North Berwick Law

Saturday 9th September

A friendly, local event in East Lothian
North Berwick Law is a conical hill which looms over the town and reaches 187 metres above sea level. The Law is a volcanic plug similar to Arthur’s Seat and the top has the remains of an Iron Age hill fort as well as the ruins of military buildings used by lookouts in time of war. A replica whale jawbone atop the Law provides a distinctive backdrop to the town.

Orienteers of all abilities are welcome to join us on the day when we will have a range of courses to suit everyone.
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Entered: 57

White 1.5km 40m climb
For competitive 9-10 year olds and 11-12 year old beginners.
Follows paths with a control at each choice point.

Entry limit: 15
Entered: 8

Yellow 2.1km 90m climb
For competitive 11-12 year olds and 13-14 year old beginners.
Follows line features with controls after choice points.

Entry limit: 20
Entered: 7

Orange 3.1km 90m climb
For competitive 13-14 year olds and beginner adults.
Controls near paths or line features.

Entry limit: 20
Entered: 15

Green 4.2km 200m climb
Suitable for experienced orienteers.
A very challenging course with tricky navigation including route choice and rough terrain in areas without paths.

Entry limit: 40
Entered: 27

Entry Fees
  • Senior: £4.00 / £6.00
  • Junior: £1.50 / £2.50
  • Senior: £5.00 / £7.00
  • Junior: £2.00 / £3.00
Parent and Child
  • £2.50 / £3.50
Family Entry
  • £6.00 / £8.00
    We would generally encourage families to split up into pairs!
Junior second course
  • Entry Fee: £1

The lower fee applies to members of the Scottish Orienteering Association or British Orienteering who enter by Monday 4 September (when we order the maps)!

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December. If you are entering as a pair and one of the runners is a junior please use their year of birth to benefit from the reduced rate.

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