Hailes Quarry Park Ultrasprint

Sunday 14th August

ESOC event on a new map of Hailes Quarry Park
The closing date for online entries is 10am on Sunday 14th August, however as we will need to order the maps in good time the following conditions apply
- online entries received by Tuesday 9th August @ 6pm will be guaranteed a map for your chosen course
- online entries will be accepted up to 10am on Sunday 14th August assuming maps are still available
- Entry on the day (EOD) will be accepted at registration (from 1pm-2pm) on the day of the event assuming maps are still available. PLEASE BRING CASH

Full details are on the event webpage please read these before you enter and again before the day to check for updates.

Photo Credit: Sally Lindsay

Unlike our usual Local events there is just one "course " to enter BUT this allows access to 3 different courses (on 3 separate maps) all of which involve running through the MAZE. There will be no allocated Start times either, just arrive in time to run all 3 courses before the closing time of 16:30.

We will be ordering extra maps so hopefully everyone will get a run even if you can only decide on the day that you can make it.

For this unique event we have adapted the entry system (again) since because of the nature of the courses (each of which includes a narrow maze) we can only cater for individual entries or pairs of juniors or one adult and one junior running together. Each entry assumes one dibber will be used.

To enter as a Student or a Pair please read the additional advice below.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entered: 20
3 map "bundle"
   Entered: 20
Entry Fees
Senior: £7.00
Junior: £4.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

To enter as a Student and access the Junior rate see the advice below.

We have SI dibbers for hire free of charge but there is a £30 charge if lost. You carry the dibber with you so that we can time you around the course.

Full details are on the event webpage

First time using this system? To save time when entering future events, please take the time to set up a RACESIGNUP account and create profiles for all the members of the group or family you are entering. You only need to pay once you have entered all the individuals you wish to. More help with entering pairs or groups below.
Event Information

Entries Help
This entry system is designed for individuals running alone and every individual entry is entitled to one map and use one dibber (hired if necessary). However if you wish to enter as a pair or a student please note the instructions below.

- To enter as a Pair where an adult shadows a Junior
The adult should make the entry using their details, the fee charged ie Senior will be based on the YOB. You can use the comments to choose add the name of the Junior eg The Smith Family or Hamish and John
- To enter a Pair of Juniors
An adult can make the entry but use one of the juniors details, the fee charged ie Junior will be based on the YOB. You can use the comments to add the names of other junior in the pair
- To enter as a Student and pay the Junior fee
Enter as usual BUT put YOB=2010, and in the Comments box put STUDENT - Age Class (eg M21)

If you need more help contact [email protected] or check the or the beginners pages on the ESOC website

When entering our events your name may appear in the results section of the ESOC website or in newspaper reports. Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

Contact details are kept for 5 years in a secure location for insurance purposes and not shared outwith the club.

Event webpage
Start List
3 map "bundle" Club
Emily Atkinson ELO
Jennifer Atkinson ELO
Joel Atkinson ELO
Michael Atkinson ELO
Peter Atkinson ELO
Walter Clark ESOC
Robert Findlay ESOC
Fiona Hendrie FVO
Ian Hendrie FVO
Laura Hendrie FVO
Fiona Johnston RR
Eve-Marie Josse ESOC
Calum Robertson ESOC
David Robertson ESOC
Hanne Robertson ESOC
Errol Shave ESOC
Steven Shave ESOC
Robin Strain ELO
Sheila Strain ELO
John Todd