Army Inter Corps Orienteering Championships 2023

25/26 Nov 2023


The Inter Corps Championships is a team competition held over two days. Day 1 is a night event and also the Individual Night Championships. Day 2 is the Army Individual Championships, the inter Corps Day and the SN Trophy competition.
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Entered Inter Corps: 200
Entered Night: 191
Entered Day: 194

The Army Night Championships and Day 1 of the Inter Corps

Army Long - Army Senior Long (M21L - M55L) 7.0km
Entered: 53

Green - Army Women, Army Vet Male 4.9km
Entered: 54

Army Short - Army Senior Short (M21S - M55S) 4.9km
Entered: 55

Long Orange - Army Under 25 Men/Women, Novice 4.5km
Entered: 29

Short Green - Army Veteran Female 4.1km

The Army Individual Championships and Day 2 of the Inter Corps

Brown - Army Men Long M21L - M55L 9.8km 320m climb
Entered: 53

Blue Women - Army Women W21 - W55 7.0km 240m climb
Entered: 38

Short Blue - Army Senior Short M21S - M55S 5.6km 190m climb
Entered: 56

Long Orange - Army U25 / Novice 4.8km 180m climb
Entered: 31

Green - Army Veteran 4.9km 170m climb
Entered: 16

Entry Fees
    Entry is free
    Entry Fee: £11.00
    Entry Fee: £14.00
Night event timing is using EMIT eCard. Day event timing uses SI dibber. You may use your own. The hire charges are included in the fee.