SN Regional Event and SCOL #4: Hogmoor at Christmas

Friday 29th December

South Central Orienteering League Event #4
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Entered: 363 of 372

Car Sharing available


Brown: 8.3km. 80m climb
Entry limit: 80
Entered: 80

Blue: 6.3km 65m climb
Entry limit: 84
Entered: 84

Green: 5.0km 60m climb
Entry limit: 80
Entered: 80

Short Green: 4.0km 50m climb
Entry limit: 60
Entered: 59

Light Green: 3.5km 45m climb TD4
Entry limit: 29
Entered: 24

Orange: 3.6km 35m climb TD3
Entry limit: 24
Entered: 20

Yellow: 2.5km 15m climb TD2
Entry limit: 10
Entered: 10

White: 1.4km 10m climb TD1
Entry limit: 8
Entered: 6

Entry Fees
Fees up to 19.12.2023 11.59pm
BOF Adult: £7
Non-BOF Adult: £9
Junior: £4

Late Fees from 20.12.2023
BOF Adult £9
Non-BOF Adult: £11
Junior £5

SI chip hire £1
SIAC Enhanced chip hire £2

Lost SI cards will be charged at £30. Lost SIACs will be charged at £72
Event Information

Final Details
Final details have now been posted at Final Details Please read them! We wanted to give everyone a chance to run who wanted a run, but it does mean that the event is very full. Please read the final details to help the event run smoothly!

SCOA League
This event is part of the South Central Orienteering League.

Ken Ricketts, BKO, has been handling the scoring for this league for a very long time. Ken has now stopped orienteering and has stepped down from the Scorer role. We urgently need a volunteer to take over. The role involves taking the results file from the BOF results, extracting the SCOA runners and then updating the score on the SCOA website. If you can take on this position, please email Richard Sharp on