic Event

   Entered: 4
   Entered: 5
Short Brown
   Entered: 11
   Entered: 18
Short Blue
   Entered: 22
   Entered: 35
Short Green
   Entered: 34
Very Short Green
   Entered: 10
Light Green
   Entered: 6
   Entered: 4
   Entered: 5
   Entered: 5

White Rose 2022 Sprint Event

Course 1 - MO, WO
   Entered: 22
Course 2 - MV, WV, MSV, WSV
   Entered: 26
Course 3 - MUV, WUV, MHV, WHV, MJ, WJ
   Entered: 24
Course 4 - MYJ, WYJ
   Entered: 25

White Rose Campsite

White Rose Campsite
   Entered: 53
Entry Fees
    Senior: £5.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior/Student: £2.50
    Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
    Senior: £12.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior/Student: £6.00
    Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
    Senior: £12.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior/Student: £6.00
    Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
    Senior: £8.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.00
    Junior/Student: £4.00
    Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
Weekend pitch - 1 night
    Entry Fee: £10.00
Weekend pitch - 2 night
    Entry Fee: £20.00
Weekend pitch - 3 night
    Entry Fee: £30.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Fees are per entrant per race.

Any helpers should obtain the helper discount code for a 50% reduction for each day help is provided.

Families with children only have to pay for one child. Second and subsequent children will need to be entered. To ensure no charge is made for them, include the discount code WR22Fam for the second and any subsequent children, for each race entered. The junior discount for the first child will be automatically applied.
Start List - White Rose 2022 Night Score Event
30 Minute Score Club Age Category Start time
David Alcock AIRE M45 21:00 Mass Start
Brendan Anglim CLOK M50 21:00 Mass Start
James Askew M21 21:00 Mass Start
Mathew Averill RSOC M21 21:00 Mass Start
Leanne Bailey NOR W40 21:00 Mass Start
Andrew Bell BL M70 21:00 Mass Start
Jill Blount SO W60 21:00 Mass Start
Steve Blount SO M60 21:00 Mass Start
Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 21:00 Mass Start
Marcia Bradbury SYO W65 21:00 Mass Start
Paul Bradbury SYO M65 21:00 Mass Start
Robert Brandon OD M70 21:00 Mass Start
Simon Brister DVO M70 21:00 Mass Start
Chris Burden AIRE M70 21:00 Mass Start
Sally Calland DVO W45 21:00 Mass Start
Mary Carrick HALO W70 21:00 Mass Start
Jill Cochrane SROC W65 21:00 Mass Start
Matthew Cochrane SROC M65 21:00 Mass Start
Amanda Cooper EBOR W55 21:00 Mass Start
Carolyn Dent BOK W60 21:00 Mass Start
Cecilia Fenerty MDOC W55 21:00 Mass Start
John Green CLOK M50 21:00 Mass Start
Liam Green CLOK M18 21:00 Mass Start
Peter Guillaume SYO M70 21:00 Mass Start
Nicola Hart DVO W60 21:00 Mass Start
Rob Hick WSX M60 21:00 Mass Start
Judith Holt DVO W70 21:00 Mass Start
Chris Hooker SO M60 21:00 Mass Start
Barry Houghton HOC M75 21:00 Mass Start
Abigail Howsam SYO W14 21:00 Mass Start
David Howsam SYO M40 21:00 Mass Start
Sophie Howsam SYO W12 21:00 Mass Start
Vanessa Howsam SYO W50 21:00 Mass Start
Thomas Jarvis RAFO M21 21:00 Mass Start
Alex Johnson SYO M10 21:00 Mass Start
Jenny Johnson SYO W40 21:00 Mass Start
Judy Johnson BL W70 21:00 Mass Start
Paul Johnson BL M70 21:00 Mass Start
Becky King CLOK W21 21:00 Mass Start
Chris Lambert SYO M21 21:00 Mass Start
Andrew Llewellyn FVO M35 21:00 Mass Start
Richard Llewellyn NOC M65 21:00 Mass Start
Jo Matthew SROC W45 21:00 Mass Start
Ben O`Donnell DVO M18 21:00 Mass Start
Chris O`Donnell DVO M50 21:00 Mass Start
Jake O`Donnell DVO M16 21:00 Mass Start
Nic O`Donnell DVO W50 21:00 Mass Start
Julia Paul NOR W65 21:00 Mass Start
Paul Prudhoe M65 21:00 Mass Start
Clive Richardson WRE M55 21:00 Mass Start
Alice Rigby CLOK W21 21:00 Mass Start
Carolyn Rigby CLOK W55 21:00 Mass Start
Richard Rigby CLOK M55 21:00 Mass Start
Andy Simpson LEI M45 21:00 Mass Start
Ellie Simpson LEI W14 21:00 Mass Start
Eoin Simpson LEI M12 21:00 Mass Start
Phil Smith AYROC M55 21:00 Mass Start
Robyn Stanyon SYO W55 21:00 Mass Start
Anne Straube OD W45 21:00 Mass Start
Max Straube-Roth OD M14 21:00 Mass Start
Anna Todd SYO W14 21:00 Mass Start
Dave Todd SYO M55 21:00 Mass Start
Sam Todd SYO M16 21:00 Mass Start
David Wathey MDOC M55 21:00 Mass Start
Steve Whitehead EBOR M70 21:00 Mass Start
Doug Wilson NGOC M50 21:00 Mass Start
Start List - White Rose 2022 Middle Distance Event
Black Club Age Category Start time
Brendan Anglim CLOK M50 12:45:00
Neville Baker TVOC M65 11:59:00
Thomas Jarvis RAFO M21 11:11:00
Andrew Llewellyn FVO M35 12:58:00
Brown Club Age Category Start time
Rob Hick WSX M60 10:45:00
Tim Holt SYO M40 12:00:00
David Howsam SYO M40 11:03:00
James Meredith EBOR M40 11:47:00
Short Brown Club Age Category Start time
David Alcock AIRE M45 12:59:00
Erin Anglim CLOK 12:46:00
Mathew Averill RSOC M21 10:44:00
Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 11:24:00
Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W60 11:59:00
James Garnett SYO M50 12:00:00
Adam Kent SYO M50 11:10:00
Becky King CLOK W21 10:45:00
Chris Lambert SYO M21 10:30:00
Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M60 12:15:00
Peter Massey M50 10:41:00
Ben O`Donnell DVO M18 12:01:00
Andy Simpson LEI M45 11:58:00
Dave Todd SYO M55 11:46:00
Doug Wilson NGOC M50 11:00:00
Blue Club Age Category Start time
James Askew M21 10:30:00
Steve Blount SO M60 11:27:00
Simon Brister DVO M70 11:19:00
John Embrey SROC M60 11:45:00
Nicola Hart DVO W60 11:25:00
Chris Hooker SO M60 11:20:00
Jenny Johnson SYO W40 11:00:00
Helen Meredith EBOR W40 10:47:00
Jake O`Donnell DVO M16 12:01:00
Clive Richardson WRE M55 10:52:00
Alice Rigby CLOK W21 11:01:00
Richard Rigby CLOK M55 10:56:00
Phil Smith AYROC M55 11:40:00
Bob Steeper EPOC M55 12:00:00
Anne Straube OD W45 12:03:00
Mark Tipuric WRE M55 11:59:00
Sam Todd SYO M16 11:48:00
David Wathey MDOC M55 11:10:00
Short Blue Club Age Category Start time
Paul Bradbury SYO M65 11:02:00
Dave Brown HALO M65 10:45:00
Sally Calland DVO W45 10:35:00
Matthew Cochrane SROC M65 12:03:00
Martin Cook SMOC M65 11:11:00
Peter Dargue LEI M65 11:15:00
Kelvin Dawson WCH M45 11:06:00
Carolyn Dent BOK W60 10:47:00
Jessica Dring-Morris LEI W21 11:55:00
Jacky Embrey SROC W60 11:44:00
Richard Evans BL M65 12:04:00
Cecilia Fenerty MDOC W55 11:19:00
Rose Hartmann W21 12:12:00
Geoff Hollins POTOC M65 12:05:00
Vanessa Howsam SYO W50 11:03:00
Graham Johnson DVO M65 12:30:00
John Lebeter CLARO M65 10:36:00
Andrew Lewsley BL M65 12:15:00
Stella Lewsley BL W65 11:45:00
Richard Llewellyn NOC M65 12:32:00
Jo Matthew SROC W45 11:30:00
Philip Nichols BL M65 12:00:00
Chris O`Donnell DVO M50 12:01:00
Paul Prudhoe M65 11:01:00
Green Club Age Category Start time
Jill Blount SO W60 11:27:00
Robert Brandon OD M70 11:24:00
John Brewer SROC M55 11:11:00
Pam Brown HALO W60 10:45:00
Chris Burden AIRE M70 10:58:00
Derek Gale DVO M75 11:08:00
Simon Gale DVO M50 11:13:00
Tom Gale M55 11:19:00
William Gale DVO M21 11:20:00
Alexandra Garnett SYO W16 12:03:00
Barry Houghton HOC M75 10:56:00
Paul Johnson BL M70 11:05:00
Val Johnson DVO W60 12:30:00
Janet Knight DEE W55 12:01:00
Jonathan Lee LEI M60 11:15:00
Caroline Mackenzie CLOK W55 12:02:00
Jane Malley NATO W60 12:04:00
Andrew Middleton DVO M70 11:14:00
Janice Nichols BL W60 12:00:00
Carol Prosser BAOC W60 10:35:00
Ian Prosser BAOC M65 10:40:00
Donald Purves EBOR M60 11:03:00
Michael Ridealgh EBOR M70 11:02:00
Rick Roberts HOC M70 10:50:00
Peter Ross MDOC M75 12:45:00
Claire Selby DVO W50 11:06:00
Jessica Selby DVO W21 11:18:00
Paul Simmons HALO M70 10:55:00
Ellie Simpson LEI W14 11:57:00
John Smales EBOR M65 10:30:00
Robyn Stanyon SYO W55 11:50:00
Carol Taverner WIGHTO W60 11:30:00
Paul Taylor CLOK M70 11:45:00
Anna Todd SYO W14 11:44:00
Steve Whitehead EBOR M70 11:35:00
Short Green Club Age Category Start time
Jane Anthony SROC W65 11:11:00
Peter Bartlett WIGHTO M65 11:42:00
Greg Birdseye TVOC M75 11:28:00
David Booker NOC M65 11:27:00
Jane Booker NOC W65 11:36:00
Marcia Bradbury SYO W65 11:07:00
Mary Carrick HALO W70 11:06:00
Karen Clark EBOR W65 11:38:00
Richard Clark EBOR M75 11:32:00
Jill Cochrane SROC W65 12:03:00
Jillyan Dobby MDOC W70 12:45:00
Liz Drew EBOR W70 10:53:00
Jane Dring-Morris LEI W50 12:00:00
Anita Evans BL W65 12:05:00
Lisa Gale DVO W50 11:17:00
Helen Gardner EBOR W70 12:29:00
Barry Harrison CLOK M80 10:56:00
Judith Holt DVO W70 10:30:00
Judy Johnson BL W70 11:13:00
Chris Kirkham MDOC M75 11:00:00
Gillian Markham EPOC W65 12:30:00
Chris Morley WAOC M80 11:34:00
Nic O`Donnell DVO W50 12:01:00
Julia Prudhoe W65 11:02:00
Carolyn Rigby CLOK W55 10:57:00
Susan Roberts HOC W70 10:50:00
Margaret Shaw EPOC W70 11:31:00
Rod Shaw EPOC M80 11:40:00
Jill Smith EBOR W65 12:04:00
Steve Taverner WIGHTO M65 11:30:00
Joe Trigg CLOK M70 10:51:00
John Woodall NOC M80 11:04:00
VS Green Club Age Category Start time
Andrew Bell BL M70 12:01:00
Sue Bicknell OD W75 12:00:00
John Cooke DVO M75 11:03:00
Amanda Cooper EBOR W55 10:58:00
Jen Gale DVO W75 11:08:00
Peter Guillaume SYO M70 11:00:00
Christine Middleton DVO W75 11:18:00
Julia Paul NOR W65 11:30:00
Ian Robson EBOR M70 11:32:00
Celia Wells EBOR W85 10:30:00
Light Green Club Age Category Start time
Alyson Denney OD W70 11:00:00
Maxwell Groom SYO M12 12:02:00
Abigail Howsam SYO W14 11:03:00
Patricia Simmons HALO W70 10:55:00
Eoin Simpson LEI M12 11:59:00
Max Straube-Roth OD M14 12:00:00
Orange Club Age Category Start time
Keziah Bailey NOR W16 10:40:00
Sophie Howsam SYO W12 11:03:00
Daniel Meredith EBOR M12 10:47:00
Farah Ojaghi DVO W21 11:08:00
Jude Smith AYROC W50 11:40:00
Yellow Club Age Category Start time
Charlie Alcock AIRE M10 12:59:00
Anna Holt SYO W12 12:00:00
Lucy Holt SYO W10 11:50:00
Alex Johnson SYO M10 11:00:00
Joseph Meredith EBOR M10 10:48:00
White Club Age Category Start time
Alfie Alcock AIRE M10 12:59:00
Start List - White Rose 2022 Classic Event
Black Club Age Category Start time
Brendan Anglim CLOK M50 11:01:00
Neville Baker TVOC M65 11:20:00
Thomas Jarvis RAFO M21 11:12:00
Andrew Llewellyn FVO M35 11:00:00
Brown Club Age Category Start time
John Green CLOK M50 11:05:00
Liam Green CLOK M18 10:55:00
Tim Holt SYO M40 11:30:00
David Howsam SYO M40 11:04:00
James Meredith EBOR M40 11:48:00
Short Brown Club Age Category Start time
David Alcock AIRE M45 10:31:00
Mathew Averill RSOC M21 10:46:00
Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 11:03:00
James Garnett SYO M50 11:31:00
Becky King CLOK W21 10:40:00
Chris Lambert SYO M21 12:45:00
Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M60 11:30:00
Ben O`Donnell DVO M18 12:02:00
Andy Simpson LEI M45 12:30:00
Dave Todd SYO M55 11:49:00
Doug Wilson NGOC M50 11:01:00
Blue Club Age Category Start time
Steve Blount SO M60 11:28:00
Simon Brister DVO M70 11:22:00
Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W60 11:21:00
Nicola Hart DVO W60 11:29:00
Rob Hick WSX M60 10:50:00
Chris Hooker SO M60 11:30:00
Jenny Johnson SYO W40 12:30:00
Helen Meredith EBOR W40 10:48:00
Jake O`Donnell DVO M16 12:02:00
Clive Richardson WRE M55 10:51:00
Alice Rigby CLOK W21 11:02:00
Richard Rigby CLOK M55 10:55:00
Phil Smith AYROC M55 11:15:00
Bob Steeper EPOC M55 10:35:00
Anne Straube OD W45 12:04:00
Mark Tipuric WRE M55 10:40:00
Sam Todd SYO M16 11:51:00
David Wathey MDOC M55 11:31:00
Short Blue Club Age Category Start time
Paul Bradbury SYO M65 10:59:00
Dave Brown HALO M65 10:44:00
Sally Calland DVO W45 10:34:00
Matthew Cochrane SROC M65 10:40:00
Peter Dargue LEI M65 11:16:00
Carolyn Dent BOK W60 10:50:00
Jessica Dring-Morris LEI W21 11:10:00
Richard Evans BL M65 10:46:00
Cecilia Fenerty MDOC W55 11:40:00
Rose Hartmann W21 10:30:00
Geoff Hollins POTOC M65 10:31:00
Vanessa Howsam SYO W50 11:04:00
Graham Johnson DVO M65 11:31:00
Adam Kent SYO M50 11:35:00
John Lebeter CLARO M65 10:37:00
Andrew Lewsley BL M65 12:16:00
Stella Lewsley BL W65 11:46:00
Richard Llewellyn NOC M65 10:57:00
Jo Matthew SROC W45 11:29:00
Philip Nichols BL M65 11:28:00
Chris O`Donnell DVO M50 12:02:00
Paul Prudhoe M65 11:00:00
Green Club Age Category Start time
Jill Blount SO W60 11:28:00
Robert Brandon OD M70 11:23:00
John Brewer SROC M55 11:12:00
Pam Brown HALO W60 10:44:00
Chris Burden AIRE M70 10:59:00
Ricardo Fernandes HALO M45 11:31:00
Derek Gale DVO M75 11:21:00
Simon Gale DVO M50 11:07:00
Tom Gale M55 11:36:00
William Gale DVO M21 11:09:00
Alexandra Garnett SYO W16 11:33:00
Paul Johnson BL M70 11:10:00
Val Johnson DVO W60 11:32:00
Janet Knight DEE W55 10:42:00
Jonathan Lee LEI M60 11:16:00
Caroline Mackenzie CLOK W55 11:25:00
Jane Malley NATO W60 10:57:00
Andrew Middleton DVO M70 11:17:00
Janice Nichols BL W60 11:26:00
Carol Prosser BAOC W60 10:41:00
Ian Prosser BAOC M65 10:36:00
Donald Purves EBOR M60 11:04:00
Michael Ridealgh EBOR M70 11:00:00
Rick Roberts HOC M70 10:46:00
Peter Ross MDOC M75 11:01:00
Claire Selby DVO W50 11:22:00
Jessica Selby DVO W21 11:34:00
Paul Simmons HALO M70 10:54:00
Ellie Simpson LEI W14 12:40:00
John Smales EBOR M65 10:31:00
Robyn Stanyon SYO W55 11:51:00
Carol Taverner WIGHTO W60 11:29:00
Paul Taylor CLOK M70 11:46:00
Anna Todd SYO W14 11:47:00
Steve Whitehead EBOR M70 11:55:00
Short Green Club Age Category Start time
Jane Anthony SROC W65 11:12:00
Peter Bartlett WIGHTO M65 11:43:00
Greg Birdseye TVOC M75 11:33:00
David Booker NOC M65 11:44:00
Jane Booker NOC W65 11:45:00
Marcia Bradbury SYO W65 10:58:00
Mary Carrick HALO W70 11:08:00
Karen Clark EBOR W65 11:41:00
Richard Clark EBOR M75 11:35:00
Jill Cochrane SROC W65 10:41:00
Jillyan Dobby MDOC W70 11:01:00
Liz Drew EBOR W70 10:52:00
Jane Dring-Morris LEI W50 11:16:00
Anita Evans BL W65 10:45:00
Lisa Gale DVO W50 11:18:00
Helen Gardner EBOR W70 10:33:00
Barry Harrison CLOK M80 10:54:00
Judith Holt DVO W70 10:40:00
Judy Johnson BL W70 11:14:00
Chris Kirkham MDOC M75 10:59:00
Gillian Markham EPOC W65 11:10:00
Chris Morley WAOC M80 10:31:00
Robin Mowbray BOF M65 10:35:00
Nic O`Donnell DVO W50 12:02:00
Julia Prudhoe W65 11:03:00
Carolyn Rigby CLOK W55 10:55:00
Susan Roberts HOC W70 10:46:00
Margaret Shaw EPOC W70 11:09:00
Rod Shaw EPOC M80 11:15:00
Jill Smith EBOR W65 11:20:00
Steve Taverner WIGHTO M65 11:29:00
Wendy Taylor CLOK W65 11:46:00
Joe Trigg CLOK M70 10:49:00
John Woodall NOC M80 11:05:00
VS Green Club Age Category Start time
Andrew Bell BL M70 12:02:00
Sue Bicknell OD W75 11:02:00
John Cooke DVO M75 11:04:00
Amanda Cooper EBOR W55 10:59:00
Jen Gale DVO W75 11:21:00
Peter Guillaume SYO M70 11:01:00
Christine Middleton DVO W75 11:19:00
Julia Paul NOR W65 11:45:00
Ian Robson EBOR M70 11:31:00
Celia Wells EBOR W85 10:31:00
Light Green Club Age Category Start time
Alyson Denney OD W70 11:01:00
Maxwell Groom SYO M12 11:20:00
Abigail Howsam SYO W14 11:04:00
Patricia Simmons HALO W70 10:54:00
Eoin Simpson LEI M12 12:41:00
Max Straube-Roth OD M14 12:01:00
Orange Club Age Category Start time
Keziah Bailey NOR W16 10:45:00
Sophie Howsam SYO W12 11:04:00
Daniel Meredith EBOR M12 10:48:00
Jude Smith AYROC W50 11:15:00
Yellow Club Age Category Start time
Charlie Alcock AIRE M10 10:30:00
Anna Holt SYO W12 11:30:00
Lucy Holt SYO W10 11:20:00
Alex Johnson SYO M10 12:30:00
Joseph Meredith EBOR M10 10:47:00
White Club Age Category Start time
Alfie Alcock AIRE M10 10:31:00
Emilia Fernandes HALO W10 10:30:00
Evan Llewellyn M10 12:57:00
Rhys Llewellyn M10 12:56:00
Start List - White Rose 2022 Sprint Event
Course 1 Club Age Category Start time
David Alcock AIRE M45 10:28:00
Brendan Anglim CLOK M50 10:35:00
Erin Anglim CLOK 10:36:00
Mathew Averill RSOC M21 10:44:00
Neville Baker TVOC M65 10:29:00
Marie-Anne Fischer TVOC W60 10:32:00
James Garnett SYO M50 10:11:00
Rose Hartmann W21 10:50:00
Tim Holt SYO M40 10:45:00
Thomas Jarvis RAFO M21 10:12:00
Oli Johnson SYO M40 10:20:00
Becky King CLOK W21 10:01:00
Chris Lambert SYO M21 10:00:00
Andrew Llewellyn FVO M35 10:10:00
Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M60 10:30:00
Ben O`Donnell DVO M18 10:39:00
Chris O`Donnell DVO M50 10:40:00
Alice Rigby CLOK W21 10:31:00
Andrew Selby DVO M45 10:48:00
Andy Simpson LEI M45 10:38:00
Dave Todd SYO M55 10:46:00
Doug Wilson NGOC M50 10:15:00
Course 2 Club Age Category Start time
Jill Blount SO W60 10:50:00
Steve Blount SO M60 10:29:00
Simon Brister DVO M70 10:45:00
Pam Brown HALO W60 10:09:00
Sally Calland DVO W45 10:35:00
Amanda Cooper EBOR W55 10:59:00
Cecilia Fenerty MDOC W55 10:21:00
Nicola Hart DVO W60 10:51:00
Chris Hooker SO M60 10:40:00
Jenny Johnson SYO W40 10:20:00
Val Johnson DVO W60 10:40:00
Caroline Mackenzie CLOK W55 10:25:00
Jo Matthew SROC W45 10:30:00
Helen Meredith EBOR W40 10:02:00
Nic O`Donnell DVO W50 10:41:00
Clive Richardson WRE M55 10:52:00
Carolyn Rigby CLOK W55 10:34:00
Richard Rigby CLOK M55 10:31:00
Claire Selby DVO W50 10:47:00
Jessica Selby DVO W21 10:50:00
Jude Smith AYROC W50 10:16:00
Phil Smith AYROC M55 10:15:00
Robyn Stanyon SYO W55 10:46:00
Anne Straube OD W45 10:42:00
Carol Taverner WIGHTO W60 10:45:00
David Wathey MDOC M55 10:25:00
Course 3 Club Age Category Start time
Andrew Bell BL M70 10:28:00
Robert Brandon OD M70 10:36:00
Dave Brown HALO M65 10:12:00
Martin Cook SMOC M65 10:56:00
Alexandra Garnett SYO W16 10:13:00
Peter Guillaume SYO M70 10:15:00
Geoff Hollins POTOC M65 10:29:00
Abigail Howsam SYO W14 10:20:00
Graham Johnson DVO M65 10:31:00
Paul Johnson BL M70 10:24:00
John Lebeter CLARO M65 10:33:00
Andrew Lewsley BL M65 10:10:00
Richard Llewellyn NOC M65 10:11:00
Daniel Meredith EBOR M12 10:14:00
Andrew Middleton DVO M70 10:49:00
Jake O`Donnell DVO M16 10:41:00
Paul Prudhoe M65 10:32:00
Michael Ridealgh EBOR M70 10:30:00
Ellie Simpson LEI W14 10:42:00
Eoin Simpson LEI M12 10:38:00
Max Straube-Roth OD M14 10:39:00
Anna Todd SYO W14 10:44:00
Sam Todd SYO M16 10:48:00
Steve Whitehead EBOR M70 10:35:00
Course 4 Club Age Category Start time
Alfie Alcock AIRE M10 10:29:00
Charlie Alcock AIRE M10 10:28:00
Sue Bicknell OD W75 10:15:00
Mary Carrick HALO W70 10:31:00
Karen Clark EBOR W65 10:12:00
Richard Clark EBOR M75 10:05:00
John Cooke DVO M75 10:00:00
Liz Drew EBOR W70 10:33:00
Derek Gale DVO M75 10:47:00
Jen Gale DVO W75 10:52:00
Anna Holt SYO W12 10:45:00
Judith Holt DVO W70 10:06:00
Lucy Holt SYO W10 10:25:00
Sophie Howsam SYO W12 10:21:00
Alex Johnson SYO M10 10:20:00
Judy Johnson BL W70 10:24:00
Stella Lewsley BL W65 10:10:00
Evan Llewellyn M10 10:50:00
Rhys Llewellyn M10 10:49:00
Joseph Meredith EBOR M10 10:09:00
Christine Middleton DVO W75 10:48:00
Julia Paul NOR W65 10:51:00
Julia Prudhoe W65 10:30:00
Jill Smith EBOR W65 10:35:00
Arabella Woodrow EPOC W65 10:26:00
Start List - White Rose Campsite
White Rose Campsite Club Age Category Start time
David Alcock AIRE M45 Campsite
Jane Anthony SROC W65 Campsite
Mathew Averill RSOC M21 Campsite
Leanne Bailey NOR W40 Campsite
Neville Baker TVOC M65 Campsite
Andrew Bell BL M70 Campsite
Jill Blount SO W60 Campsite
Jane Booker NOC W65 Campsite
Stephen Borrill WAOC M50 Campsite
Paul Bradbury SYO M65 Campsite
Chris Burden AIRE M70 Campsite
Mary Carrick HALO W70 Campsite
Jill Cochrane SROC W65 Campsite
Matthew Cochrane SROC M65 Campsite
John Cooke DVO M75 Campsite
Amanda Cooper EBOR W55 Campsite
Kelvin Dawson WCH M45 Campsite
Anita Evans BL W65 Campsite
Richard Evans BL M65 Campsite
James Garnett SYO M50 Campsite
Kris Groom SYO M45 Campsite
Peter Guillaume SYO M70 Campsite
Rob Hick WSX M60 Campsite
Geoff Hollins POTOC M65 Campsite
Anna Holt SYO W12 Campsite
Judith Holt DVO W70 Campsite
Tim Holt SYO M40 Campsite
Chris Hooker SO M60 Campsite
Vanessa Howsam SYO W50 Campsite
Dennis Jaques M70 Campsite
Graham Johnson DVO M65 Campsite
Paul Johnson BL M70 Campsite
Becky King CLOK W21 Campsite
Chris Lambert SYO M21 Campsite
Andrew Lewsley BL M65 Campsite
Andrew Llewellyn FVO M35 Campsite
Richard Llewellyn NOC M65 Campsite
Alastair Mackenzie CLOK M60 Campsite
Jo Matthew SROC W45 Campsite
James Meredith EBOR M40 Campsite
Chris O`Donnell DVO M50 Campsite
Julia Paul NOR W65 Campsite
Clive Richardson WRE M55 Campsite
Alice Rigby CLOK W21 Campsite
Rick Roberts HOC M70 Campsite
Rod Shaw EPOC M80 Campsite
Andy Simpson LEI M45 Campsite
Phil Smith AYROC M55 Campsite
Robyn Stanyon SYO W55 Campsite
Bob Steeper EPOC M55 Campsite
Anne Straube OD W45 Campsite
David Wathey MDOC M55 Campsite
Doug Wilson NGOC M50 Campsite