Eaton Woods

Saturday 2nd December

Eaton Woods near Faringdon
Five Colour Local Event
Access is by kind permission of Buscot Park Estate
Contact: [email protected]

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Car Sharing available


BLUE 6.6km 130m climb
Suitable for experienced orienteers only
Entered: 23

GREEN 3.9km 75m climb
Suitable for experienced orienteers only
Entered: 23

RED 5.1km 80m climb
Suitable for all orienteers Red is longer but less challenging navigationally than Orange, more like an unmarked trail race. Ideal for runners new to orienteering. Map reading is required and a compass may be useful.
Entered: 2

ORANGE 3.2km 55m climb
Suitable for all orienteers
Entered: 10

YELLOW 2.2km 40m climb
Suitable for beginners
Entered: 8

Entry Fees
    Senior: £8.00
    Senior Novice: £4.00
    Non-BOF supplement: £1.00
    Senior Chip hire: £1.50
    Junior/Student: £2.00
    Non-BOF supplement: £1.00
    Junior/Student Chip hire: £1.50
    Entry Fee: £5.50
    Non-BOF supplement: £1.00
    Entry Fee Chip hire: £1.50

Juniors are under 21 on 31st December.

Students are competitors over the age of 20 still in full-time education. Please check STUDENT on the Entry Form if this applies.

Helpers are entitled to 50% discount on entry fee (please contact Organiser for discount code)

Novice Courses for Seniors are Red, Orange & Yellow.

If you wish to enter as a GROUP on the Orange or Yellow Novice Courses you will be charged a single fee of £5.50 no matter how large your group is and will receive 2 maps. Don't forget to hire a dibber if you do not own one. For insurance purposes please could you provide the names of the people in your group on the entry form.

GROUP entries are not available on Green, Blue or Red Courses.

Discounts do not apply to EMIT hire (lost card charges £50)

Non members of the British Orienteering Federation (BOF) will incur an additional £1 fee in all categories to compensate for the increased levies paid by NWO to BOF for unaffiliated competitors.
Event Information

Following site visit 26/11/23 we have had to limit entries because of flooding in the parking field. THERE WILL BE NO LATE ENTRIES

Travel Directions
Eaton Woods is accessed from a private road off the A417 between Lechlade and Faringdon, The turning is flanked by pillars and is approx. 1400m east of the main entrance to Buscot Park and will be signed. Please take care and drive slowly along the private road as there are speed bumps.
Grid Reference SU2515597002, nearest post code SN7 8BN (What3Words link: mango.brand.station).
Take care when exiting onto the A417 as traffic can be fast moving.

Car Share
The Car Sharing Scheme is available on the signup page where you will find full details about how it works.

Weather permitting parking will be in a field or on adjacent tracks if too muddy.
UPDATE 19/11/23 Field entrance currently waterlogged, please do not drive camper vans to the event.


Start Times
Start times: 11:00 - 12:00
Courses close: 14:00


  • No toilet facilities are provided
  • First Aid kit available
  • Entry
    Online entry only - standard entry closes at 23.59 on 26-11-2023.


  • You can amend your entry to change course until 23:59 on 26-11-2023.
  • If you have entered as a Senior Novice (O/Y) please do not change to one of the more difficult courses as the fees are higher.
  • Non-BOF members will incur an additional £1 fee in all categories.
  • Refund Policy
    You may withdraw from the event up until 23:59 on 26-11-2023. Your entry fee will be held as a credit to be redeemed when you next enter an NWO event.

    Timing System
    EMIT card

  • Competitors with their own EMIT cards can proceed directly to the start
  • Hire cards can be picked up from the table next to Download
  • Map
    Scale 1:7,500, 5m contours.
    Overprinted with course on waterproof paper with control descriptions on the front. Yellow, Orange and Red courses will have written descriptions; Blue and Green have pictorial descriptions. Loose control descriptions for all courses will be available at the start.

    Mixed woodland with some rides, deer tracks and scattered rootstocks.
    There may be log piles not marked on the map.
    Courses have been planned to avoid the densest undergrowth.

    Results, Splits and Routegadget will be available on the North Wiltshire Orienteers website as soon as practicable after the event

    Please make yourself aware of and abide by the British Orienteering Participant Code of Conduct.

    Clothing and equipment

  • Full leg cover MUST be worn.
  • Whistles MUST be carried and will be checked at the start. (Available for £1 from Information/Download)
  • In adverse weather we may ask you to wear a cagoule or similar waterproof top
  • Bio-security
    Please come to the event with clean and dry shoes and clothing. Before leaving the event check your clothing and equipment and remove any mud, soil or leaf litter. Once home thoroughly clean your footwear and clothing and leave it to dry for as long as possible. Please take any litter home with you.

    Dogs are permitted in the parking area only but must be kept on a lead due to the presence of deer.


  • Log piles adjacent to tracks must not be climbed on.
  • Wildlife particularly deer may be encountered.
  • Please be aware of the risk of ticks and Lyme disease.


  • All competitors MUST report to Download even if retiring from the event.
  • Lone competitors are recommended to leave car keys at Information/Download.
  • Participants to bring their own water and ensure adequate hydration pre and post event. We encourage participants to bring their own hand sanitiser.
  • Orienteering is a physically challenging sport, and competitors take part at their own risk.
  • The nearest A&E Hospital is at Swindon Great Western Hospital SN3 6BB.

    The British Orienteering insurance policy provides public liability cover for all competitors registered for this event.

    Medical Conditions
    If you have a high risk medical condition you want the organisers to be aware of please download and complete this form and place it in a sealed envelope with your name on it. This can be left at registration. Envelopes will only be opened if required for a medical emergency. Unopened envelopes should be collected after the event. Any unclaimed envelopes will be destroyed after the event.

    Prior to the event, if you display symptoms (or test positive) for COVID-19, or are required to self-isolate then you must not attend.

    Event Officials
    Organiser: Antonia Holt (NWO (07740 101590Before 9pm))
    Planner: Pete Gilder (NWO)
    Controller: Neil Fraser (NWO)

    Personal Information
    The personal data you give when you enter will be used by the event organisers and their agents, but only for the purpose of processing/publishing entries/results, conducting safety checks and as required by our insurers to validate our cover and managed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

    Cancellation Policy
    NWO will make every effort to ensure the event goes ahead as planned. However, should the event be cancelled, NWO reserves the right to retain part of the advance entry fees to meet costs already incurred or committed.