Hincheslea and Yewtree Bottom

Saturday 10th September

Late Summer orienteering in the New Forest. Beginners and families welcome.
Join us for a super Saturday event at Hincheslea in the New Forest with courses for all skills and all ages. If you are new to orienteering or new to the club or just want to talk about how to progress with your orienteering, one of our coaches will be on hand to help.

Parking at Wilverley Inclosure: what3words /// translated.clinking.lifted. Grid Ref SU253006.
Contact: [email protected]

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Yellow 2.5km
    All on paths. Suitable for beginners.
Orange 3.5km
    Mostly on paths, but corners can be cut. Suitable for improvers.
Light Green 4.5km
    Experience required.
   Entered: 1
Green 4.5km
    Experience required.
Blue 7.0km
    Experience required.

There are road crossings on all courses except Yellow. Under 16s on Blue, Green, Light Green and Orange must run with or be shadowed by an adult.

Course lengths subject to final planning.
   Entered: 2
Entry Fees
From 30th July:
    Standard Fees
        Senior: £7.00
        Senior Novice: £4.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.50
        Junior: £3.50
        Junior Chip hire: £0.00
From 5th September:
    Late Fees and Entry on the Day (EOD)
        Senior: £8.00
        Senior Novice: £5.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.50
        Junior: £4.00
        Junior Chip hire: £0.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Novice fee applies to adults entering on the Yellow or Orange courses.
Event Information

Enter before 5th September to avoid the late entry fee and to guarantee a place on the course of your choice.

From 5th September the number of places available will be restricted!

There is a public toilet available in the car park.

Help, advice and hire cards: 09:50 - 12:00
Starts (turn up and go): 10:00 - 12:00
Courses close: 13:00

Start List
Light Green Club Age Category Discount
Natalie Morant SOC W50
Blue Club Age Category Discount
Joe House SO M65
Robin Smith SO M70