Pickering Spring Series

Saturday 16th July

Continuing the Spring Series, we have a lovely relaxed Saturday morning event for you to enjoy, with a castle, a Food Fair and steam trains in the mix!

There will be a short junior course, shorter adult course, and long adult course. Late entries available based on available map numbers.
Contact: simon.brook@lineone.net

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Town 5.0km 50m climb
Streets of Pickering with a foray in to the woods, suitable for experienced orienteers. Not suitable for under 16s.
Entry limit: 22
Entered: 22

Country 2.9km 50m climb
Pickering has some challenging terrain very close to the urban areas. This largely avoids the streets, with just a few roads to cross. Suitable for experienced and novice orienteers, not suitable for juniors.
Entry limit: 14
Entered: 13

Junior/Novice 1.3km 10m climb
Course exclusively in Newbridge Park and castle moat, with no roads to cross. Suitable for Juniors under 16 and novice adults
Entry limit: 14
Entered: 13

Entry Fees
Senior: £4.00
Junior/Student: £3.00

Juniors are under 21 on race day.
Seniors (21 and above)
Juniors and students (20 and under)
£3 (inc. students)
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