Wheldrake Wood regional

Sunday 5th March

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Wheldrake Woods (YO19 6BG) is popular with the public, dog walkers, and some horse riders. It is a working forest, which once housed Forest Commission offices. It is largely flat, with a good path and track network with a mixture of trees, rhodadendrum, and holly. It is surrounded Swallow Hall Golf Course to the south and Elvington Airfield to the north, home of Yorkshire Air Museum.
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More. Maps available

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Entered: 130

Entry limit: 10
Entered: 8

Entry limit: 32
Entered: 27

Entry limit: 40
Entered: 37

Short Green
Entry limit: 40
Entered: 33

Light Green
Entry limit: 12
Entered: 9

Entry limit: 13
Entered: 7

Entry limit: 12
Entered: 6

Entry limit: 8
Entered: 3

Brown, Blue, Green, Short Green courses for senior and older junior age class entries.
Light Green, Orange, Yellow for juniors and novices, white course for junior beginners.
Brown 8km
Blue 6.3km
Green 4.5km
Sh Green 3.2km
Lt Green 4km
Orange 3km
Yellow 2.8km
White 2.3km
Subject to final controlling.

Entry Fees
From 30th January:
        Senior: £8.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior/Student: £4.00
        Junior/Student Chip hire: £0.50
From 27th February:
    Late entries
        Senior: £10.00
        Junior/Student: £5.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Family (2adults and 1 or more children) £20. Please use discount code wwfam23 for 2nd and subsequent children to ensure free entry.
Pairs or family groups welcome, just pay one entry fee for one map.
Full time Students are charged at the Junior rate.

EOD via Racesignup and subject to map availability.
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