QOFL3 - Great Bear

Sunday 26th November

To be guaranteed a map, enter by Wednesday 22 November.

Deciduous forest on Quantock Hills.

Please note, competitors will not be allowed to leave until 12.00pm as the forest road is too narrow to allow for 2 way traffic.
Contact: secretary@quantockorienteers.co.uk

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Short Green
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Light Green

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Entry Fees
In each of the below categories, the lower prices shown are for standard entries before 22 November and the higher prices for late entries from 23-24 November.

Individual entries:
Senior £10 / £12; Senior Novice £5 / £6; Junior £5 / £6

Senior novice - an adult running White, Yellow or Orange.

Group entries:
white, yellow and orange courses only: £7 / £9

For group entries, only enter one person and select the Group fee. Other entrants in the same group can join without registering online.

Please note, group entries will be classed as non-competitive and scores will not count towards the Forest League overall scores.
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