HAVOC Regional & SWELL event - Thorndon South

Sunday 23rd April

Regional & SWELL Event
Contact: organiser@orienteering-havoc.co.uk

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Entry limit: 55
Entered: 23

Entry limit: 55
Entered: 30

Entry limit: 55
Entered: 55

Short Green
Entry limit: 25
Entered: 17

Light Green
Entry limit: 25
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Entry limit: 25
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Entry limit: 25
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Entry limit: 25
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Entry Fees
From 19th March:
        Senior: £9.00/£11.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior: £4.00
        Junior Chip hire: £1.00
From 10th April:
        Senior: £10.00/£12.00
        Senior Chip hire: £1.00
        Junior: £4.00
        Junior Chip hire: £1.00

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Event Information

Regional, SWELL and ESSOL forest event.

Limited EOD entries will be available at Enquiries, subject to map availbility. Note: the Green course is already full.

Terrain Description
Thorndon Park South is a mixture of ancient and re-planted woodland, streams and a lake, open meadows and pasture fields with some steep slopes and contour detail. Ancient woodland is very runnable. 1990s Woodland Trust plantings have now matured into pleasant woodland.
Map, A4 1:10,000 scale, re-surveyed Feb 2023 for this event.

From the M25 J29 junction: Take the A127 east for 3 miles. Turn north at the A127/A128 junction towards Brentwood; after a quarter mile turn left into the country park indicated by a brown and white tourist sign. (OS Grid Reference TQ 634898 Postcode CM13 3LH)

NB. 6’6” width restriction to the main part of the car park. Wide vehicles need to park before the pinch-point.

The car park is hard standing or on well drained grass areas. There is a tiered Essex County Council "Pay and Display" charge: £2.50 for up to 1 hour, £3.80 for up to 2 hours, and £5.10 for up to 4 hours. (coins and cards accepted), you will need to enter your car registration number before paying.

Public Transport:The nearest railway station is at West Horndon, 3 km to the south: half-hourly service from Fenchurch Street. There are no local bus services on a Sunday.

Starts 10:30am to 12:30 pm.
Courses close 2.30 pm.

Course Info
A range of colour coded courses. Course information:-
Distance Climb Controls
Brown 9.0km 180m 30
Blue 7.5km 125m 26
Green 4.6km 95m 21
S Green 3.3km 85m 14
L Green 3.7km 85m 12
Orange 3.2km 65m 12
Yellow 2.6km 50m 14
White 1.7km 40m 13

All courses will use a 1:10,000 scale, one-sided A4 size colour map.

White, Yellow and Orange have written descriptions. All other courses have pictorial descriptions. Loose descriptions will be available at the Start.

SIAC will be enabled. However, all Competitors will need to punch the Check, Start and Finish controls.

Entry Fees
Entries in advance via Racesign-up.

Entry Fees -

For entries up to Sunday, April 9 - Seniors £9 ( £11 for non- BOF members), Juniors £4,
SI dibber hire (non SIAC) £1.

For entries post April 9 - Seniors £10 ( £12 for non- BOF members), Juniors £4,
SI dibber hire (non SIAC) £1.

Entries close on Friday, April 21.

Toilets near to the west end of the car park. Unfortuantely, the Kiosk/cafe is not expected to be open.
Start and Finish both within 300m from the western end of the car park.
Other attractions: Lake with wildfowl.

Planner: Paul Beckett (HAVOC)
Organiser: Colin Jackson (Organiser@orienteering-havoc.co.uk)
Controller: Graham Batty (HAVOC)

Event Details