Saughton Park

Saturday 16th July

Entries open Monday 4th July

ESOC Local event at Saughton Park.

The closing date for online entries is 10am on 16th July, however as we will need to order the maps in good time the following conditions apply
- online entries received by Tuesday 12th July @ 6pm will be guaranteed a map for your chosen course
- online entries will be accepted up to 10am on Saturday 16th July assuming maps are still available
- Entry on the day (EOD) will be accepted at registration (from 1pm-2:15pm) on the day of the event assuming maps are still available. PLEASE BRING CASH
Saughton Park
Photo Credit: Crawford Lindsay

We will be ordering extra maps so hopefully everyone will get a run on their chosen course even if you can only decide on the day that you can make it.

This entry system was originally designed primarily for individual entries but has been adapted for this event to make it easier for pairs, groups and families (who wish to go round a course together) to enter. Please read the Event Information below for help with using this system.

Once the first entry has been accepted, a Start List will appear at the bottom of this page and the Courses box will be updated, as entries are received, to indicate the number of maps remaining (will be correct up to 10 am on Saturday 16th July).

Full details are on the event webpage including an explanation of the Colour Coded courses. Please read these before you enter and again before the day to check for updates, especially on Friday evening in case the weather has affected the event. If not just turn up at the Start any time within the 15 minute start block you have selected and are listed below.

Course lengths are below and there is negligible climb.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entries open 09:00 on 4th Jul

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Orange 2.3km
Yellow 1.7km
White 1.2km
Event Information

Entries Help
For this event we will be using different categories for individuals and groups, so please read the notes below before starting the entry system,

- If you want to run on your own please enter as an Individual, either as an adult or junior (under 21) choosing Categories 1 or 2. Students should enter as Juniors to access the reduced rate (your YOB will define your class).
- If you want to enter a pair or a group, to go round a course together, sharing a map and SI Dibber (timing device), then choose one of the other categories (3-9}. If a larger group would like to have an extra map and SI dibber, enter as 2 groups (in 2 separate entries) or buy an extra map at Registration on the day and the 2 groups can start at the same time on the day. You only need to pay once you have entered all the groups or individuals you want. Groups can even choose a name which will appear in the results, otherwise the name of the person making the entries will be used.

The fees for each group are in the table below including a surcharge for those who area not members of an orienteering club affiliated to SOA or BOF.

We have SI dibbers (the electronic timing system) for hire free of charge but there is a £30 charge if lost. Hired dibbers can be collected from Registration as can the maps for the White and Yellow courses.

If you need more help contact [email protected] or check the event webpage or the beginners pages on the ESOC website

Fees Table

CategoryNo of persons per entryOrienteering Club MembersNon-Members
11 Adult£4.00£6.00
21 Junior/Student£2.00£4.00
32 Adults£5.00£7.00
42 Juniors£2.50£4.50
51 Adult + 1 Junior£4.50£6.50
61 Adult + 2 Juniors£5.00£7.00
72 Adults + 1 Junior£5.50£7.50
82 Adults + 2 Juniors£6.00£8.00
92 Adults + 3 Juniors£6.50£8.50

When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of the ESOC website or in newspaper reports. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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