Brutal - Bagshot Extra!

Saturday 30th December

Entries close Thursday 28th December

**New location due to Operation Interflex**

We have moved to Bagshot due to our original location at Longmoor now being used to train Ukrainian troops.

We will update further details on the new course in due course. We have secured an extra area to expand on our usual Bagshot course to give you all something new to try! Keep an eye out on socials for updates.
One thing we can be sure of is that this run will be wet and very hilly! A 5 mile course with the option to run 2 laps for the 10 mile course.
Contact: [email protected]

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Entries close 20:00 on 28th Dec

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Car Sharing available


5 Miles
One lap of the course

10 Miles
Two laps of the course

Entry Fees
From 3rd July:
    5 Miles - Early Bird 25% Discount
        Senior: £21.38
        Junior: £19.88
    10 Miles - Early Bird 25% Discount
        Entry Fee: £24.38
From 6th November:
    5 Miles - Standard Price
        Senior: £28.50
        Junior: £23.00
    10 Miles - Standard Price
        Entry Fee: £31.50

Juniors are under 16 on race day.
5 Mile Min Age = 11
10 Mile Min Age = 16
Race Information

Timings & Location
Registration will begin from 0800 where you will collect your race number. All races will start together at 1000.

Final event details will be emailed out the Friday morning prior to the event.

What3Words location ///boat.breathing.unheated

Nearest postcode is GU15 1QA

Event Withdrawl
If you find you are no longer able to attend the event then you can withdraw your entry up until 1400 on the Thursday prior to the event. This is done via the online entry page selecting the option to amend your entry and then selecting the button to withdraw. Your account will be automatically credited with the entry amount for you to use at another Brutal event (it will not be refunded). If you plan to withdraw please do so in good time in case you encounter any issues so you don't miss the deadline.

If you have any questions about this event or anything Brutal then please get in touch via our website or send us a DM on Facebook.

Brutal Events
Start List
Alex Bett
Craig Blackford
Katie Blackford
Catherine Brown
Trevor Dunn
Mark Hadley
Paul Hopkins
Daniel Monument
Alison Moore
Chris Mortimer
Michael O Dwyer
Nev Swift
Chris Trott
Tracy West
5 Miles Club
Kinga Amey
Giles Ball
Gary Bateson
Douglas Bewley
Jane Blackford
Jade Bower Bog Wompers
Cameron Boyd
Katie Brench
Oliver Brench
Sam Brench
Harry Bryant
Paul Budd
Adrian Butter SN
Emily Butter SN
Chas Byrne
Alexander Campion
Alexis Carroway
Alex Clark
Rebecca Cooper
Kathryn Corbin
Lucy Craske
Stephen Daniels
Luke Davis
Ricky Davis
Ryan Dillon
Oliver Dolbear Bootcamp Winchester
Jack Dunne
Wilf Dunne None
Mark Dyball
Robert Faulkner
Michelle Finnighan
Lianna Forder
Keela Forrester
Sam Foulds Bootcamp Southampton
Robert Fowler
Eddie Gearon
Mathew Gearon
Seth Gearon
Charles Gibbs
Michaela Goddard
Rosana Gorbell
Louise Gould
Graham Grady
Gary Griffin
Lee Gutteridge
Harry Hadden-wight
James Hadden-wight
Oliver Hadden-wight
Marisa Haigh
Mark Handford Mud Chuggers
Neil Harding Berkshire Hash House Harriers
Amber Hazlewood
Sharon Hazlewood
Bev Henry
Toni Hirschfield
Julie Homewood
Sara Hunter
Ben Ives
William James
Keli Jeffries
David Johns Bootcamp Uk Southampton
Alex Kelly
Jamie Kelly
Matt Kelly
Gaius Kemp BRC
Ivan Kemp BRC Elite
Lisa Kernot
Alan Ludlow Team Ludlow
James Lunn
Vincent Lunn
Colin Mack
Jack Mainwaring
Andy Martin Bog Wompers
Karly Martin Tuff fitty triathlon club
Paul Martin Tuff fitty triathlon club
Tony Martin Medway fit
Fiona Massey
Scott Massey
Jo Meaney
Katy Medhurst
Mitchell Nicholas
Annie Oliver
Tony Palmer
Steven Parsley F3
Amy Perry Foxy ladies
Bella Perry Foxy ladies
Dougie Perry
Megan Perry Foxy ladies
Will Perry
Jo Poole Bootcamp Uk Southampton
Ollie Precious
Darren Reffold
Sara Reffold
Peter Reynolds Southampton bootcamp
Paul Rhodes
Ben Richmond
Phil Rixon CooperVision
Dave Roberts
Dave Roese-McLean
Luke Savage
Olivia Savage
Oscar Savage
Vicky Savage
Annie Seeberg
Regan Shearer
Jackie Shelton
Andrew Smith Bootcamp Southampton
Sean Smith
Holly Snowden-Hull
Jezabella Snowden-Hull
Phil Snowden-Hull
Peter Springate
Kelly Su Dacorum AC
Cameron Tait
Brendan Thompson
Jason Thompson
Kate Thurling
Lee Tooey Vegan Runners
Kate Ward
Marcus Ward
Sam Ward
Kate Warren
Mandy Watkins
Robert Wells Hardley Runners
Fiona Williams
Clive Wooding
10 Miles Club
Lorna Adams Redway Runners
Kirsty Aked Denmead Striders
Gabriel Amankwah Arriva
Anthony Ansell Deal Triathlon
Mark Arnold
Karen Ash Jellylegs Deal
Philip Atkinson
Nick Baldwin
Austin Barfield Southampton bootcamp
Olivia Beeny
Peter Bennett Redway Runners
Mark Bicknell Denmead Striders
Steve Bond
Toby Boniface
Emily Bonny
Chris Borderick
Aaron Bouch
Lisa Bradshaw
Ellie Brimicombe
Leo Brimicombe
Matt Britton
Matthew Brookes Silwood Park Karate
Karen Burles
Vicky Bush
Diane Byrne
Molly Byrne
Harry Clark Arriva
Andy Clinton Mr Rs runners
Christian Coles
Brian Culver Medway fit
David Daniels
Marc Daniels
Benjamin Davies
Nigel Davison
Joanne Doherty Windle Valley Runners
Roy Donovan RAW Obstacle Race Team
Peter Duerden Blackwater Valley Runners
Ben Easey
Ryan Edwards B4Box
Tommy Elliott
Graham Evans Lordshill road runners
Julia Evans
Debbie Forrest
Mike Foulds
Joe Free
Alison Fry
Kevin Gale Denmead Striders
David Gammack
Steph Gardner
Mark George Maverick Run Project
Paul Gerring Redway Runners
Paul Gibson
Charlotte Gilbert Snap Fitness
Michelle Gold
Tom Gray
Oliver Grumley
Sonam Gurung Snap Fitness Sandhurst
Paul Hackwell Medway Fiy
Patrick Hall The Stragglers
R Hansen
Kim Harrison
Sarah Haynes
Steve Holloway
Dan Hyam
Richard Jackson Mr R's runners
Richard Kirby
Jenn Kleeman
Grzegorz Kmieciak Silwood Park Karate
Joel Lange Stirling university
Kirsty Lange
Adam Langhorn
Wayne Lebas Lordshill road runners
Paula Lees Reading Joggers
Mark Lindley
Jed Little Southampton bootcamp
Tom Littlewood
Scott Lorimer Snap Fitness
Chris Lowrey Lordshill road runners
Sarah Ludlow
Faye Lynam Fulham Running Club
Ross Macaulay
Gary Macfarlane B4Box
Holly Mann
Maddy Mann Bootcamp Southampton
Louise Markham
Finbarr Morley
Kelly Morris
Andrew Muncie Redway Runners
Jon Northall
Oliver Parish
Lisa-Marie Peckover Denmead Striders
Andrew Petty
Alfie Ransom
Clare Rees
Paul Reilly Mr Rs Running Club
Daniel Rose Silwood Park Karate
Ashley Rudd Medway fit
Richard Scrase
Ellie Sherriffs Bedford Harriers AC
Claire Simmonds
Martin Smith
Mike Stannard Maverick Run Project
Dan Starkey Denmead Striders
Samuel Steer
Andrew Tappin Blackwater Valley Runners
Dean Townsend
Jack Townsend
James Trodd Bedford Harriers AC
Brian Turner B4Box
Nick Wallen
Rachel Walsh Alton Runners
Steve Waterman Mr R’s Runners
Jeremy Webb
Paul Webster
Clare Welch Denmead Striders
Vicky Wentworth Medway fit
Adam Wheeler
Dave Woodall Mr R’s Runners
Aarron Wythe
Timnah Yefet